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Antarctica by Harry Darling:

Antarctica by Harry Darling I am going to show you facts about Antarctica and explain why they are important in New Zealand in 2013

My topics are::

My topics are: 1.Gondwana 2.The Food Chain 3.And Animals

Topic 1 Fact 1:

Topic 1 Fact 1 Gondwana started 14,000,000 years ago!

Topic 1 Fact 2:

Topic 1 Fact 2 Killer whales (orcas) are at the top of the food chain.

Topic 1 Fact 3:

Topic 1 Fact 3 There are many animals, like: Seals, Whales, Penguins, Squid, and Fish.

Topic 2 Fact 1:

Topic 2 Fact 1 The hole world split up when all the land started to drift away.

Topic 2 Fact 2:

Topic 2 Fact 2 A lot of things eat fish!

Topic 2 Fact 3:

Topic 2 Fact 3 The squid can get very big.

Topic 3 Fact 1:

Topic 3 Fact 1 The world is very old.

Topic 3 Fact 2:

Topic 3 Fact 2 The crab eater seal do not eat crabs!?

Topic 3 Fact 3:

Topic 3 Fact 3 The colossal squid species can get very big!!!

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Conclusion and Summary:

Conclusion and Summary Antarctica is important to New Zealand in 2013 because: 1.It holds 90% of the worlds fresh water. 2.A lot of minerals are in it. 3.The biggest squid in the world was found there.

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