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Poster Research:

Poster Research Luke Escott

Tron Legacy::

Tron Legacy: When they created the poster they heavily linked it to the previous Tron p oster created in 1982, using the same c haracters and pose. This s hows the audience that the f ilm is going to be similar to the last film. This also shows that the previous Tron audience should also enjoy the new film. The main colour used in the poster is a neon bright blue. This is not only very eye-catching making the audience quickly take notice of the poster, but it also has very strong connotations of the sci-fi genre, which this film fits under. Using neon blue also has strong conventions of futuristic technology which many of the props and locations in the film are. Having this heavy connotation being the most eye-catching part of the poster also helps the audience quickly realise what the film is going to be like. The text follows the same conventions as the rest of the poster as being very futuristic and sci-fi related. They also put the title against a black platform so it doesn’t blend in with the background, allowing the audience to notice it better. They also smartly made the text bold without it being overpowered by only having the outline of the text showing. The also refelects

Star Trek: Into Darkness:

Star Trek: Into Darkness The background of this poster is of a broken metropolis . This instantly signifies to the audience viewing this poster that this is not s light hearted film, but more a heavily actioned thriller. There are also no iconic buildings in the background, meaning this film is set in a different time/place. This is also further reinforced by the highly futuristic architecture of the buildings, being more advanced than anything we may have in our towns and city's. The text for this poster has a very heavy bold added to it. This not only makes the title of the film very eye-catching for the audience, it also helps convey the genre of the film, which is action. The text also has a scratchy metal pattern added to it, further adding to the destruction and damaged theme of this poster. The font also has some sci-fi conventions to it, with the slanted angles on the e’s and s’s. The colours in this poster all have connotations of death and destruction. This is signified by the many uses of the colour black, grey and red. The scorched black earth that the villain is walking on is the main signify of death. This shows that wherever this villain walks, death and destruction follows.

What inspiration have we taken from our research?:

What inspiration have we taken from our research? One thing we noticed with Action and Adventure/Sci-fi film posters is that it is not only the protagonist who is on the poster. From this we had the idea to have both the protagonist and antagonist in the poster, but we thought, so that the audience could quickly identify the different characters that we would have the protagonist in the foreground, and have the antagonist in the background. We also noticed that no poster locations were shot from the inside, they were mainly outside, in exotic locations. We took note of this and made sure the backdrop of our poster was of Hadleigh castle, the main location for our film. This not only follows the same conventions as other film posters, it also associates our film with our trailer, meaning id you have seen one you would recognise the other. Finally, we noticed that with sci-fi trailers, the main colours are very bright and eye-catching, whereas action/adventure trailer are more lower toned colours like greys and blacks. From this we made sure the costumes in the poster were very dark, and we also had the background to have quite bright colours, getting conventions from both genres.