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How did you address/attract your audience?

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The audience see the plot start to unravel right from the start this grabs their attention, the audience sees images of a woman but doesn’t know what is quite going on, but at each point through out the opening sequence there are moments where the events help the plot slowly click in to the mind of our audience. This technique I feel would be continued thought out our film if we were to continue making it. There are still certain aspects of the plot that are a mystery to the audience and this creates a sense of unknown. We attracted our audience by using the type of character that relate to the audience we are aiming for, young people, it plays on fears, I think that ever man has the fear of an affair ending badly. Men are defined by this the man who are afraid of taking that risk and the men who aren’t. The plot of the film makes a male audience curious, it will also address an audience that simply love thriller movies the genre itself can attract any body really who enjoys curious story, frantic fast pace scenes which get your brain thinking. Making the actor look like average people make the opening sequence attract to any audience, because it makes the film less about gorgeous actors running around screaming with a bit of a story into it being a thrilling, making the story the most important aspect. We used a build up of suspense to a big question at the end of our opening sequence where the man speaks on the phone, who is he talking to? This keeps any audience stuck to there seat because it changes everything they know about these types of films, it creates a lot of unanswered questions and attracts the audience’s curiosities. We addressed our audience by creating a feedback questionnaire to get there opinion and things that could be changed.

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I aimed at the product at two main audience young to middle aged men and woman that is why I experimented using the same media two create simple yet effect changes to aim at my particular audiences. The idea of a poster aimed at a male audience an one aimed at a female audience to see if they would attract the desired audiences. The DVD cover is generic and also by the end of the advertising the people that would by the film probably went to see the film at the pictures or knew someone that did. That is why they wan to see it if not the generic idea of a dangerous but slightly alluring woman on the front would appeal to both male and female.