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Technilux LED lighting solutions briefly describes on how lamp gets name & how it's size decided


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T E C H N I L U X L E D L I G H T I N G S O L U T I O N S B R I E F S O N L A M P ’ S N A M E

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HOW LAMP GETS NAME LED lighting lamps are described by: • Designated shape names • Diameter/length codes Usually it takes a letter-number- letter format though the last letter is optional. • The leading letters indicates the shape • The numbers indicate the diameter. The final optional letter can designate the length.

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HOW LAMP SIZE IS DECIDED • Size is denoted by a number following the shape. • In the US these numbers indicate the maximum diameter in eights of an inch. • In other parts of the world this measurement is given in millimeters. • For example the US bulb R20 signifies a measurement of 20/8 or 2.5 ″ in diameter. • Metric examples include the A19 which is a typical household incandescent light.

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LED LIGHTING BULB SHAPE DESIGNATIONS A - Standard household incandescent light bulb shape 1 B - Bulged bulb shape 2 BT - Bulged or Blown Tubular bulb shape 3 BR - Short reflector style light bulb 4 C - Candle or Conical bulb shape 5 CP - Crystalline Pear bulb shape 6 E - Ellipsoidal bulb shape 7

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LED LIGHTING BULB SHAPE DESIGNATIONS ER - Extended reflector light bulb shape 8 F - Flame style candelabra bulb shape 9 G - Globe bulb or circular LED lighting bulb 10 HK - Hexagonal Candle 11 K - Krypton or narrow reflector light bulb shape 12 PS - Elongated standard incandescent bulb 13 PAR - Parabolic Aluminized Reflector PAR lamp 14

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LED LIGHTING BULB SHAPE DESIGNATIONS P - Pear bulb shape 15 MR - Quartz reflector lamp low wattage 16 MB - Halogen bulb 17 R - Reflector light bulb style 18 S - Strait Sided bulb style 19 T - T ube lamp shape 20

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L E D B U L B ’ S S TA N DA R D D I A M E T E R S I Z E S Description Inch diameter T ypical usage 8 1 ″ T8 tube 11 1.375 ″ MR11 16 2 ″ MR16 20 2.5 ″ PAR20 30 3.75 ″ PAR30 38 4.75 ″ PAR36

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BULB BASES AND SOCKETS EXPLAINED • Lamps can be described in a number of ways: – LED Light Bulb Shape – LED Bulb Diameter – LED Bulb Length – Bulb Base Types – Naming Conventions of Light Bulb Sockets and Base Types

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LED LIGHT BULB SHAPE • Light bulb shapes describe the general physical characteristics of the light bulb. • LED light bulbs vary in shape from tube shaped bulbs to funnel or pear shaped light bulbs. • These LED light bulb shapes each have a code. • For example: T designates a ‘tube’ PAR signifies a ‘parabolic aluminum reflector’ and MR is used for ‘multifaceted reflector’.

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LED BULB DIAMETER • The diameter of a light bulb is measured in two ways in metric it is the number of millimeters and in imperial measure it is the number of 1/8 inch increments. • The diameter for light bulb shape is measured at the point of maximum size. • Examples are: T12 is 12 eights of an inch or 12/8 1.5 inches in diameter PAR20 is 20 eighths of an inch in diameter or 2.5 inches MR16 is 16 eighths 16/8 two inches in diameter.

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LED BULB LENGTH • LED light bulb length is the overall length measured typically from electrical connection or base to the tip of the bulb or in the case of T bulbs from end to end. • This can be in metric or in inches or feet. • In some cases the stated length may differ from the actual length like in the case of some four foot 1200mm T8 fluorescent replacements these may actually be slightly less in length.

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BULB BASE TYPES • LED light bulb base types are typically measured by type and diameter in millimeters. • For example a typical Edison medium screw-in base like E27 is 27 millimeters in diameter. • LED bi-pin bases like a fluorescent tube replacement or a bi-pin MR16 are measured between the centers of each pin.

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NAMING CONVENTIONS OF LIGHT BULB SOCKETS BASE TYPES • Light bulb bases and sockets are normally defined by a letter-number-letter format with the last letter optional. The first letter designates the shape or form of the base the numbers represent either the width of the base or the distance between the pins. The second letter designates the number of pins or contacts on the lamp. The numbers are normally in millimeters. LED light bulb sockets and bases are manufactured to the same standards as halogen incandescent and other traditional lights. • For example a standard European screw-in incandescent bulb has a base type of E27. E stands for Edison screw-in and the 27 means that the base is 27 millimeters.

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LED LIGHT BULB BASE • B Bayonet Collar Base • E Edison Screw Light Base • F Single Pin Type Base • G Multiple Pin Type Light Bulb Base • K Cable Connections • P Pre-focused Light Base • R Recessed Contacts Base • S Shell-type Light Bulb Base • T T elephone Slide Base • W Wedge Base • X Special Type Lightbulb Base

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