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PROBLEM: Rising Energy Cost$ Home Electric Bills Gasoline Prices Global Warming Hurricanes-Tornadoes-Storms-Floods Polar Cap ICE Melting-Oceans Rising Dependence on Foreign Oil Economic Security

Global Warming: 

Global Warming Causing Plants & Animal Extinction Arctic: Polar Bears - Ringed Seals Antarctic: Penguins Plants Blooming Earlier Most dramatic evidence in Colder Climates Greenland Floating Icebergs in Antarctic

San Francisco, California “The Examiner”: 

San Francisco, California “The Examiner” Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger… “…is leading the fight against global warming, as he signed into law an ambitious plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with regulations and incentives to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases 25% by 2020”.


SOLUTIONS: Switch to Clean Energy Alternatives Reduce-Conserve Energy Use Invest in Energy-Efficient Appliances Investigate Feasibility of SOLAR ENERGY for your own Home Power… Learn Truth about: “Clean Air” NUCLEAR Ads “Clean Air” COAL Ads

Current U.S. Power Production (in order): 

Current U.S. Power Production (in order) Finite Fossil Fuels (carbon-based) Natural Gas – Propane - Coal - Oil Nuclear – Uranium236 (Fission) Hydro-Electric (limited-reducing) Geothermal (indirect solar– spotty) Wind (indirect solar – expensive, spotty) Direct Solar (Unlimited < 1% use)

Two Types of NUCLEAR: : 

Two Types of NUCLEAR: Man-Made - NUCLEAR (Fission) SOLAR NUCLEAR (Fusion)

Nuclear FISSION: 

Nuclear FISSION Mining MILLIONS of TONS of Uranium Ore Requires MILLIONS of Gallons Diesel Fuel Requires MO-Power to Enrich Fuel Rods Adds Waste Heat to Our Environment DEADLY Radioactive Waste lasts Years (thousands) & Reduces Energy Security

Nuclear FUSION: 

Nuclear FUSION SOLAR POWER- 193,000,000 Miles away NO Deadly Radioactive Waste F R E E ! (Renewable Fuel Source) Already Heating Earth (NO added heat) NOT Produced (controlled) by ‘Big Oil’ Dependable 100%-Clean Natural Power

Two “Sides” of SOLAR FUSION: 

Two “Sides” of SOLAR FUSION PHOTONS (PV- Photovoltaic) 10% Conversion to Direct Current Electric Expensive- Owned by Large OIL Firms Cannot Absorb Heat- Degrades Each Year NOT Feasible for Home Power at current rates THERMO-SOLAR (Heat Energy) 50%-70% Conversion to Power FEASIBLE- Absorbs Heat- No Degrading!

Types of Thermo-Solar (in order): 

Types of Thermo-Solar (in order) Evacuated-Tube Collectors Low Cost - High Performance Safer: Hurricane & Hail Resistant Waterless Heat Pipes Cannot Freeze Flat-Plate (no VACUUM) Collectors Concentrating Collectors ‘Tracking’ Parabolic Dishes/Troughs ‘Fixed-Place’ Solar Parabolic Troughs


Why SOLAR WATER HEATING Now? Hot Water Now Double Portion of Bills Electric Hot Water Same Efficiency Air-Conditioning “SEER” from 6 to 13 2X as efficient as 25 YEARS AGO Electric Prices have Doubled+! Solar Water Heating Best Solar Investment Solar Tax Credits up to $2,000/Home

Existing Home SOLAR SAVINGS: 

Existing Home SOLAR SAVINGS Full Family System: $3995 Federal Tax Credit: $1195 NET Home Improvement: $2800 AVG. Savings $45/mo. $500+ YEAR Complete Pay-Back <5 Years! (20%+ Return On Investment TAX-FREE!!! Savings+Home Value+ Longer Showers!

It’s Already Being Done: 

It’s Already Being Done China: 50% - 80% Solar 50M+ Systems Israel: 80% - 90% Solar Europe: 50% - 60% Solar Spain: 40% - 50% Solar Italy: 40%+ Solar Greece: 65% - 70% Solar America: < 1% Solar…

New Home Solar Investment: 

New Home Solar Investment Pays for itself from First Year! Positive Cash-Flow w/ 30% Tax Credit Savings about 2X Mortgage Payments Savings Increase EVERY Year SOLAR Water Heating Costs are Fixed Help Environment – Help America! Only Risk: IF electric rates go down…

Is It TIME for SOLAR?: 

Is It TIME for SOLAR? 19 of Last 20 years Hottest on Record NO Power Company Promotion of SOLAR Up to US as individuals to ACT Grass-Roots Green-Grid A.E.I.O.U. (Y) Am I part of the Problem? Or Solution? Can Solar Energy Open Job Opportunity? YES! Sales, Installations, Management +

Do all Homes Qualify for SOLAR?: 

Do all Homes Qualify for SOLAR? Southern Roof Area (East or West)? Or Flat Roof Area? SUNLIT Roof Area of at least 50 sq.ft.? Does Home have TEENAGERS? Will Home be Owned 3 Years? (Solar will Help Sell Home in future)


QUESTIONS? Why don’t power companies offer SOLAR? Can we visit your Solar Showroom? Will there ever be Solar Cooling? Will New City Hall be Solar? Are Builders offering Solar? Will schools be getting Solar? I Forget…What is A.E.I.O.U.?

Thank You…: 

Thank You… For having me here with you today and …for YOUR help in Greening America. 524-SOLAR

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