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How Can I Paint the Walls of The Apartment?:

How Can I Paint the Walls of The Apartment? Carlos Painting

Walls Paint:

Walls Paint Painting the walls of the room is a rather popular alternative to wallpaper.  This does not require any special skills - the process of covering the walls is quite simple and convenient. And the result has a very beautiful appearance.  If we approach the design of the apartment using modern design ideas, we will get an exclusive and beautiful interior. When repairing your home and using paint as the base finishing material for the walls, it is important to determine which paint should be used to paint the walls of the apartment.  One of the most important selection criteria is the type of part you have identified for painting: For the bathroom, it is best to buy moisture resistant materials. In the kitchen, it is desirable to use a washable and wear resistant coating. Respect for the environment and the safety of the paint are an important factor in the living room and bedroom. It is important! The matt lacquer visually improves the condition of the wall surface, but the glossy material is only applied on a completely flat surface.

Water-Based Paints:

Water-Based Paints The composition of such materials is a polyvinyl acetate substance, better known as PVA.  This painting is relatively inexpensive and easily accessible to the buyer. The Advantages of Such A Finishing Material Can Be Identified: Easy application. No need for multilayer wallcovering. It will be optimal to paint the surface twice. Due to its characteristics, it can be used in residential premises - a bedroom and a nursery. The paint has excellent vapor permeability and is considered "breathable". A wide range of colors for all tastes. If necessary, the walls can be "tinted" to hide scuffs and stains. Among the disadvantages can be identified: Exposure to mechanical damage. The paint is easily scratched. Applying a water-based paint can only on carefully prepared walls, perfectly smooth and smooth. Do not wash with water or detergent, especially with aggressive and abrasive substances.

Latex Paints:

Latex Paints In order to understand how to paint the walls of a room with a latex composition, you must know its characteristics. The obvious advantages of this material are its ease of use, its high wear resistance, its resistance to moisture and its ability to smooth minor surface defects - cracks and dents. It is important! Latex paints are only used for interior decoration because they react to exposure to ultraviolet rays.