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From My Heart... Vol. No. 53 January 2019 The Foundation Newsletter M y Dear Daughters friends and well wishers. On behalf of Dad and me and the entire Board of trustees I wish all of you a very HAPPY HEALTHY AND A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. May all my daughters and their parents well wishers principals and teachers and our staff have a wonderful 2019 and many more years to come. I also send warm greetings to all our Partners without whom LPF would fnd it diffcult to move ahead and all those individuals who support us to make our girls realise their dreams. I am very pleased to inform you about the progress made since the last issue. We had our 23 rd year Scholarships Award function for Lila Fellows and Lila Girls. Due to sheer numbers we had to have two functions so as to give each girl a chance to feel proud to walk up to the stage to receive their scholarships while their citation was being read. Both the ’Scholarship Award Functions’ were graced with the inspiring presence of our partners Mr. Minoo Dastur President CEO Nihilent Ltd. and Mr. Vikrant Gandhe CS Head Corporate Sustainability TATA Technologies as the Chief Guests. It was very proud moment for the Foundation as along with the partners as stage was shared by our own Lila Fellows - Ms. Rashmi Dixit LF-1998 Technical Specialist Persistent Systems Ltd. and Ms.Vrushali Gaud Lila Fellow-2000 India Advisor International Integrated Reporting Council as Guests of Honor. I am indeed grateful to them for sparing their valuable time to be with us. Do read a more detailed note on this important event in this issue. LPF has now become a movement. What was planted as a seed of hope 23 years ago in 1996 by holding hands of 20 girls is now blossoming into a tree encompassing close to 8300 girls. I assure you we will continue to grow our family with the same Zeal in 2019 towards our mission ‘Leading Indian Ladies Ahead’. We have many partners who have the same vision as ours with whose continuous support and involvement we will move ahead with grit enthusiasm and commitment to our goals of empowering women through education enabling them to gain self- confdence self- respect and of course economic freedom. A Good development to share with you is that our trustee Ms. Roda Mehta has now an offce at LPF premises and is a regular visitor to the offce. She takes an active part in our training department. She has created a new way of planning the training workshops for graduate and Post Graduate girls who have joined LPF in academic year 18-19. Roda has taken a detailed study on how to expand the training programs without repetition under different names. She is also meeting our existing partners to discuss their involvement in our training program and also create a better communication channel with them. Besides Roda our other trustees too are highly committed to the Vision and mission of LPF. We welcomed 2019 with four enjoyable parties celebrating a new beginning for all our newly adopted daughters who have joined the family in the academic year 2018-19. These new girls were joined by some of the senior LF/LG for 1999 onwards. Their participation brought a new joy and happiness and a highly vibrant atmosphere. All in all we all had a lot of fun networking and enjoyed a sumptuous meal. Read more in the event covered by one of the girls in this issue. In the last issue we had included a special appeal to help those who were affected by the natural calamity in Kerala where massive foods had destroyed dams roads homes and crops. To our appeal we received positive response and many came forward form Lila Family and some friends for this cause. We sent a truck load of provisions and clothes novelty of this relief fund was that our LG/LF went to the most affected areas in Kerala and distributed what we had sent ensuring that there is no misuse of the goods sent and that these reached the affected people. We also handed over a cheque to a responsible organisation enabling purchase of medicines as after the foods the plague spread affecting the well being of the victims. See some pictures in snippets. Our 8 th batch of Peace Ambassadors returned from their 3 weeks training in UK in September 2018. These 24 girls had an experience of their lifetime both in terms of learning new ways of how to succeed in life and also understanding new cultures. They learned that one can succeed without having to sacrifce your values and contd. on page 2...

