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PLAN SOFTWARE SINGLE-LEG MLM PLAN SOFTWARE The Single leg MLM plan is the simplest plan amongst other This is one of the simple and basic plans in the domain of Multi-level marketing. This simply goes down in a single line. People enrolling for it would go under you while there is no branch to fill the levels, with just one single line that comes straight going down in a longer run. The people who have signed up under you will get the direct benefit and you barely find any branch while he or she will not have any filling levels as we get just one straight line to do and make things go down for a long run. The same person will be singing up under your business. PLAN SOFTWARE 2


The single leg business plan can be called as the straight line MLM plan that carries only the one leg for each and every member. It is also called as the Linear MLM Plan. The idea is very much simple and it may say it is all about falling over the same single or mono line. These plans are very much attractive single line MLM compensation plan that is found in the network marketing domain and is regarded as the simplest business model that can be found out at any place to understand. 3


How Does SINGLE LEG MLM Plan Works? As said above, every member in this plan has to recruit a distributor, which does not limit the earning options, being the members, which are assured with a decent amount of income with the help of adding few people in the link. There is always a chance in finding the best of the income but the members in it are often seen earning big with big chains, which keeps on growing up. . The chances are promising and you get the best of the outcome and high return and thus get the chances for success. This perhaps may not be possible to get with other options. 4

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