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Program/Business Planning 101 Assignment: Part Two:

Program/Business Planning 101 Assignment : Part Two Administration and Management


Program/Business plan group assignment Locate the members of your group Sit together Create a SWOT for Your Proposed Business

Assignment: Part 2 :

Assignment: Part 2 This assignment works on completing chapters 1-3 for your final project Create Your Vision and Mission Statements Develop project objectives Start your Executive summary (you will expand on this as it get closer to the end of the project) Complete Company Analysis, Industry Analysis and Staffing needs and Recommendations USA THERAPY


Create Your Individual Program/Business Idea Create an Agreeable Group Business Idea Create a SWOT Analysis of the Group Idea….is it a feasible idea? Develop a Time Line for Completing the 9 Chapters Begin Researching Needed Information…Where is it found? Complete the Executive Summary and Documents for the Appendices Begin to Collect Needed Information Write Chapters 2-7 Determine the Components of a Program/Business Plan….what are they? Today Today Done

Strategic Planning: Mission and Vision Statements:

Strategic Planning: Mission and Vision Statements Mission Statement : a setting forth of an organization ’ s or department ’ s purpose. It is the overall frame of reference for the organization Defines your business ’ s products Defines your business ’ s services

A Mission Statement Answers::

A Mission Statement Answers: Why does the organization exist? What function does the organization perform? For whom does the organization perform this function or who are the primary beneficiaries? How does the organization go about filling that function?

Example: USA Therapy Center’s Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide all patients and clients with the best possible therapy services in a supportive and instructive atmosphere to best enable them to achieve their personal goals. We will strive to ensure high quality healthcare and cost effective outcomes for those we help, in a positive and forward thinking environment by: Developing strong evidence-based quality care for those therapy services we provide. Making available a positive, supportive, and team-oriented environment for staff, patients and all clients. Treating all individuals as we would like to be treated. Example: USA Therapy Center’s Mission Statement

Strategic Planning: Mission and Vision Statements:

Strategic Planning: Mission and Vision Statements Vision Statement : a vivid idealized showcasing of the organization ’ s view of the future “ The Ideal Organization ” “ The Ideal World ” A good vision statement can inspire loyalty, hard work and innovation

A Vision Statement Answers::

A Vision Statement Answers: Why was the therapy business/clinic/department started? When the therapy organization, clinic, or department is no longer around, what does it want to leave behind? What is the organization, clinic, department really providing for their patients/clients beyond products and services? If the organization/department/clinic could be everything it dreamed of, what would it be?

Example: Vision Statement:

Example: Vision Statement “ USA Therapy Center will be a leader in providing autonomous physical and occupational therapy services. We will demonstrate leadership and develop associations within the St. Augustine area consumer and medical communities through innovative practice, education and research, quality of care, professionalism, socio-economic and financial responsibility. ”

Program/ Business Plan = Blueprint and Road Map:

Program/ Business Plan = Blueprint and Road Map Fundamental and Foundational Document of any new Program or Business , (including rehab facilities) Rehab Agency Out-patient Clinic Community Hospital Home Health Care Agency Private Practice Hand Clinic Pediatric Therapy Group Ergonomic Consulting Firm