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2 beliefs nor having to hurt anyone for your personal progress. Interactive sessions enabled them to value others opinions and become good listeners to ensure that they get the best out of their life with a smile. Night walk in the forest trained them to trust them and to build self confdence become brave and strong and learn to shine like a star even in the darkness of the night. They understood that every person plays a different role in our life and every role has its own relevance and importance. The graduation day performance that they put together taught them to be bold and tenacious in their lives remembering and learning from the past but living in the present and making plans for the future. For the frst time a sports day was introduced when the girls played cricket. They understood that working in a team is of key importance but just working effectively in teams is not enough each team member has also to recognise individual responsibilities and execute those responsibilities effectively when playing in a team to win. You will read more about this in the words of one of the PA who was in this group. Finally some thoughts to share on what to expect of the new year. The New year is on each one of us flled with days with moments with opportunities. You must commit yourself right now to take these opportunities to live the upcoming days with positive purpose with enthusiastic energy with highest expectation from yourself. You have the skills you do not yet know you have and resources you do not even realize are available to you. The way to discover all the great things you can do is to honestly push yourself to act to constantly be reminded of your best possibilities. Imagine what will happen this coming year when you funnel all your energy feelings joys passions dreams into purposeful action. Imagine how great you will feel knowing you have made full and loving use of all the moments available to you. Imagine it and then make the choice to make it happen. This New Year awaits and you have already begun to live it with extraordinary purpose and you will achieve great things. Remember often enough where you intend to go and you absolutely will get there. After all you are a member of the Lila Family. GOOD LUCK. Keep your goals in your mind and always be positive and have patience. You will WIN. God Bless Mom to all LILAS Friend to all readers. From My Heart... Tejaswini Hiwale LG - 2007 Rs. 5000 In Appreciation Anjali Sarda LF-2005 and PA-2008 Rs. 11000 Pradnya Kashikar LF - 2001 Rs. 11000 Priyanka Khopkar Kale LF-2006 and PA-2008 Rs. 11000 Sneha Nikum LF-2005 and PA-2008 Amt. Rs. 50000 Gauri Gaikwad LG – 2012 Rs. 7000 Sneha Gupta LG -2012 Rs. 20000 contd. from page 1...

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3 Special Feature Surprise Happy Birthday Mom W hen someone near and dear to your heart turns another year older you want to do everything you can to make their day a joyous and memorable one. Whether you’re throwing a birthday party a cocktail party or planning a dinner at the Honoree’s favorite restaurant it’s a tradition to give the Guest of Honor a Happy Birthday card. And the smile that spreads on their face is the only return gift we need. And what a celebration it was Mom was truly surprised with the celebration that started at 9 in the morning and continued throughout the day. Mom’s cabin was beautifully decorated with a number of balloons ribbons and twinkling lights. The celebration began with Mom cutting the cake with Dad and the LPF Staff. All the Advisory board members Trustees Committee Members well-wishers school principals Nursing College Principal Relatives Friends and senior Lila Fellows Lila Girls and Peace Ambassadors visited the LPF Offce to wish Mom and showered her with their love and gifts. It was defnitely a wonderful and memorable birthday for Mom. contd.on page 4... For the rest of the world 16 th September is just another day. But for the Lila Poonawalla Foundation family it is the birthday of our beloved Mom. In 2018 Mom completed 74 years of an adventurous life and embarked on the journey of the 75 th year . Having celebrated Mom’s birthday every year in a traditional manner our sweet and loving Dad decided to throw a surprise birthday party for Mom. The celebration was planned on 19 th September 2018 because on 16 th September 2018 Mom was at London Asha Center and was coming back with the Peace Ambassador batch 2018. Dad invited everyone to come and celebrate Mom’s birthday at the LPF Offce. MOM DAD cutting the cake Birthday celebration by Lila Fellows and Lila Girls at LPF offce Birthday Decoration at LPF offce

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4 “God gave a gift to the world when you were born— a person who loves who cares who sees a person’s need and flls it who encourages and lifts people up who spends energy on others rather than herself someone who touches each life she enters and makes a difference in the world because ripples of kindness fow outward as each person you have touched touches others. Your birthday deserves to be a unique way because you are a special treasure for all that you’ve done. May the love you have shown to others return to you multiplied. I wish you the happiest of birthday and many many more. - Rita Shetiya LF- 2005 PA- 2011 Special Feature Surprise Happy Birthday Mom contd. from page 3... Made for each other - MOM DAD A frame of MOM’s photo- gift to MOM by LPF staff Mr. Ramesh Barli friend of LPF gives Rs. 1 Lakh donation to the foundation

