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What kind of institution might distribute your media product and why?

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The institutions that might distribute my film are ones such as paramount pictures; I noticed that paramount distributes a lot of different kinds of films, particularly thrillers, films such as fatale attraction. That’s if we wanted to distribute it all over the world particularly in America but often paramount only distributes their own films or by film makers that are already well known. Other big distributors that could distribute our product would be Columbia productions as they have distributed other femme fatale films, such as the film To Die For. The two that would probably be most appropriate would be either Sony pictures or Warner bros because, they distribute a lot of films in the UK more than most other big distributor and have done so on many of the big thriller movies. All of these distributors have a huge amount of funding and would promote my product to the extent it deserves. Without a big distributor I doubt a product such as ours may even a shown publicly. Another reason to use such big companies would be due to wanting our product to be distributed worldwide. Before the Uk film council was disbanded, We would have get the digital funding from them, otherwise we would be less likely to get our film distributed worldwide it would be near on impossible. Another option would be to find a local independent cinema to exhibit our media product, this would be a good start but we could have to offer them a percentage of the profits to get them to do so. We may be able apply for several other types of funding from the UK film council, like the development funding. Screen East who works with the UK film council may also be able to offer us funding in some way.

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Now that the Uk film council has been shut down other methods would have to be found to get it funded, this would come from the BFI, who have taken the role of the Uk film council funding distribution role. Also there would be more funding available due to the increase of funding from the national lottery. These would also be a key part of the distribution also. Other then that film 4 could be a distributor of our finished production. Other then them Film London could also distribute our production along with funding that are Backed by the BBC, LDA, UKFC and Skill set. One of the best method of distribution though from my most recent research would be the short film bureau.  They offer advice and support on funding, production, marketing and distribution. Last year they negotiated a ground-breaking agreement with every major UK distributor, resulting in a set of guidelines under which the distributors will accept shorts in front of a feature. Armed with this agreement they approached exhibitors Odeon and Columbia Tristar who also came on board.