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Vascular Duplex Presentation :

Vascular Duplex Presentation Mr. Moahmed Oamr Elfarok , M.Sc , FRCSEng , FRCSEd , IME

Great congress with a great professor :

Great congress with a great professor The most meticulous Vascular surgeon The most organized Vascular Surgeon The most hard working vascular surgeon And a very dear friend too

Introduction to vascular ultrasound:

Introduction to vascular ultrasound Unit Components: - Transducers - CPU - Keyboard - Screen Transduction: - Probes: (Types & Movements.) - Videos Modes : (Brightness - Color – Pulse) Topics to be covered

Basic of ultrasound physics :

Basic of ultrasound physics Ultrasound is a form of mechanical energy transmitted through media Ultrasound probe consists of multiple transmitters and receivers

Audible sound and ultrasound:

Audible sound and ultrasound

Propagation velocity:

Propagation velocity

A-mode Amplitude :

A-mode Amplitude

B mode brightness :

B mode brightness

B mode image 1945:

B mode image 1945

M mode motion:

M mode motion

What the probe do:

What the probe do

Transducers is an art:

Transducers is an art

Transducers :

Transducers Different size /frequency They are fragile and expensive from 50000 to 300000 LE Mostly not covered by warranty They need proper handling and cleaning

Where to keep transducer:

Where to keep transducer

Avoid running over transducer power cords:

Avoid running over transducer power cords

Transducer frequency:

Transducer frequency Higher frequency for superficial structures Lower frequency for deeper structure Always use the highest frequency for the part being imaged Most probes are multifrequencies

Ultrasound newer technologies :

Ultrasound newer technologies Harmonic imaging Pulse inversion Compound imaging Thin slice imaging Image correlation STIC Inversion rendering Matrix Arrays Automatic border detection Extended volume clipping High definition volumetric 3 D displays Force feedback input devices

GPS guided duplex venous puncture:

GPS guided duplex venous puncture

Ultrasound guided manipulation:

Ultrasound guided manipulation

ACUSON FREE STYLE wireless probe:

ACUSON FREE STYLE wireless probe

Mobile duplex probe :

Mobile duplex probe

Some normal duplex images:

Some normal duplex images

Three fundamentals:

Three fundamentals Confirm the findings from different views if you can Three phases of the study image , color and spectal doppler

Normal Right P Subclavian vein:

Normal Right P Subclavian vein

Normal Axillary Vein:

Normal Axillary Vein Normally have a flow reversal of blood

Normal Left Innominate:

Normal Left Innominate

Asymmetry Axillary:

Asymmetry Axillary

Reversed Jugular vein:

Reversed Jugular vein The jugular vein is the commenest in seeing reverse flow Reverse flow occur in response to central obstruction

Subclavian stenosis:

Subclavian stenosis

Normal axillary vein:

Normal axillary vein

Normal study:

Normal study

Thank you:

Thank you

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