Blue Is The Colour

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Biggest day for blues on 21st month at Moscow. ~Moscow beckons~


By: LoverBoy (159 month(s) ago)

hi everyone ,i m new to author stream and this is my first presentation upload But why can't i listen to background music of the ppt? I hav played it on my PC and Background music is also there.But why not here?

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Slide 1: 

Biggest Occasion

Slide 2: 

Biggest Players

Slide 3: 

Lethal Weapons

Slide 4: 

ESSIEN tiring Never ADDING extra FLAVOUR

Slide 5: 

Biggest Trophy

Slide 6: 

Biggest Loosers

Slide 8: 


Slide 11: 

Here We Come MOSCOW

Slide 14: 


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