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The Power Cannabis Seeds Seedbank offers the whole choice of Big Buddha Feminized Seeds, Medical Marijuana Seeds and Auto blooming Cannabis Seeds.


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BIG BUDDHA SEEDS Best Cannabis Seeds Online

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 Big Buddha celebrated internationally for their cheddar strains. The entire cheddar enlivened Big Buddha list guarantees there is something for indica or sativa darlings and all of which furnish top quality weed seeds with select quality pools.

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BIG BUDDHA SEEDS  The Cheese is an extremely restrictive Maryjane plant and as of recently has just been accessible as clone shape. Cheddar cannabis seeds began in the U.K and now additionally in Holland.  Big Buddha Cheese Auto is a x third Generation Automatic Reversed which assumed control three years to make and has along these lines wind up one of Big Buddha’s most renowned cannabis container winning auto flowering cannabis seeds. Auto Blue Cheese Autoflowering Cheese

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BIG BUDDHA SEEDS  In the cutting edge times of reproducing a mix of 2 of the best cannabis seeds around the cheddar with diesel we introduce the ‘CHIESEL The fragrance invention of old skool blended with the new fuel insights is a profoundly selective and an exceptionally paramount one.  This is a super-quick huge yielding auto flowering cannabis seed strain made by Group Big Buddha in Spain. The Critical Mass is a most loved plant of numerous cultivators searching for an immense yielding powerful plant. They crossed the Basic with their Programmed to get this strain. Chiesel Automatic Critical Mass Automatic

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BIG BUDDHA SEEDS  These auto flowering marijuana seeds are the up and coming age of auto flowering strains which have been reared with the aim of giving herbal example authorities fundamental fantastic hereditary qualities for their small seed accumulations.  Expect a major plant with abundant yields in a period that is appropriate for all  Hereditary qualities: Critical Mass x Big Buddha‘s Automatic.  Blooming Time: 65 - 80 days. Automatic Feminized Marijuana Seeds Badazz Cheese

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BIG BUDDHA SEEDS  Dark Cheese from Big Buddha Seeds is the posterity of a San Fernando Valley Black O.G. whats more a Big Buddha Cheese turned around. Dark Cheese is 85 Indica so it gives an extended enduring extreme yet pleasurable profound stone. Dark Cheese gives a dull tactile involvement as far as fragrance and smell with a sharp fiery damp smell and a peppery Kush smell with a trace of old skool cheddar.  Blue Cheese cannabis seeds are reared from a steady cross between an arrangement of Blueberry guys and Cheese and are described by short developing abundant yields and an exceptionally decent blueberry smell. Being 80 indica and 20 sativa this cannabis assortment consolidates the best characteristics of her folks. Black Cheese Blue Cheese

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BIG BUDDHA SEEDS  Youthful plants of Bubble Cheese react well to every developing strategy the most extreme stature of 130 cm. Plants developing outside show great outcomes as well and can bring an assortment into your garden. Once blossomed she creates extremely thick buds with the calyxes squeezed.  This cannabis strain is with hereditary qualities originating from Amnesia G13 Haze to Super Silver Haze and Manga Rosa. This shouldnt be mistaken for any of these strains Buddha Haze is exceedingly selective and has an astounding tropical fruity cloudiness fragrance and a useful elevating high. Bubble Cheese Buddha Haze

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BIG BUDDHA SEEDS  The Buddha Haze Automatic S.A.S is an autoflowering plant with a smell reminiscent of the Hazes of Amsterdam. The S.A.S develops well in a decent medium soil and so forth. with loads of air so the roots can extend to get a better than average autoflowering yield which will overwhelm you with its speedy execution  Big Buddha Seeds have been admirers of Kush assortments for a long time and have been experiencing all the incalculable distinctive assortments of Kush from a wide range of sources all inclusive. Big Buddha seeds has at last experienced a rendition of Kush that felt "The One" It was given to them secretly by their Californian producers which at that point were crossed with a Reversed 98 Bubba Kush. Buddha Haze Automatic Buddha Kush OG

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BIG BUDDHA SEEDS  Buddha Tahoe is cannabis Cup Winner It won third place at the High Times Cannabis Cup 2011 - Overall Winner OG Kush Tahoe cut AKA Tahoe OG switched The Tahoe OG Kush cutting was produced from California through their European partners. With its sublime luxurious development Buddha Tahoe completes with immensely powerful buds a selective lemon get-up- and- go kushy hash enhance.  This one cannabis plant created huge buds and had an exceptionally unmistakable gooey scent. It was immediately cloned and named Cheese. For a long time Cheese has gone around the underground system of producers in the UK helped by Exodus and others until the point when one clone came under the control of the Big Buddha. Buddha Tahoe Cheese Cheese x Cheese Reversed

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BIG BUDDHA SEEDS  Enormous Buddha Seeds Cheese Dawg is a Chemdawg 91 and Big Buddha Cheese cross. In the continuous pursuit to discover select flavors and aroma Big Buddha Seeds have once more accomplished something uncommon. Chemdawg began in the USA from a few seeds found in maryjane scored from an Appreciative Dead show in 1991. From that point forward Chemdawg has been a demonstrated best quality strain with a selective chemmy smell and pleasurable knockout high.  Cheesus is indica overwhelming cannabis strain made by the Big Buddha Cannabis Seeds who chose a BC Bud Depot God Bud male and crossed it with a Big Buddha Cheese clone. Cheesus is a gold tidy among pot example gatherers. This strain has staggering therapeutic esteems with wonderful lavender pine berry cheddar season. Cheesus weed seeds are basic developing plants great pressure and sickness protection settling on it plentiful decision for even most up to date cultivators. Cheese Dawg Cheesus

