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This presentation provides latest digital marketing trends 2015.


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DIGITAL Marketing TRENDS 2015


OMNI-CHANNEL COMMUNICATION Omni-channel will continue to dominate the conversation in 2015. We have already moved from multi-channel to omni -channel. 2015 will not only be about conversions, but also about focusing on the experience you deliver, which is what drives your conversions.


SEMANTIC WEB AND SEMANTIC SEARCH 2015 will be the year where big companies finally understand that search engines are the “great equalizer”, allowing small businesses to successfully compete with big ones in organic search. Semantic Web will grow rapidly using more technologies for querying across many types of related information. Search engines will become the knowledge base fed and curated through the Social Knowledge Graphs.


MOBILE E-LEARNING M obile eLearning will become increasingly used for accessing learning material.  Although desktop eLearning applications will not be completely replaced, more and more learning/support materials will be available through mobile devices, which makes the content more digestible and contextual for the user.


CUSTOMER JOURNEY The Customer journey is still a hot topic. For designers it has been around for a while, but it still holds huge potential for most companies who still have not realized the value and opportunities of creating customer journeys to understand how their customers shop.


DIGITAL SERVICE DESIGN The current biggest trend in Digital is the use of digital media in areas outside of marketing or sales . Digital service design is the fastest growing area within digital agencies and it will continue to grow for the years to come. Now we have reached a turning point as cheap countries become more expensive and consumers become more aware of the environmental costs for keeping production costs low. Supporting local businesses has never been more hot . The trend is now to support local companies that keep your own local area vibrant and interesting.


DATA VISUALIZATION Every day there is more data available that can be interpreted and visualized . Understanding the available data and finding the best visualization methods for it, recognizing the difference between good and bad data visualization, is the next “Big data” step in sorting usable data.


SMART HEALTHCARE Using digital and of course wearable gadets , the people will be highly and properly informed about their health , They will be proactive in self-diagnosis and disease awareness, They will manage and control their own health profile online across connected devices, corporations and divisions


ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS Near Field Communication Payments will take off in 2015, changing consumer behaviour forever. With NFC chips placed in more and more devices (Android, Windows and Apple phones), the day where we are all using our mobile phone instead of our credit card to buy things seems a lot closer than ever.


MULTI-DEVICE INTERACTIONS The multitude of sensors, 3D and virtual reality can be woven into entirely new applications that the web has not seen yet. Using multi-device interactions and innovative technologies like Web Graphics Library and WebVR , we can create experiences that allow completely new interactions with content and our audiences.


ROBOTICS ENGINEERING One of the most exciting changes is the possibility to search and find information through semantic connections. Technologies such as Google Now and Siri are only two successful examples. Diving into pools of knowledge databases, robots can now understand more and more entities and nodes. Robots will rely on structured data created and used by search engines.


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