Various Kinds Of Ear Problems

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When we have problems with any of our sensory organs like the ears eyes or nose we get really frightened and seek the help of a specialist immediately. An ENT surgeon in Kota is one such specialist who deals with diagnosing and treating all kinds of issues of the ears nose and throat. In this blog we will speak about the most common problems of the ear that ENT specialists come across and those that you must know about so that God forbid if you ever encounter any of these problems you must also take immediate action to consult a specialist. Earwax Accumulated earwax is one of the most common issues seen. Earwax is produced by special glands in the outer part of the ear canal that is designed to trap dust and dirt particles and keep them from reaching the eardrum. But when this wax accumulates in higher quantities it can cause problems like hearing loss and pain leading to a chronic condition. Tinnitus This condition is when the patient experiences ringing in the ears where noises can range from loud ringing to low humming or buzzing. This condition is caused when the microscopic endings of the hearing nerve of the inner ear is damaged. Although

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tinnitus can be a normal disorder seen as a result of advancing age the main reason for causing it could be over exposure to loud noise. S wi mm e r’s Ear This is an ear infection of the outer ear that is caused when water gets trapped in the ear canal and causes bacteria to be collected there. Slowly and gradually the bacteria multiply in the warm and moist environment causing irritation and infection in the ear canal. In certain cases the ear canal may swell up and shut which leads to temporary hearing loss until the condition is treated and cured. Otitis Media This is one of the most common ear related issues seen in children which is more commonly known as middle ear infection or inflammation. This issue can be observed in either both ears or one and is caused due to the shape of the young Eustachian tube. If the problem persists and is left untreated for a long time it can lead to infection of the mastoid bone behind the ear hearing loss or a ruptured eardrum. Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease AIED This is an inflammatory condition of the inner ear that occurs when the body’s immune system attacks the cells in the inner ear that are mistaken for virus or bacteria. The most common symptoms of this condition include sudden hearing loss that begins in one ear and goes on further to affect the other ear which constantly continues for weeks and months if left untreated leading to vertigo tinnitus or a feeling of ear fullness. Cholesteatoma This is a skin growth that occurs in the middle ear behind the eardrum which is a result of poor Eustachian tube functioning and infection. If left untreated it can lead to ear infection in localized areas deafness bone erosion or even death All these problems can seem to be minute ones but can lead to major infections which is why any kind of ear problems or hearing issues must be immediately diagnosed to treat them at the earliest and reduce risks. So when such a situation arises get in touch immediately with ’s ENT surgeon in Kota who Maitri Hospital will diagnose your condition perfectly and take the appropriate measures instantly.

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