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5 Special Feature New Year Party 2019 T he Lila Poonawalla foundation continues its gleaming journey with all stars doing well in their lives. The new beginning of the year starts with the grand parties for all the girls in the family. The party had vivid themes and all the girls from different felds enjoyed the gathering with beloved Mom and Dad. The parties were conducted on 3 rd 5 th 8 th and 9 th January 2019. Each day had a different theme and girls were dressed accordingly. The party was conducted for the new batch of Lila juniors Lila Girls Lila Fellows from PG Science Pharmacy engineering and Nursing sections. All the parties had a batch of new girls with Senior Lila fellows and Peace Ambassadors from the earlier batches of 1996 – 2010. The parties had different games like musical chair Bomb in the city followed by Ramp walk which was flled with lots of fun and enthusiasm. The games had exciting prizes which were given at the hands of Mom and Dad. Also there was dance with vibrant music in the air. When it comes to dancing no one can compete Mom - Dad and their energy is unparalleled. In each Lila Juniors enjoying dance in the New Year Party 2019 MOM enjoying dancing with Lila Girls Lila Fellows Lila Girls engrossed in playing the Bombing the City Game Prize distribution for game winners Mom and Dad with participants Lila Girls Lila Fellows enjoying the musical chair game Ramp Walk by Lila Girls party Senior Peace Ambassadors were also invited which added charm. The girls were dressed in their best outfts according to the theme. The party hall was beautifully decorated with balloons matching with the theme. The parties were followed by mouth relishing dinner and dessert. Everyone enjoyed the party with vibrant and latest music sparkling lights shimmering costumes and none the less beautiful smiles. Was a rocking start of the New Year. - Aayesha Shaikh LF - 2015 and PA - 2017

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6 S onali is an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams. She hails from a small town in Maharashtra where meeting the ends is a problem and people have very less exposure to technology. In spite of her humble background she always topped in all the exams at school and junior college. She was a merit holder in M.T.S. Maharashtra Talent Search and was awarded by the hands of Mr . Nilkanth Kalyani Founder and chairman of Kalyani group in N. S. Wadia College Pune. It was for the frst time that she got exposure to a city like Pune and then she decided to pursue her higher education in the same city. Due to her curiosity about Computers and Technology she chose Computer Engineering stream. Moving from a small town to Pune City was a challenge – fnancially socially and emotionally. But it is rightly said “Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.” In spite of all the hurdles Sonali excelled during her Bachelors and got placed in a Multi-national Company. However her thirst for higher education did not quench. She took an educational loan and started pursuing Masters of Engineering with Computer specialization from PICT. This is where Lila Poonawalla Foundation stood by her side. “LPF not only helped me with the scholarship but also to improve in many areas including arts social awareness self-defense resume writing personality development and many more. I participated in every workshop that LPF arranged for 2 years” says Sonali. Considering her excellent academic record and a keen interest in learning new things Lila Poonawalla foundation gave her a full scholarship for pursuing MBA from the University of Wales UK. Topping in 4 subjects across all the campuses including London added another feather to her cap. While doing ME and MBA she had to go overcome a major personal challenge. Her mother was diagnosed with a second stage of ovarian cancer. With no medical facilities in the small town she decided to bring her mom to Pune for Cancer treatment. “It was a tough phase for us – mentally emotionally fnancially and physically. We were living in Sanatorium near Pune station for months. We could not afford the rent for even 1BHK in Pune after the expenses of the Cancer treatment. My father was the only earning source at the town level and expenses were quite high at the city level. My family did not want me to leave education halfway. So I started contacting charity organizations NGOs asked Doctors for concessions and raised funds for my mother’s treatment. It was a tough time. I used to attend college meet doctors cook for us go door to door for charity and after mid-night used to work on my master’s dissertation in the hospital’s general ward. It was emotionally draining to see my mother going through the painful chemotherapies. She passed away in 2012 after 1.5 years of treatment.” However during this phase Sonali learnt that tough times never last but tough people do. She also learnt to give back to the society because during her tough times many friends family members organizations including LPF family