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The First International Biocurator Meeting December 8-11, 2005 Asilomar Conference Center Pacific Grove, CA Sponsored by: Genetics Society of America National Science Foundation National Institutes of Health


Acknowledgements Website, Registration, Logistics: Julie Tacklind, TAIR, Carnegie Institution Website, Abstract book, Poster, PR: Doug Howe, ZFIN, University of Oregon Web abstracts, Abstract book, Proposals, Posters: Maria Costanzo, SGD, Stanford University Speaker coordination, Proposals, User survey: Sima Misra, Flybase, UC Berkeley Public Relations: Kara Dolinski, SGD, Princeton University Proposals: Simon Twigger, RGD, MCW at Milwaukee User survey: Mary Schaeffer, MaizeGDB, University of Missouri at Columbia


Acknowledgements Co-organizers, session chairs: Richard Bruskiewich, IRRI, the Phillippines Takashi Gojobori, DDBJ, National Institute of Genetics, Japan Win Hide, SANBI, University of the Western Cape, South Africa Sean May, NASC, Nottingham, United Kingdom Gillian Milburn, Flybase, Cambridge University, United Kingdom Yukiko Yamazaki, Oryzabase, National Institute of Genetics, Japan Abstracts website: Mike Cherry, SGD, Stanford University Housing at Asilomar: Betty Forbes, Asilomar Conference Grounds

Note for Presenters: 

Note for Presenters Oral presenters: Bring your slides on a USB stick or CD to the podium 10 minutes before your session Poster presenters: Two groups of presentations: Fri and Sat nights Friday presenters: Poster boards are ready Saturday presenters: Please place your posters by Sat noon

Internet Access: 

Internet Access Wireless available in Chapel and Kiln Friday and Saturday Meals Breakfast: 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM Lunch: 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM Dinner: 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Who Are We?: 

Who Are We?

Who Are We?: 

Who Are We?

Meeting Evaluation: 

Meeting Evaluation

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