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Administration and Management:

Administration and Management Nicolaas van den Heever, OTR/L University of St. Augustine


TEAMWORK It seems our society tends to glamorize individual levels of success without taking the entire process into consideration. Michael Jordan

WHY Teams?:

WHY Teams? Ordinary people can bring about extraordinary results – individuals within a larger system (C. Garfield) Consider the essential interrelatedness and interdependence of all phenomena (bio, psycho, social, cultural, physical, cultural) An improved holistic perspective Thus: Teams depend on both the highest individual performance plus the essential interestedness within a system.

WHY Teams?:

WHY Teams? There are many objects of great value to man which cannot be attained by unconnected individuals but must be attained if at all, by association. Daniel Webster

WHY Teams?:

WHY Teams? Federal law – Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA): “…services should be provided by a variety of disciplines.” Required by the Joint Commission Required by The Blueprint for Entry-Level Education” – AOTA 2008 Literature in organizational development supports the importance of group versus individual efforts. No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it.

WHY Teams?:

WHY Teams? Effective Health Care Systems demand TEAM WORK WHY: Concept of Holism Body of Knowledge Scope of Practice HOW (Evolution): Multi-disciplinary Inter-disciplinary Trans-disciplinary

WHY Teams?:

WHY Teams? It creates synergy : The simultaneous actions of separate entities that together have a greater effect than the sum of their individual effects.

Team Definition:

Team Definition A team is a group of individuals who are committed to a shared purpose, to each other, and to working together to achieve a common goal. Individuals Shared purpose Commitment Goals Uniqueness

Qualities of Effective Teams:

Qualities of Effective Teams Goals clearly stated Sufficient resources available Expertise among members Open communication Commitment to process and product Ongoing evaluation of interactions and service Trust is built and maintained Leadership is strong Orginizational support is available Systems thinking prevails

Team Work:

Team Work Characteristics of effective Health Care: Client centered Client is involved in treatment Goal oriented Outcomes oriented Comprehensive Holistic (vs. Bio-psycho-social) Systems (theory) approach

Team Work Multi-disciplinary Approach:

Team Work Multi-disciplinary Approach GOALS Client/Patient

Team Work Inter-disciplinary Approach:

Team Work Inter-disciplinary Approach GOALS Client/Patient

Team Work Trans-disciplinary Approach:

Team Work Trans-disciplinary Approach GOALS Client/Patient


CASE STUDY Mrs. Smith is 76 years old and lives in her own apartment within an Assisted Living. She has mild Alzheimer’s. She spends most of her day in a wheelchair, but walks short distances with a 4-wheel walker. Her daughter who lives close-by, works full-time, and visits her mother every afternoon. She has had numerous falls – the last one – three days ago - resulted in a fracture of the left femoral head. She was admitted to the hospital via the ER. She had a left total hip replacement yesterday.

CASE STUDY - Question:

CASE STUDY - Question How would a team approach benefit Mrs. Smith?

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