came ahead for the support in every way possible. After this irrecoverable loss i.e. losing her mother she started working in the IT sector and repaying the educational loan. Initially she had to face major challenges in getting a fat even on rent due to fnancial problems. So later she decided to buy her own fat. It was considered to be very uncommon by the relatives and society nearby. For a young girl at the age of 25 to buy her own home was assumed to be path-breaking in her family. With the help of Lila Poonawalla Foundation and Asha center she got a golden opportunity to travel to the UK for the Peace Ambassador Program in 2012. She got to learn many new things and her horizons broadened due to the exposure to the new world. Until now she has worked in various Tech giants like KPIT IBM Siemens in banking retail and telecom domain for 6+ years. Due to her keen interest in the Blockchain area she is pursuing her Ph.D. research in the same from the Symbiosis International University. Recently she was invited as a speaker in the International conferences in Thailand and China. It was during her Mom’s cancer treatment during their stay in the hospital she could empathize with the pain of the patients around. Because of this strong impact she has participated in various Volunteering and CSR activities including but not limited to blood donation tree plantation school kit donation running marathons for a cause etc. In 2013 she took initiative and with the help of LPF organized an entertaining Cultural Program for Terminally-Ill Patients at the Cipla Foundation and Artifcial Limb center. The mere intention was to bring joy to their dreary lives. In 2016 she joined Jagriti Yatra as a mentor and realized about problems in our own country. She committed herself to solve the various issues in society with the help of technology. Her journey as social entrepreneur began since then. A startup - Perseverance Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. came into existence with the motive to solve societal problems with technology like increased accessibility for the blind/visually impaired people. For this she got a social start-up fellowship in 2017 sponsored by School for social entrepreneurs SSE India and Price Waterhouse Coopers PwC. Sonali also has a passion for bridging the gap between industry and academia. She has helped various colleges and universities in syllabus designing while working closely on their advisory committees. She also conducts workshops on advanced technologies like Blockchain Data science and makes college students aware of industry practices. Lila Mom is her inspiration mentor and support system throughout this journey. She is grateful to Lila Mom Dad and entire LPF family for having an immense impact on her life by giving wings to her dreams. She wants to become a torch bearer in the journey which Lila Mom has envisioned around 20 years ago. Leading Lady Sonali Patwe LF-2009 PA-2012

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7 M anuja Bandal LG - 2014 speaks about innovation exploring things within available resources and how LPF has played a vital role in shaping up her life. Manuja is currently working as GET with Vodafone and has applied for MS. She says “As I take a walk down the memory lane and witness how my life has transformed from childhood through adolescence to adulthood I can proudly say that LPF has been a key ingredient in my life. The woman that I have become and achieved these heights in today’s date would not have been possible without my lifeline – Mom dad and LPF family. This reliable lifeline has made me grow stronger and confdent than ever. LPF an excellent NGO has played a major role in building my personality and thus my life towards a greater good. Mere words would certainly do no justice to the magnifcent work that LPF does in empowering Indian women. LPF provides scholarship to deserving girls and since its inception it has empowered thousands of girls and laid a solid foundation for their careers. LPF provides platform to shape individuals personality and ensures a wholesome development through various programs. I cannot stress more on how important role these programs have played in my life”. While studying engineering she and her friends thought about introducing new technology at college for the technological advancement of the students. After brainstorming they came up with an idea of building Autonomous Underwater Vehicle AUV. It was very special and technically challenging as they were the frst ones to build this in Pune and third in Maharashtra. Scarcity of resources and relatively new technology made this even more challenging. “As we started building team few girls worked but eventually gave up because of the challenging tasks. Two years down the line with proper planning fund raising and many other diffculties we were able to build the AUV in our last year. However the sad part of this journey is that I was the only girl contributing towards the project. At this stage friends asked me about what drove me in continuing the hard work and competing with boys and I would proudly say it was possible only because of motivation from Mom and programs at LPF like self-awareness and women empowerment” says Manuja. She further adds “We were facing issues with fund raising in the last year of