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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Basic Endovascular Techniques : 

Basic Endovascular Techniques Arterial Entry


ARTERIAL ENTRY Which needle to use ? (1) Seldinger Needle . (2) Blood containment needles . Pulse –Vu Arrow –Fischell (EVAN) access needle Olsen-Jeffrey Safe Stick Cope and Machan System

General principles of arterial entry: : 

General principles of arterial entry: Local anesthesia . Single puncture or double puncture . Which site of the artery . Road map or test injection . What angle .

Femoral Arterial Puncture : 

Femoral Arterial Puncture Anatomy and Landmarks :

Wire introduction and manipulation : 

Wire introduction and manipulation

Antegrade Femoral Puncture : 

Antegrade Femoral Puncture

Puncture Site compression : 

Puncture Site compression

Complications : 


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