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Power Seedbank - the worlds largest cannabis seeds stockiest is offering best marijuana seeds on cheap prices and free seeds.


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We avail you m arijuana seeds of your choice with free seeds.



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Apollo Eleven Apollo 11 is a fast flowering indoor hybrid marijuana seeds , and is a sativa dominant with few variations in the phenotypes. The trichome wraps the flowers and leaves too densely , which makes the plant look like seal fur. Apollo eleven is a cross between lime-citrus scented female clone called Genius and robust Cinderella 99 male. It has citrus fruity & sweet cotton candy aroma. Apollo 11 gives an uplifting and cerebral high .

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Amnesia Amnesia Amazing hemp seeds by Power Seeds is crossed with Haze x Northern Lights x Secret Hybrid . It is a pure sativa dominant weed plant & flowers in 65 days . This pot seed has fruity woody flavor that stay on for long . This one is surely to give you strong hit with intense cerebral effect . Genetics : Haze x Northern Lights x Secret Hybrid. Flowering Time: 65 Days. Feeling : Intense Cerebral Effect. Yield : Up to 500 gr Indoor .

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C99 X Blueberry C99 X Blueberry is purely feminized seeds and has a mind blowing cerebral effect with fruity sweet flavor with bit of pine hints that makes this strain even more valuable. This cannabis plant is not too high. Genetics : C99 x Blueberry. Flowering Time: 55-60 Days. Flavor: Fruity, Sweet Flavor with Pine Hints. Yield: Up to 450 gr Indoor / Up to 700 gr Outdoor .

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Strawberry Strawberry is brought to you by Power Seeds because of its superb euphoric high and its berry flavor with woody undertones doubles the fun and desire to have it every now and then . These sativa dominant cannabis seeds flowers in 70 days . Genetics : Strawberry x Secret Hybrid. Flowering Time: 70 Days. Flavor: Flavor of Berries with Woody Undertones. Yield: Up to 450 gr Indoor / 600 gr Outdoors.

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Super Skunk Kush Super Skunk Kush brought by Power Seeds is developed by crossing two well known marijuana strains Super Skunk x Hindu Kush . This is an indica dominant hash plant and flowers in 65-70 days . It gives sweet & strong flavor of afghan hashish . This gives energizing & uplifting high . Genetics : Super Skunk x Hindu Kush. Flowering Time: 65-70 Days. Feeling: Energizing, Uplifting Effect with Relaxing End. Yield: Up to 550 gr Indoor / Up to 500 gr Outdoors.

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Black triangle OG Kush is crossed with Black Domina x Triangle Kush x OG Kush . This indica dominant plant flowers in 60-70 days, it gives long lasting relaxing high . These weed seeds have notes of citrus with mushy back . Genetics : Black Domina x Triangle Kush x OG Kush. Flowering Time: 60 -70 Days. Feeling: Long Lasting Relaxing Effect, Perfect for Hashish. Yield: Up to 500 gr Indoor / Up to 800 gr Outdoors. Black Triangle OG Kush

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Critical Kush cannabis strain is developed by crossing two amazing strains Critical mass X OG Kush . It usually takes 60-65 days to flower. This marijuana seed is well known for medicinal use . Its lemony sour flavor with earthy notes makes it more desirable . Genetics : Critical Mass x OG Kush. Flowering Time: 60-65 days. Feeling: Relaxing, Great Medicinal Strain. Yield: Up to 600 gr / plant. Critical Kush

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