engineering. As head of team I was responsible to address the situation and come up with solution. At that time I remembered how we had built a sustainable bridge from paper in one of training program at LPF. This program gave me an idea to develop components in house and reusing resources at hand. After months of hard working we successfully built AUV. Considering the strict timeline to complete the project as a team head I had to take care of many things and workshops like time management stress management helped me a lot here. With successful completion at college we applied for international AUV competition at Singapore cleared frst round of the competition in India and then headed towards Singapore. I had to fy to Singapore with eight other male teammates. It was a diffcult situation but my mother supported me. At this stage for assistance there was confdence which I had got from the self-defense workshop. It had prepared me mentally how to face a situation even when you are not physically strong” At the competition Manuja and her team members made their way through various rounds. Meanwhile they also interacted with the organizers of the completion and teams from other countries. They also got a chance to give interviews during completion. She Admits that the Etiquettes and grooming session helped her. Manuja pours her heart out saying “Finally we came back to India with great experience. The project we started with few people a few years back now is a family of 46 people doing various technological advancements and conducting technical workshops. From a live example like me you can see how the support and trainings at LPF helped me directly or indirectly. We do not understand the importance of trainings while going through those but actually helps us subconsciously. Following Mom and Dad’s foot prints I and my college friends developed a foundation called Prayas which does various donations and other forms of social work. I would like to thank LPF for helping me achieve all this. I wish to make you proud at every step of my life. To my young sisters I would like to quote if you know ‘why’ the universe will take care of ‘how’. Explorer Manuja Bandal LG- 2014

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8 Health Capsule Genetic Counselling India still has a low breast cancer survival rate of 66. Breast cancer ranks as the number one cancer among Indian females with rate as high as 25.8 per 1 00000 women mortality of 12.7 per 1 00000 women according to health ministry. The breast is made up of different tissues ranging from very fatty to very dense tissue. Blood lymph vessels also run throughout the breast. The lymph vessels connect to lymph nodes that help to fght infection. SYMPTOMS - 1 Breast lump or thickening. 2 Change in size shape or appearance of a breast. 3 Changes to the skin over the breast such as dimpling. 4 Inverted nipple. 5 Peeling scaling crusting or faking of the pigmented area of skin. 6 Redness or pitting of the skin over your breast like skin of an orange. Researchers have identifed hormonal lifestyle environmental factors that may increase your risk of breast cancer. It’s likely that breast cancer is caused by a complex interaction of your genetic makeup your environment. RISK FACTORS - Some of the factors responsible for the development of Breast Cancer are- 1 Increasing age. 2 Family history of breast cancer. 3 Inherited genes. 4 Radiation exposure. 5 Obesity. 6 Early menarche menopause at an older age. 7 Having frst child at an older age. 8 Having never been pregnant. 9 Post-menopausal hormone therapy. 10 Consumption of alcohol. PREVENTION - 1 Ask your doctor about breast cancer screening. 2 Become familiar with your breast through self-exam for breast awareness. 3 Exercise most days of the week. 4 Limit post-menopausal hormone therapy. 5 Maintain a healthy weight. 6 Choose a healthy diet. DIAGNOSTIC STUDY - A screening test tries to fnd a disease before there are any symptoms. With breast cancer there›s a misconception that if you feel fne don›t have a lump have no family history of breast cancer you›re okay. The truth is that three-quarters of the women in whom we fnd breast cancer have no risk factors. So screening is important for everyone. Mammography is an X - ray of the breast. It›s a screening tool used to detect diagnose breast cancer. In this each breast fts onto a fat X - ray plate. A compressor will then push the breast down to fatten the tissue. We have to hold our breath for each picture. Points to be noted before/during mammography: 1 One can’t wear deodorants body powders or perfumes. 2 One should not apply any ointment or creams on your breasts or underarms. Mammogram can help fnd calcifcation or calcium deposits in your breast. These calcifcations aren’t sign of cancer. The test can also fnd cyst - fuid flled sac that may come go normally during some Women’s menstrual cycles any cancerous or non-cancerous lumps. For the creation of awareness regarding breast cancer breast self-examination is most convenient aspect as pre-cure treatment and prevention is always better than cure. - Lina Ramesh Zanzane LG - 2015 Ms. Lina Ramesh Zanzane LG - 2015 studying in Fourth Year BSc. Nursing shares information regarding breast cancer and throws some light on how important it is to have awareness about the same.

