13 Never-Dying Myths About Six Pack Abs

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13 myths about six pack abs that have existed and they still exist and most likely will always exist. Read the presentation to make sure you don't fall for them. If you believe I have missed to mention any of the myths on this presentation, please let me know by leaving a comment below. Read the full article here: http://absexperiment.com/13-never-dying-myths-about-six-pack-abs/


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Myth 1:

Myth 1 You Can’t Have Six Pack Abs Bullsh*t. You have your biceps and triceps, right? Guess what, you have your abs too. The problem is your abs are covered with some belly fat. Ultra leanness is necessary for your abs to appear. You can have visible abs if you want it bad enough regardless your genetics and other factors. You just have to know what to do.

Myth 2:

Myth 2 You Get Abs By Doing Ab Exercises Sorry, but no. You get abs by lowering your overall body fat percentage. You could do ab exercises for an hour a day for a year straight and still have a zero sign of six pack abs at all. That’s because ab exercises do not reduce belly fat. That’s scientifically proven.

Myth 3:

Myth 3 Supplements Are Required To Burn Fat Nope. The only thing that is required to trigger fat burning is an energy deficit. You can achieve it by consuming less or burning more calories. Without a caloric deficit no fat burners will ever give any results. Please don’t waste your money on supplements.

Myth 4:

Myth 4 Abs Are Made In The Kitchen Not so fast space cowboy! Although this statement is partially true, it’s not 100% true either. You could diet down to ultra lean levels, but it won’t guarantee that your abs will pop out. If you want to develope eye catching abs, you need to train them as well.

Myth 5:

Myth 5 You Can Shape Your Abs No. Genetics will determine the configuration of your abs. Some abs line up evenly, some don’t. For some people abs are symmetrical , for some they are not. There is nothing you can do about it except love it and embrace what your momma gave you!

Myth 6:

Myth 6 You Need a Gym To Get In Shape This is just a lame excuse. You can have an amazing and super effective wokrout at home with zero equipment in about 4-12 minutes a day.

Myth 7:

Myth 7 Training Abs With High-reps Is Correct Not exactly. Your abs are no different than any other muscle in your body. Why would you want to treat them differently? 50 repetitions of the bicep curls won’t help you to build big “guns”, neither 50 and more reps of sit-ups and crunches.

Myth 8:

Myth 8 There Is One Killer Ab Exercise Actually, there are a bunch of different and effective ab exercises. One better than the other, but none of them is the best. The thing is, even the top exercise gets less and less effective over the time.

Myth 9:

Myth 9 You Can Isolate Upper And Lower Abs Six pack abs is one muscle called Rectus Abdominis . Thereof technically you can’t isolate upper or lower abs, but you can emphasize a particular part of the muscle with the right exercises though.

Myth 10:

Myth 10 You Must Do a Lot Of Cardio Of course you have, if your goal is to burn all your lean muscle mass and you want to end up looking “skinny-fat”. If not, then no. Stay away from any kind of prolonger steady state cardio. Running on a treadmill for 30 minutes or more is literally like taking a pill for muscle loss that results in decreasing your metabolic rate shutting down your fat loss progress.

Myth 11:

Myth 11 You Must Do a Low Carb Diet Not at all. Carbs are not evil as you have been told. Actually they are little angels that give you energy, keep your brain functioning, normalize your digestion and minimize the risk of chronic diseases. Carbohydrates do not load your body up with exess body fat as long as you do not over do the quantity.

Myth 12:

Myth 12 Dietary Fats Make You Gain Fat Although fats get stored as fat more quickly than other nutrients, they are not making you fat as long as you eat the right type of fats and do not overdo the quantity. Actually, you need healthy fatty acids in your diet to boost fat loss.

Myth 13:

Myth 13 There Is a Shortcut Contrary to all the ads floating on the Internet, there is no shortcut to the six pack abs. There is no secret fast-lane only bodybuilders or fitness models know about. The truth is getting abs takes time and discipline. How long it will take for you depends on your current starting position, your motivation, workout and nutritional strategy.