Lope Talk – Engaging Students in Science instruction

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Lope Talk – Engaging Students in Science instruction:

Lope Talk – Engaging Students in Science instruction Grand Canyon University ELM 570 Monyok Zhong May 1 st , 2018

Engagement Strategies in Science Instruction:

Engagement Strategies in Science Instruction Promote active learning among students. Check for understanding. Differentiated Instruction. Idea Share.

What is … :

What is …

Methods to Capture Students’ Interest:

Methods to Capture Students’ Interest Conduct short surveys Make it practical and connect to real life Give students choices Student-drive lessons This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

Technology Incorporation:

Technology Incorporation Classroom Gaming Educational games to test and apply what students have learned. Provides students hands-on opportunity to learn and understand the curriculum. Two ways to incorporate games in science – adding games into the curriculum or design game-like lessons to incorporate game elements. Plicker Paper clickers Quick tool to gather assessment data Allows educators to gather, analyze, and save data in record time. Does not require students to have any technology. It ‘s free.


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