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Evaluation By Gemma Lunney Candidate Number 4137

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Evaluation I have enjoyed working on the blogger and also in the general making of our film opening sequence. This may have been due to my thirst for this new knowledge I am gain about the film industry and the general media. Also learning and understanding the process a film maker would take when creating a film. Although he have only just begun to skim the surface of these area of the media and in the media industry as a whole we have only learnt a trickle in an ocean of the knowledge to be learnt about the media and despite of this I feel like I have learnt a lot. Firstly we began by looking at other films by creating a research PowerPoint on opening sequences, this was a good in sight in different option my group would have when making our own. This research process gave me a lot of idea not just for the open sequence itself but for other ideas I might want to use or look in to, I decided that research was the best way to get an idea into my head. I researched thriller convention, with other concepts such as the traditional femme fatale character and the different movies this character was present in, and what the general convention are of the character. I decided firstly to do some thinking about overall the type of opening sequence I wanted to make. So that’s what I did I created a brainstorm of ideas, key words est. so that I could get a better picture of the planning stage rather ten get confused a keep changing the planning of ideas. I feel that as a whole I contributed a lot towards the blog and the making of the film. A lot of the final decision making was left to me and but I enjoyed this role it was interesting to see how maybe a director or producer would act or create a movie working with others, I spent a lot of time working on the blog. Making sure my posts were correctly placed, detailed and worthwhile.

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In what way does your media product develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products Our finally opening sequence uses several conventions from other media but some aspects also contribute to our piece of film. The name of our film, fits into the noir film conventions. The name infatuation is strong one word which would be often used as a convention in film noir. Also the general concept of the film follows the conventions using low key black and white visual style, and the general story being that of a fiction crime story line with a emphasise on a cynical that look on love and desire. Shots such as over the shoulder shots were commonly used in noir film, and also are used in our opening sequence and I think this shot is a key shot in the clip because it show the audience what the woman is looking at. I also feel this grabs the audience from the start. The setting of a house in an ordinary slightly urban like area, this follows typical convention I really like this option because it made filming easy to get into, it also sets the thought that this could happen anywhere which in turn makes the plot even more sinister and dark for an audience. In a lot of ways we challenged the way this type of movie could be generally be done, we decided to do several of these change so that it would create a unique and interesting twist on something that is generally very similar however is done and make quite a dull mimic of past films, and any audience that is drawn into this sort of movie might be put off by it looking like the same sort of film they saw a year ago and might not bother going to see it. In turn the audience could react badly to the changes of their favourite type of film and feel it kills its classic style. Some just may not like the change and we might not have got an audience for it. Although I feel that this re-vamp of this old noir film classic style, would not only keep their audience, but gain audiences due to its new type of appeal. The ways in which we have challenges these general conventions has taken place in several ways firstly because our main character in the open sequence is the stalker character is a woman. This creates a whole new feel to the film and takes the genre into a new lease of life. By doing this and breaking the usual convention we create something really very dark because it is felt that it would be less likely for there to be a woman stalking a man. This make the woman represented as a powerful and the men look weak. Also we showed this power shifts in our film by using selective camera shots such as the over the shoulder shot looking down on her victim to be shrine she has assembled. This shows that she is a woman on a mission and this shot shows she has the power to do it.