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BIG BUDDHA SEEDS  Cheesy Dick is Moby Dick x Big Buddha Cheese switched. Moby dick is a Critcial Mass x Jack Herer cross breed - an exceptionally compensating plant with unquestionably gigantic yields and solid high tar content. It was a convention for Big Buddha Seeds to present their Old Skool Classic the Big Buddha Cheese to the blend thusly making Mushy Dick  Cherry Moon Pie is a cross between a cherry pie and Bubba Kush switched. hipness and a smell of fruity flavor and cheddar notes. This strain gives an elevating cheerful high which functions admirably in agreeable energetic condition. Cheesy Dick Cherry Moon Pie

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BIG BUDDHA SEEDS  Chiesel is a blend of two of the best pot flavors from Cheese and Diesel She is produced by the Big Buddha whose reproducing specialists utilized a NYC Diesel male from the legendry Soma for an unmistakable trace of that grapefruit smell to the ever well known container champ - Big Buddha Cheese. Chiesel cannabis plants are exceptionally alluring and can bring another curve into your garden.  Cookies and Cream Cheese by Big Buddha Seeds is a tactile craze It smells like crisply heated treats frosted with O.G Kush zest and fragrances similarly as great with a lip-licking sweet fruity kush smell. It is a cross of GSC Thin Mint and Big Buddha cheddar so it is reproduced from probably the most profoundly loved hereditary qualities accessible. Chiesel Cookies Cream Cheese

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BIG BUDDHA SEEDS  Its name says everything in regards to this assortment. This was gotten first by choosing a fruity Blue Cheese and intersection it with Big Buddhas trademarked Cheese turned around. A standout amongst the most striking things about Double Cheese is its fragrance an old skool skunk with elite genuine Big Buddha Cheese smell. This elevating assortment has hashy fragrance with tones of sweet berries. Indica overwhelming strain that will blooms between 8- 10 weeks.  Huge Buddhas FreezeCheese 89 is a forte mistake of Friesland Indica 1989 x BB Cheese switched. The Friesland indica is a great strain initially from the Super Sativa Seed club Holland. Huge Buddha Seeds had sourced the seed from the vaults of one of Amsterdams superior cafés and subsequent to testing the Friesland indica ended up being a genuine exemplary Old Skool indica cannabis strain. Double Cheese Freeze Cheese 89

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BIG BUDDHA SEEDS  G-Bomb is a first class pot clone found in the underground system of the UK. These seeds hold the exceptional potencies of the old G and have been supported amongst cultivators and smokers because of its staggering force and quality. Regularly for indica cannabis seeds of G-bomb demonstrate great protection from bug shape maladies and are subsequently easy to develop.  This strain will take you through a potent positive thoughful tangible adventure. Head Cheese has a substance kushy smell with cheddar tones and a harsh fruity damp fragrance which will kick your aromabuds without hesitation. G-Bomb Head Cheese

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BIG BUDDHA SEEDS  Enormous Buddha Seeds where given handpicked determination of Gorilla Glue seeds at the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup. They have become extremely sweet chemmy Chemdog half and half plants at that point it was pollinated with White Widow and Cheese feminized dust. That is the manner by which radiant King Kong was conceived solid hairy and prepared to bring chest beating high.  Enormous Buddha Seeds have utilized two exceptional assortments unique cheddar from the UK also the LA Confidential - civility of Dutch Marijuana Seed Company DNA Genetics. The LA Cheese is immensely intense indica plant with strong thick chunks and an exceedingly zesty OG Kush blended with the old-school smell of the UK Cheese and radiant prolonged enduring high. King Kong LA Cheese

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BIG BUDDHA SEEDS  Legends Gold is the offspring of a Big Buddha Cheese and a Pot of Gold. A generally Sativa strain Legends Gold gives a wonderful tactile affair - a prolonged enduring opiate profound adventure which is a major hitter. With a Dank full bodied mushy smell and a zesty hash sweet pine season Legends Gold is a magical tactile affair.  Huge Buddha Seeds most recent half and half is a honor winning mix of 2 heavenly champion pot seeds - Super Silver Haze the first Big Buddha Cheese. This honor winning blend has been in the pipeline for a considerable length of time yet at last after a great deal of broad research they have discovered a chosen clone which they felt reasonable to be named the Silver Cheese This magnificence will lift your body with capable stone took after by zesty organic product smell. Legends Gold Silver Cheese

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BIG BUDDHA SEEDS  Youthful plants of The Kali react well to every developing strategy. Develop plants are hefty and fat with a thin indica leaf design and have a decent arm spreading to help the sharp full substantial buds. The Kali can achieve a greatest tallness of 130cm ideal decision for constrained space. Plant create blooms in 56 days which at that point transform into extremely thick buds with the calyxes squeezed together and secured with stretched sticky hair.  Sharp Chiesel Cannabis seeds are blend of East Coast Sour Diesel and Big Buddha Cheese Reversed. These cannabis seeds are the genuine article of Sour Diesel talented to Big Buddha Seeds by their companions in America and are viewed as a tip top clone by numerous tender enthusiasts of the Harsh D. The most essential nature of Big Buddhas Sharp CHIESEL is its elite grapefruit moist flavor and quality... an uncommon sweet/harsh grapefruit citrus smell synonymous with the Sour Diesel heredity. The Kali Sour Chiesel

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OUR OFFERINGS The Power cannabis Seeds Seed bank offers the whole choice of Big Buddha Feminized Seeds Medical Marijuana Seeds and Auto blooming Cannabis Seeds.

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