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9 Pune Placements Name Scholarship Year Placement Rutuja Kale LG-2016 Citicorp with package of 13 LPA as a Software Engineer Purva Ekatpure LG -2015 Siemens Software with a package of 9 LPA Shabnam Shaikh LG-2015 and PA-2018 Cisco with 13.5 LPA Snehal Gugale LG-2015 Barclays with package of 4.4 LPA Priyanka Bhamare LG-2015 and PA 2018 HSBC as a Software Developer with a package of 7 LPA Neha Chede LG-2015 and PA-2018 Mu Sigma as a Decision Scientist with a package 7 LPA Bengaluru Arti Harde LG-2015 Walmart Bengaluru as a Software Developer with package 18.75 LPA Kajal Mapre LG-2016 Placed in persistent systems with a package of 4.4 LPA Pratiksha Gadia LG-2015 Target INC as Business Intelligence Engineer with a package of 11.2 LPA Girija Patil LG-2015 UBS Business Solutions Ltd. with a package 8 LPA Aleena Alex LG-2014 and PA-2016 Breach Candy hospital Mumbai as a staff Nurse with 2.16 LPA Mahima Sabale LG-2014 and PA-2016 Breach Candy hospital Mumbai as a staff Nurse with 2.16 LPA Ayesha Mujawar LF-2016 and PA -2018 Sciformix as a Trainee Safety Data Analyst with a package of 2.8 LPA Rosamma Thomas LG-2014 and PA-2016 Breach Candy hospital Mumbai as a staff Nurse with 2.16 LPA Mohini Gaikwad LG-2015 Accenture as an Associate Software Engineer with a package of 3.75 LPA Nandini Chaudhari LG - 2015 Accenture as a Trainee Software Engineer with a package of 4 LPA Namrata Pawar LG - 2015 Amdocs with 4.5 LPA Mansi Hiremath LG-2015 Zensar Technologies with a package of 3 LPA Vaishnavi Kholamkar LG-2016 Infosys with package of 4.0 LPA Puja Kolhe LG 2016 Got placed in Infosys limited with package 3.85 LPA Mayuri Ramteke LG 2014 Dinanath Mangeshkar Hospital Pune with package 1.6 LPA Wardha Placements Name Scholarship Year Placement Sakshi Sarode LG 2014 JOB PICKER Nagpur with 84000 LPA Arati Nagose LG 2015 Dhoot Transmission Aurangabad with 120000 LPA Neha Khedkar LG 2014 Ruby Hall Clinic with a package of 1.9 LPA Placements

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10 Placements Amravati Placements Name Scholarship Year Placement Komal Borkar 2014 TCS TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES PVT LTD Pune as Assistant system Engineer -Trainee with package 3.36 LPA Kiran Thawrani 2014 KPIT Technologies Pune as Product Engineer Services with a package of 3.25 LPA Rutuja Modi 2014 KPIT Technologies Pune as Product Engineer Services with a package of 3.25 LPA Rasika Muley 2014 TCS TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES PVT LTD Pune as Assistant System Engineer -Trainee with a package of 3.36 LPA Rujuta Band 2014 TCS TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES PVT LTD Pune as Assistant System Engineer -Trainee with a package of 3.36 LPA Krutika Ghayare LG 2014 Epic Research Indore Madhya Pradesh as Associated Financial Consultant with a package of 2.61 LPA Rutuja Ramekar LG 2014 Bynry Technologies Pune as associate IOT with a package of 1.44 LPA Mohini Fuse LG 2014 Way2Capital Indore Madhya Pradesh as Business