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Share Knowledge and share Point :

Share Knowledge and share Point Dream It Be It An Initiative by : Osama Salem

Achiving goals:

Achiving goals How? Know Your Goal Practice Listen To others Believe in Yourself

Steps of Achieving:

Steps of Achieving The Milestone FCIS Turning Point Projects

Steps of Acheiving:

Steps of Acheiving An FCIS Graduate Real life challenges Trainings

Interviewing Skills:

Interviewing Skills

Tips and Tricks 4 INTERVIEWEES:

Tips and Tricks 4 INTERVIEWEES “First Impressions are important”

Days Before the Interview:

Days Before the Interview Research the company, the industry and the competition. Prepare your 60-second personal statement — your answer to the “tell me about yourself” question. Practice… Practice… Practice... Don’t lie on your résumé. Keep it real. Come prepared with a few really good questions of your own. Before going for the interview read the newspaper for the day! Have references ready. Have two or three references printed on a separate sheet of paper and only provide them when asked for. Professors that know you well might be ideal candidates.

For Interviewees BEFORE/DURING:

For Interviewees BEFORE/DURING Attire For MEN: For Senior Appointment always wear a full suit. A conservative simple tie, a well pressed long sleeve shirt and dark trousers. with a polished conservative dress shoes. For WOMEN: A dark jacket with a plain or light pastel shade blouse always gives a professional appearance . Jewelry and accessories must not be distracting to the interviewer. Avoid clothing that is ill-fitting, revealing, casual or unprofessional. Ensure your hair is properly combed or brushed. If you wear perfume, choose something with a light fragrance; avoid anything that is ‘overpowering’. light make-up is permitted.

For Interviewees DURING (cont’d) :

For Interviewees DURING ( cont’d) Wait for the handshake. The rules of a handshake have changed as more women have entered the workforce. Normally, two men should shake firmly. Beyond that, you'll have to use your judgment. Don't crush a person's hand. Practice with male and female friends. Smile and provide a warm greeting and firm handshake if the interviewer extends her/is hand. Keep standing. Don’t sit until you are directed to. There may be other people participating in the interview and it's best to show that you are "open to direction.” Be yourself! Look the interviewer in the eyes.

After Interview:

After Interview What If ?


Advice To Be the best Share Your Knowledge

Share Knowledge !! :

Share Knowledge !! Point


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Thank You :

Thank You

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