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How Do Math Games Help Kids When you ask a kid to do the math homework some kids may complain and some kids may get bored and frustrated in the middle of the homework. The solution to these kinds of trouble is math games because kids love playing games. Math learning games are fun motivating and engage students with active participation in learning math. Math games for kids not only useful for practicing but also allow students to improve their understanding of the concept increase in communication with other students and think about the concepts. A fun math game has a set of rules score points competition levels either with other kids or individual playing. Rules and goals are required because they will help and analyse the kids what exactly need to do and the competition is required because it will increase in challenging with other students. Kids behave based on what parents behave at home so parents need to show some enthusiasm in math that will impact kids and they will show interest in math. There are different types of math games like numbering matching reasoning logical etc. math games. There are many math learning games that parents can interact with schools and monitor how their kids are performing at school. There are different levels of logins for these kinds of math games from the principal level to the parent level. Benefits of Using Math Games in the Classroom • Meets Mathematics Standards • Easily Linked to Any Mathematics Textbook • Offers Multiple Assessment Opportunities

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• Supports Concept Development in Math • Encourages Mathematical Reasoning

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