4 Electronic Devices That Effectively Control Mice In

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4 Electronic Devices That Effectively Control Mice In Your Home And Outdoors :

4 Electronic Devices That Effectively Control Mice In Your Home And Outdoors

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The studies and discoveries of the harmful effects of chemical based pest control treatments and products to the human health and environment have encouraged people to opt for chemical free or eco-friendly pest control solutions.

1. Ionic Pest Control Devices :

1. Ionic Pest Control Devices Animals and insects are extra sensitive to the sudden change of negative ions in the atmosphere. Due to this extra sensitivity, ionic pest control devices are used to manipulate the surrounding atmosphere to stimulate an increase of negative ions which suck out bacteria and fungi from the air to purify it. As negative ions can occur naturally during a storm, the device is guaranteed to be safe and effective in keeping pests and animals away, without harming anything else it was not intended for.

2. Ultrasonic Devices :

2. Ultrasonic Devices Sound waves travel at different frequencies and this is beneficial as humans and animals hear at different frequency levels. Ultrasonic sound waves are sound waves that travel at very high frequencies. When the ultrasonic sound waves are used to control mice infestations, severe irritation is inflicted leading to seizure and other physical symptoms in mice.

3. Electromagnetic Pest Control Devices :

3. Electromagnetic Pest Control Devices These devices are similar to ultrasonic devices, but they are more complex and with different ways to produce ultrasonic sounds. The devices function by using the existing electromagnetic fields produced by house wiring that change randomly to vary the frequency levels of the ultrasonic sound in the area where the device is placed.

4. Electric Shock Devices :

4. Electric Shock Devices Though this method of pest control is somewhat brutal, there are still people who opt for these devices. Mice are lured into the electrocution box by bait and once they feed on the bait food decorating the box, an electronic shock is triggered.

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