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We also challenged other conventions by making the stalker a woman we made a sort of femme fatale character this combines another classic convention into the mix of our film. This shows how different aspects can be combined to make something initially new. My femme fatale character challenges the way this type of character has be played in the past the costumes are simple making her look like she could be just about anybody. Her general attitude is very much like other characters in this convention an what happens to the men around her is also very much like other femme fatale characters another way we challenge the media conventions is during the phone call at the end of our opening sequence the first time you actually her voice she doesn’t sound like the audience would suspect apart from the fact she is expected to say something cruel and sinister and instead says something very normal but apart from this her speech is soft and kind sounding this challenges the stalker convention because this type of film the character would look sound and act disturbed. Unlike our character she speaks looks and acts normally. The only people that know otherwise are the audience. This helps to keep their interest because they know something the other characters don’t and it will enthral the audience to see how they will act when they discover the truth. This creates a sense of dramatic irony. A lot of time was spent sorting out our titles the titles onto the final movie where not what we originally intended them to be. We had already organised our titles to be made on flash so that we could have more visually freedom with option we also wanted it to move to create a more realistic approach that would appear when working on a professional production. But we struggled getting the flash programme onto our opening sequence, so the result was that we changed to a Mac designed logo and title also through the still look amazing we couldn’t gain the creative freedom as we did on the Mac. I spent a lot of time doing what I could to create the best titles possible using this software and considering the options I am still very pleased with the result. The titles where ordered in the way other developed media products (name of production company, name of film, the actors and main production team name) this challenges the medias current products because they normally only have the actors name at the start of the film matter how important you were in the making of the film

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How does you media product represent particular social groups? The demographics that are not really defined in our production, obviously because of the age rating this is due to the topics, violence and brief nudity that may have occurred if continuing the film. So this demographic is not towards a young audience. The genre will act young adults because of our gender change in the lead character this mean more woman will come to see it especially with their partners because it can also be a man enjoyable film and would appeal to both kinds of people. But this is a good film for a wide audience there is not a particular type of person who would not come to see it. It’s not a horror so it wouldn’t be too scary the age rating make it available to older teens, from a disability point of view there is nothing making it not appealing to them but they are not represented nor are other ethnic groups apart from white British. But this may still appeal and could be seen to represent America and other white countries. Another thing is that because of it has no indication towards any particular race this film despite the lack of ethnic representation could still appeal to other ethnic audiences. Toward woman the representation can be seen as positive and negative because although she appears to be disturbed and violent making woman look this way it also creates the representation of them also being powerful clever and devious. The representation of men is quite meek and helpless, so the representation of gender has switched roles to create an opposite effect. The music for our opening sequence was something me and Adam set to the task of sorting out we did a lot of playing around with garage band on the Mac before we found the music we decided to use so we had already made this other music. So what we did is use garage band music we had created as the music for our DVD menu section this was a lot of fun and it was good that although we didn’t use the music it the film itself our work wasn’t in vain as it sounds even better on the DVD menu rather than on our opening sequence.

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What kind of institution might distribute your media product and why? The institutions that might distribute my film are ones such as paramount pictures; I noticed that paramount distributes a lot of different kinds of films, particularly thrillers, films such as fatale attraction. That’s if we wanted to distribute it all over the world particularly in America but often paramount only distributes their own films or by film makers that are already well known. Other big distributors that could distribute our product would be Columbia productions as they have distributed other femme fatale films, such as the film To Die For. The two that would probably be most appropriate would be either Sony pictures or Warner bros because, they distribute a lot of films in the UK more than most other big distributor and have done so on many of the big thriller movies. All of these distributors have a huge amount of funding and would promote my product to the extent it deserves. Without a big distributor I doubt a product such as ours may even a shown publicly. Another reason to use such big companies would be due to wanting our product to be distributed worldwide. We would have get the digital funding from the UK Film Council, otherwise we would be less likely to get our film distributed worldwide it would be near on impossible. Another option would be to find a local independent cinema to exhibit our media product, this would be a good start but we could have to offer them a percentage of the profits to get them to do so. We may be able apply for several other types of funding from the UK film council, like the development funding. Screen East who works with the UK film council may also be able to offer us funding in some way.

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Who would be the audience for your media product? I think that a lot of it has a lot to do with the representation of different types of people including the ethnic, cultural backgrounds, their age, gender, disability, and other areas which would appeal to that particular audience, we have a few different representations which can go for or against the media product. The opening sequence represents People who are from a White middle class background and a woman who has lost her sanity to some extent. This is basically how far our representation goes really. This could attract more of an audience because it means know particular audience has been aimed for. This could mean more of an impact for the film, because of its lack of representation. Thrillers are generally a very popular film to see because of the wide variety of options that can be taken within that genre which appeal to everyone. The certificate 15 means that our media product is aimed at an older audience. The age rating will attract the right audience because they know that the film won’t be for a young audience so will have content appropriate for an older viewer, which will attract the viewers.

