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Are you a fan of Kylie Jenner’s nails Let’s not restrict the privilege of having beautiful-looking nails just for the celebrities. Benefit Fitness Center Borivali is now open for Nail Extensions for enhancing your personality. Once you get them done we also offer a variety of nail-paints and nail-art options to decorate your extended nails in the best possible way. Be it a wedding or for a casual office look we have wonderful nail-arts for all occasions such as Ombre-look Neon Chrome Stone- studded or one plain color. The nail treatment is done on an appointment basis. TYPES OF NAIL EXTENSIONS Nail extensions are broadly of two types Acrylic and Gel. They are categorized on the basis of material used and the way they are attached to the nails. So how to decide which one to go for Well before you make your decision for deciding on the nail treatment to choose the features of both the types of nail treatments are mentioned below in detail: ACRYLIC NAILS: In the modern beauty industry the oldest form of nail extension is Acrylic nails. Due to their staying power and high durability they have been in business for long. Basically acrylic is a mixture of powder polymer and liquid monomer. When these components are combined together a hard- protective layer is shaped over the natural nail. On being exposed to air they become harder and the process is thereby completed. Color can be applied to this glossy strong base. The entire process involves cleaning shaping buffing and cuticle care followed by putting artificial tips for adding length if needed and putting acrylic on top. The benefits of Acrylic nails are that they are durable and strong in nature. They are cheaper as compared to gel nails. If you have short nails and slow growth these are the appropriate option for adding length to your fingernail.

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GEL NAILS: A special mixture of gel applied onto the natural nail bed to strengthen the nails or on top of an artificial nail- extension is called as gel nails. It does not use harsh chemicals or powder. The gel is applied in very fine layers and this gel is sealed or cured with UV light between every layer. It is done by a professional nail technician and the final result is hard but flexible with a natural glossy finish. It is dry and chip resistant. That is why even if you are a nail biter or have weak nails this is the process to go for to achieve strong nails with added length as gel can be applied on top of artificial extensions too. The key benefit of Gel nails is that they cause no harm to your natural nail bed. Instead they are used to protect strengthen and promote nail growth. Gel nails are flexible and odorless too. As compared to acrylic gel is considered environment-friendly and safe. Lastly they are going to enhance your entire look as you can opt them in various shapes such as round coffin almond or square. Address: B/12 GoraGandhi Apartment above GoraGandhi Sports and Toys Borivali West Mumbai Maharashtra 400092 Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 7PM Phone: 087671 33849