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This powerful presentation demonstrates how it is possible to "RECESSION-PROOF YOUR LIFE" and changethe way that you live forever. Please enjoy it and contact me with any questions, comments, concerns or to schedule a free consultation.


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Ardyss International : 

Ardyss International A Showcase for Promoting Instant Body Reshaping, Natural Health and Financial Freedom “RECESSION-PROOF YOUR LIFE!”

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ARDYSS NOW Through the past 19 years, with the support of a team of engineers, doctors, cosmetologists and nutritionists, the company that began with a vision to create reshaping garments, has emerged into a multi million dollar conglomerate that develops and patents useful and necessary garments with the highest quality and standards based on medical and engineering principles. The Company’s newest addition, the United States, was introduced just a little over a year ago. The Company has expanded to offer nutritional, skin care, and cosmetic products to compliment the wide array of medical garments and appeal to all facets of the beauty and health industry. Ardyss International is bulldozing its way to becoming a household name and a billion dollar company by 2012!

What is this BODY MAGIC? : 

What is this BODY MAGIC? The Body Magic is a revolutionary medical garment that was designed by orthopedic doctors and engineers whose specific goal was to “transform” a woman’s body into an “Hour Glass” of perfection. The Body Magic is transforming lives and figures everyday by helping women drop up to 3 dress sizes INSTANTLY!

Body Magic : 

Body Magic Benefits of the Body Magic: Flattens tummy area Lifts buttocks Gives an instant breast lift Slims hips and waistline Corrects posture Supports lower back, significantly reducing back pains Curves appetite, aiding in desired weight loss Effects remain permanent after continuous usage

Body Magic (Continued) : 

Body Magic (Continued) The Body Magic is made of lightweight Thermogenic fibers (power net) designed by orthopedic surgeons, which curves the appetite and speeds the metabolism by merely wearing the garment a recommended 4-6 hours daily. The Body Magic has been praised for being comfortable and sturdy. This is not a girdle, but a medical device that does not twist or roll. Through the redistribution of adipose tissue, the Body Magic actually transforms your body to its ideal shape from the inside, out. BEFORE AFTER

The Abdomen T-shirt : 

The Abdomen T-shirt This is an excellent garment for the man who wants to enjoy a good physique and good health Benefits of the Abdomen t-shirt: Designed to give firm abdominal support Reinforces the lower back muscles Helps to protect the spine from backaches and muscular fatigue Stimulates muscular toning in the abdomen and can reduce waist up to 2 sizes.  The special material used to create this garment actually raises internal temperature of the abdominal muscle, helping to burn fat faster The Abdomen T-shirt is also available for women

The Panty Reshaper : 

The Panty Reshaper Firms the flaccidity in the buttocks Redefines and reshapes the buttocks Helps to flatten the stomach Continuous usage helps to eliminate the accumulation of fatty tissue on the legs and hips Ideal for women of ALL sizes looking to redefine and/or enhance the buttocks for that “apple bottom” appearance Unable to be detected under clothing

Angel Bra : 

Angel Bra Instantly reshapes the breasts Enlarges or reduces the size of the breasts Ideal for women of ALL sizes Helps to alleviate premenstrual tenderness Helps to relieve the pain in the upper back and shoulders from the weight of the breasts Ideal for women who have had a mastectomy Redistributes the breast tissue to the front of the body for proper flow and circulation Helpful to breastfeeding mothers NO UNDERWIRE

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10 Ways to Make Money : 

10 Ways to Make Money Retail Commission Express Bonus Enroller Relationship/Unilevel Bonuses Generational Bonuses Car Bonus Rank Bonus Presidential Pool Bonus Presidential Bonus Power Pack Power Start

Retail Commission : 

Retail Commission Money for you RIGHT NOW with the exciting opportunity to purchase Ardyss products at wholesale costs (a 40%-60% discount) and resell them at retail price earning INSTANT profit up to 60%

Express Bonus : 

Express Bonus 20-30% Bonus Payout on the First Orders up to $300 of those you Personally Enroll

Enroller/Unilevel Bonuses : 

Enroller/Unilevel Bonuses Combined 15% Bonus on All the Purchases of Those you Personally Enroll (10% Enroller Bonus and 5% Unilevel Bonus)

Generational Bonuses : 

Generational Bonuses 1% to 4% Bonus on All Persons in your Downline up to 5 Generations

Enroller Relationship/Unilevel and Generational Bonuses : 

Enroller Relationship/Unilevel and Generational Bonuses

Car Bonus (Rank Held 2 Months) : 

Car Bonus (Rank Held 2 Months)

Rank Bonus (Paid 1st Month Rank Is Obtained) : 

Rank Bonus (Paid 1st Month Rank Is Obtained)

Presidential Pool Bonus : 

Presidential Pool Bonus Additional 1.5% of Ardyss National Sales Split Amongst Presidents (Currently less than 50 Presidents)

Presidential Bonus : 

Presidential Bonus $3,000 for everyone in your down line that you help become a President

Power Pack Bonus : 

Power Pack Bonus $80 for every person you enroll as an Independent Distributor through Power Pack

Power Start : 

Power Start 100% Participant/Enroller Match on Power Start Each Enrollee is Worth $60,000 to You For Example: 12 Enrollees and 300,000 GQP will Give You a Bonus of $60,000 If Your 12 enrollees Each Have 12 Enrollees and 300,000 GQP You Will Get $60,000 12 More Times Which is $727,200 *****The Magic Number is 12***** “Recruit, Recruit, Recruit until you get the Best Fruit”

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“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” Yesterday is already gone and tomorrow is not promised! -Carpe Diem (Seize the day)



WHY NOT!!!! : 

WHY NOT!!!! Join a team that is not afraid to S.O.A.R. Strive to Overcome Average Results!!!!

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Making A Better You, Inc. Nikki Cameron Reshaping Consultant 18459 Pines Boulevard Suite #171 Pembroke Pines, FL 33029 Phone: (954)840-9925 www.ardysslife.com/MakingABetterYou E-Mail: [email protected] Fax: (877)539-8689 PLEASE SHARE THIS AMAZING OPPORTUNITY WITH OTHERS! SEE WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT ARDYSS AND HOW IT HAS CHANGED THEIR LIVES! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neJDRpcIcCU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMWhVfP7Md8&feature=related

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