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History Project:

History Project 6.08

What Revolution Means To Me:

What Revolution Means To Me Revolt: In my opinion revolt would be the most important word. During a revolution, people revolt to get what they want. Independence: This is another important word. In a lot of the revolutions that I learned about, people wanted independence, they wanted to do there own thing and not be told what to do. Freedom: Freedom is kind of like independence. People wanted to be free from the harsh ways of their leaders. War: Many of the revolutions I learned about ended in war. People wanted land so they did whatever it took to get it. Fighting: When I think of war, I think of fighting. During wars, people are fighting for what they want and will do anything to get it.

Social Media Revolution:

Social Media Revolution Social media has become very popular over the past few years. Websites like Twitter, F acebook, I nstagram and many others have gotten very popular. Some of the words I have chosen seem a little harsh to use for websites like these, but these things do happen online, but in less violent ways. People will revolt online. There have been many times that a group of people will get together and revolt by using an online website. One example is that students can band together to revolt the new school uniforms by using a website like F acebook and attacking the schools webpage. People can gain and use independence online. They create their very own page/account and can post whatever they want to. In my opinion some people are a little to independent and don’t care who they hurt with their posts. People get cyber bullied online a lot! Freedom is a lot like independence, people are free to post what they want online, but sometimes people go overboard and that can lead to, well, an online war! I have seen people fight using websites like F acebook and Twitter. Someone will start out by saying something mean about someone and that person will come back with something mean to say about the other person. Then it all goes downhill from there. People cyber bully people online. This is like fighting in a real war. People will get hurt by what you say. So remember to be safe online and be careful what you post! It will be on the internet forever!

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