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What have you learnt about the technologies from the process of constructing this product?

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I have learnt a lot about how to construct a media product, the process, and how to use the media tool correctly. I found that using a Mac to edit was the best means to edit rather then using the software on the computers adobe premiere pro 1.5. The Mac software is laid out a lot better and the result just seems to be better overall. I started of using I movie which was simple but effective and in my opinion was just as good as adobe if not better. With I movie I found there wasn’t a lot of option for transitions and things, this was its only fault, the quality was exactly the same and with the Mac it was easier to import the music I made from garage band. I also found it a better form of upload system. After much consideration and many people telling me to change to adobe I thought I would try it. This caused a lot of difficulties not being able to insert titles the lack of sound and don’t being able to edit on that software I reverted to an earlier version I had made as a back up and kept using I movie until all of the footage was finished. Then once the sound was also on I moved the project to adobe after effects to make the titles this is an excellent system, that works well after using I movie and a lot better then premier pro. After this was completed I made the sequences YouTube compatible and uploaded it to YouTube. Once this was completed I uploaded it to the blog.

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Garage band on the Mac was an interesting to use it created some interesting effect but it wasn’t working quite as I wanted it to so in the end we used a un copyrighted piece we found which fit what we had made a lot better. The music we had made on the make we used to put on our DVD menu, which I found made it a lot more personal, and created a contrast in the sound from the DVD menu from the Opening sequence itself. We made the DVD menu using I DVD on the Macs. Getting used to the camera was fun and was interesting to use. Before I started this task I didn’t see the point in blogs let alone how to use them properly. Now I have a vast understanding of the way they work. I also learnt how to create the appropriate camera angles, shot types and for to frame the desired image for maximum effect. I have learnt how to create a constant theme, a genetic set of products that can be Identified as a whole, I have learned how this is all possible even while using different technologies be it the system or the various products for our product I have created. Also what you don’t realise is the little snippets you learn also really help a lot things such as learning how to take a screen shot on a Mac (which is harder then you might think) and figuring out how to view all the document at once all come in handy and help you make a better out come for my opening sequence.