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We are offer professional painting service & professional handyman services to our customers. We provide residential, commercial, interior, and exterior painting services at affordable rates. We also offer painting of custom homes. Call us in Los Gatos CA to find out more & to hire us!


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Exterior Painting Services:

Exterior Painting Services Exterior painting, in addition to its aesthetic value, is an essential component of keeping a residence in good condition, and helps to increase the value of it, among other things, by preventing the deterioration of the property: each painter of Carlos Painting, carry out your work according to the rules of art. Our experts help you to protect materials such as wood or iron avoiding expensive repairs.

Exterior Painting Rigor in the Rules :

Exterior Painting Rigor in the Rules The exterior painting services Los Gatos CA requires rigor, patience and know-how: the work must be done in ideal weather and the stages of preparation can be difficult in the case of staircase or wrought iron fence for example. Carlos Painting has teams of professional painters who are equipped with industrial power equipment to facilitate preparation.

Waterproofing Surfaces to Repaint :

Waterproofing Surfaces to Repaint In outdoor house painting, the preparation also involves in many cases the repair of wood surfaces and roofs to prevent water infiltration. For example, think of putty, which is redone around the windows before the application of paint. In the case of sheet metal roofing, a small amount of putty may  also seal small openings such as nail heads, etc.


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