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Who would be the audience for your media product?

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I think that an audience for a media product has a lot to do with the representation of different types of people including the ethnic, cultural backgrounds, their age, gender, disability, and other areas which would appeal to that particular audience, we have a few different representations which can go for or against the media product. The opening sequence represents People who are from a White middle class background and a woman who has lost her sanity to some extent. This is basically how far our representation goes really. This could attract more of an audience because it means no particular audience has been aimed for. This could mean more of an impact for the film, because of its lack of representation. Thrillers are generally a very popular film to see because of the wide variety of options that can be taken within that genre which appeal to everyone. The certificate 18 means that our media product is aimed at an older audience. The age rating will attract the right audience because they know that the film won’t be for a young audience so will have content appropriate for an older viewer, which will attract the viewers. Another reason this would appeal to all kinds of people is the main character is a woman, and both genders male and female can connect with her. Either physically or mentally.