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The medical franchise of Veklich company resembles a from of cooperation between companies in which the franchiser (the owner of Veklich trademark) passes his knowledge, the brand, technology, patent and successful business model to his partner – the franchisee, on a costreimbursable basis. At the same time, the franchisee remains an independent legal entity.


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VEKLICH DEVICE F R A N C H I S E for orthopedic surgeons and orthopedic clinics

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The franchise of Veklich company resembles a from of cooperation between companies in which the franchiser the owner of Veklich trademark passes his knowledge the brand technology patent and successful business model to his partner – the franchisee on a cost- reimbursable basis. At the same time the franchisee remains an independent legal entity. Veklich company franchise W H A T I S I T

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Why Veklich franchise T H E D E T A I L S Stable business. There is a large number of people around the world suffering from the problem of O-shaped deformation of knee joints. This issue is especially relevant to girls for whom bowed legs are a huge complex in life. There is always a demand for leg shape correction procedures. Work under license from a brand possessing world fame and trust. Vitaliy Veklich is internationally recognized authoritative author of the methodology and technology created in order to treat Bow legs Genu Varum pathology. Possibility to expand the range of services and innovative technology. Ability to attract a new category of patients with minimal time spent on the procedure. Quick payback. High average bill and stable demand for the procedure provide rapid return on investment and profit-making. No additional costs. There are no additional costs needed for the organization of a new business line. The franchise fee already includes staff training. Veklich devices are ergonomic and don’t require additional storage space.

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Invention of the device T H E P U R P O S E Patented Veklich device designed as a special equipment for varus alignments Bow legs Genu Varum correction. The construction of Veklich device is specified individually for each patient with the characteristics of the diagnosis height proportions and age being taken into account. Veklich device improves the quality results and speed of rehabilitation during the treatment of patients with Genu Varum pathology. Surgical operations performed with help the device are practically bloodless and minimally invasive with no scars left after them. As a result the duration of treatment and rehabilitation is reduced without negative consequences for patients. Leg shape correction Lengthening of the anticnemion in case of O-deformations shortenings achondroplasia height growth

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Invention of the device A D V A N T A G E S Doesn’t have a limit of working life while being used The technology of device installation is practically bloodless Has a light weight which is important during the period of the patient’s rehabilitation Reliable construction is suitable for patients of any weight Doesn’t have a lot of spokes which may traumatize soft tissues No scars are left after the surgical procedure Duration of surgery is up to 30 minutes Time needed for the removal is up to 3 minutes Hypoallergenic titanium alloy

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Treatment with help of the device T H E R E S U L T S

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Invention of the device T E C H N I C A L F E A T U R E S Patented Veklich devices meet the needs of patients as well as the goals doctors set for themselves. The principle of Dr. Veklich and the Ladisten Clinic team is “do no harm” therefore the method of combining a minimally-traumatic surgical procedure supplemented by the use of Veklich devices is timely and necessary to achieve the most positive results. • Arcs. At the tibia arches of increased stiffness are used. • Rods. In order to connect the bars external supports and other parts threaded and telescopic rods are provided in the device kit. • Beams/bars. The beams are one of the supporting and connecting elements of the device. • Semi-rings. As a basis for the formation of supporting elements of various configurations semi- rings of various diameters having connecting surfaces with a bolt hole at the ends are used. • Side- and end-threaded bars. This part allows you to mount various movable assemblies which in particular makes it possible to adjust the position of the beams and other supporting parts in all directions.

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Invention of the device T H E F O R M U L A The device is light and comfortable to wear for the patient Prevents the development of joint contractures Doesn’t limit the mobility of the patient Stem locks made of titanium alloy provide rigid fixation The patented Veklich device has a certificate of the Quality Mark and is protected by the copyright law

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Vitaliy Veklich A B O U T T H E D O C T O R Vitaliy Viktorovich Veklich is a professional surgeon specialized in the field of orthopedics and traumatology for children and adults. His medical practice includes more than 40 years of successful operations using Ilizarov-Veklich devices. Founder and chief surgeon of Ladisten clinic. During 6 years of study at Pirogov Vinnitsa Medical Institute he was receiving knowledge and practical experience in working with Ilizarovs devices. Since 1993 Dr. Vitaliy Veklich is the head of Ladisten orthopedic clinic. He has 40 years of professional experience as a surgeon in orthopedics and traumatology out of which he has been engaged in cosmetic surgery to correct genu varum and genu valgum for 20 years already. He has published over 50 scientific articles dedicated to such topics as new treatment methods in orthopedics and traumatology improvement of the Ilizarov device and treatment of complex fractures.

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THE FRANCHISE S U P P O R T P A C K A G E F O R T H E P A R T N E R payback time of the franchise 10 months Support of the Franchisee throughout the whole contract validity term Calculation of the financial model Support on all stages of the launch process Marketing support of the partner Certification of the clinic and doctors according to Dr. Veklich’s methodology 20 devices Replacement of all rods within the constructions with new ones once per year

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THE FRANCHISE F O R M A T Initial payment: €100 000 5 royalty payment from the initial payment paid annually Payback time: 10 months Qualification requirements for the staff: not less than 5 years of experience in orthopedic surgery

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O U R C O N T A C T S Lisova str. 97 Sofiivska Borshchahivka Kyiv +38 044 209-8054 +38 067 794-4686 infoladisten.com

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