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How did you address/attract your audience? The audience see the plot start to unravel right from the start this grabs their attention, the audience sees images of a woman but doesn’t know what is quite going on, but at each point through out the opening sequence there are moments where the events help the plot slowly click in to the mind of our audience. This technique I feel would be continued thought out our film if we were to continue making it. There are still certain aspects of the plot that are a mystery to the audience and this creates a sense of unknown. We attracted our audience by using the type of character that relate to the audience we are aiming for, young people, it plays on fears, I think that ever man has the fear of an affair ending badly. Men are defined by this the man who are afraid of taking that risk and the men who aren’t. The plot of the film makes a male audience curious, it will also address an audience that simply love thriller movies the genre itself can attract any body really who enjoys curious story, frantic fast pace scenes which get your brain thinking. Making the actor look like average people make the opening sequence attract to any audience, because it makes the film less about gorgeous actors running around screaming with a bit of a story into it being a thrilling, making the story the most important aspect. We used a build up of suspense to a big shock at the end of our opening sequence where the woman speaks on the phone, this keeps any audience stuck to there seat because it changes everything they know about these types of films, it creates a lot of unanswered questions and attracts the audience’s curiosities. We addressed our audience by create and distribute it to get there feedback. I aimed at the product at two main audience young to middle aged men and woman that is why I experimented using the same media two create simple yet effect changes to aim at my particular audiences. The idea of a poster aimed at a male audience an one aimed at a female audience to see if they would attract the desired audiences.

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What have you learnt about the technologies from the process of constructing this product? I have learnt a lot about how to construct a media product, the process, and how to use the media tool correctly. I found that using a Mac to edit was the best means to edit rather then using the software on the computers adobe premiere pro 1.5. The Mac software is laid out a lot better and the result just seems to be better overall. I spent a lot of time learning how to use the Mac and as I made a lot of the titles and things. Garage band on the Mac was an interesting to use it created some interesting effect but it wasn’t working quite as I wanted it to so in the end we used a un copyrighted piece we found which fit what we had made a lot better. The music we had made on the make we used to put on our DVD menu, which I found made it a lot more personal, and created a contrast in the sound from the DVD menu from the Opening sequence itself. Getting used to the camera was fun and was interesting to use. Before I started this task I didn’t see the point in blogs let alone how to use them properly. Now I have a vast understanding of the way they work. I also learnt how to create the appropriate camera angles, shot types and for to frame the desired image for maximum effect. I have learnt how to create a constant theme, a genetic set of products that can be Identified as a whole, I have learned how this is all possible even while using different technologies be it the system or the various products for our product I have created.

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Looking back at the preliminary task what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? I don’t think that our final piece would have turned out as good as it did if not for doing the preliminary task. It was a learning curve, a good way to ease our group into the process of in which to make our full product. It meant errors less likely because if any mistakes that would have been made, would have been made when practising by making our preliminary task. Also things that come with time were made a lot easier because doing the prelim task. Things like knowing what looks good on camera and things that just don’t, how to achieve the correct camera shots and angles, and what effect they create. This is why the group decided to use a large variety shots so to experiment, so we could find out exactly what shots we favoured and would use in our full product. It also helped our group get used to the equipment and how to use it effectively, to its utmost capacity. I enjoyed the preliminary task I found that it made my experience a lot more enjoyable, because I had the chance to experiment. A lot of benefits were made from creating our preliminary such as being able to play around with the editing technologies to using a variety of transitions to learn how they look and the effect they create. The preliminary task also help as it gave us chance to create our own research, and create a new self learned understanding of transitions, use of titles, which help progress our final media product faster and to a better Quality through our first hand knowledge.