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This powerpoint explains why fast food is bad for you it gives you the pros and cons


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Before Fast Food : 

Before Fast Food By : Livvy Riggs

What’s the problem with fast food? : 

What’s the problem with fast food? Fast food can be a great thing, when you are in a hurry, on your way to an after school game or just when you don’t feel like cooking. This idea of fast food was great until people abuse it all the time. America has gone way overboard in the consumption of fast food.

More Problems : 

More Problems Not to mention how unhealthy fast food can be! Some people eat at fast food restaurants for every single meal.

Before fast food Families would sit down together and have a meal. : 

Before fast food Families would sit down together and have a meal.

Is there a solution? : 

Is there a solution? If I’m in a hurry and I have to stop for something to eat at a fast food restaurant, I will get something that is pretty healthy like a chicken sandwich or salad. Most of the time if I’m in a hurry I’m going to a sporting event and if I eat something that’s really greasy it slows me down when I’m on the court so I avoid that.

Anymore solutions?? : 

Anymore solutions?? If your on the go, think ahead and pack something quick! Eat it on the road!

Pros of fast food. : 

Pros of fast food. It’s pretty affordable, and convenient. It’s really good ;)

More Pros : 

More Pros It’s a lot cheaper then going to a fancy restaurant and there is a lot of different fast food places so there is variety.

Cons ;( : 

Cons ;( It can make you obese It’s very unhealthy

More Cons : 

More Cons Fast food is very addicting, so you shouldn’t eat it a lot so that you wont get addicted.

What do we Think about it!?! : 

What do we Think about it!?! “I believe that home cooked meals are the way to go and it’s cheaper in the long run.” -Amanda “I think that fast food is fatting but it’s delicious !” – Raena “Fast food is really unhealthy, but I think that it’s ok if you eat it in moderation.” -Brittany Click On the Shapes to change slides!

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