Analyst with a package of 3.5 LPA Aishwarya Deshmukh LG 2014 Got placement in Fendahl CPRM Nagpur as an Assistant system Engineer with a package of 1.5 LPA Prerna Mulatkar LG 2014 Epic Research Indore Madhya Pradesh as Business Analyst with a package of 2.61 LPA Iswari Arun Kadam LG 2015 Tristha Global Mumbai as an Assistant system Engineer -Trainee with a package of 2.3 LPA Dipali Chapade LG 2015 Reliance Retail Mumbai as an Assistant system Engineer -Trainee with a package of 4.0 LPA Kalyani Rase LG 2015 TCS Companies as an Assistant system Engineer -Trainee with a package of 3.36 LPA Anuja Tayade LG 2015 Ways 2 capital Indore as Business Analyst with a package of 3.5 LPA Dipti Tade LG 2015 Ways 2 capital Indore as Business Analyst with a package of 3.5 LPA Pratiksha Raurase LG 2015 TCS as an Assistant System Engineer -Trainee with package 3.36 LPA Shivani Fulbande LG 2015 NEML Nagpur as a Technology Trainee with a package of 3.8 LPA Priyanka Gurjar LG 2015 Technozest Technology Pvt. Ltd. as Assistant System Engineer -Trainee with a of package 1.8 LPA Mayuri Bhoyar LG 2015 Epic Research Indore as a Business Analyst with a package of 2.61 LPA Rishi khan LG 2015 Technozest Technology Pvt. Ltd. with a package of 1.8 LPA Ashwini Raut LG2015 Ways 2 capital Indore as a Business Analyst with a package of 3.4 LPA Aboli Nirmal LG 2015 Haldex Nashik as an Assistant system Engineer with a package 1.20 LPA Mayuri Aswar LG 2015 Sterlite Aurangabad with a package of 1.56 LPA pooja Indane LG 2015 Haldex Nashik with a package of 1.20 LPA Sakshi pande LG 2015 Haldex Nashik with a package 1.20 LPA Hemlata Kale LG - 2014 Tinis technology Pvt. Ltd. Chandigadh as an Assistant Trainee-Engineer with a package of 3.5 LPA Achal Wankhade LG -2015 Manish Engineer Aurangabad with a package of 1.2 LPA Amruta Pasarkar LG -2015 Todit Technology Pune as an Associate Project Engineer with a package 3 LPA Ankita Satav LG -2015 Arete Technology Nashik as a Software Developer with package of 2.5 LPA Artist in Me

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11 Merin Jacob LG- 2017 Artist in Me Ayesha Mujawar LF- 2016 and PA- 2018 ‘oar ߶mar ‘m± ‘m± Amn go h Vmo OrdZ H Ymam hr h¡... ‘wHå‘b hþB© h¡ qOXJr ‘oar ... ¶mXmo Hmo nramo Ho aIm h¡ §YmZmo Ho YmJmo ‘o ... gm§P gdao XoIm h¡ ... AmnHmo gnZo h‘mao gOm¶o... Z‘r gr h¡ Am§Imo ‘o na AmemE| CVZrhr D±Mr h¡ ... AnZo ƒmo H CSmZ h AmnHo Amg‘mZmo ‘o Nm¶r h¡... aíVm ߶ma H HhmUr go OwSm h¡... AmnHm gm¶m ‘oao gmW gmW Mbm h¡ ... Garima Singh LF- 2017 Shahin Pathan LF – 2017 Tejal Bhansali LG - 2016

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12 Artist in Me Mayuri Damodhar LG – 2016 Rutuja Kale LG – 2016 Sakshi Shelar LG – 2017 Supriya Sathe LG – 2015 “Father” Person makes up himself for the day In dream of earning as if he is prisoned to pay. He obeys his life in loving cheering To build up his confdence in caring sharing Neglecting his passion in world of relation Cuz life comes once where 24 hrs runs. The young days of college childhood at school Seems to be beautiful While experiencing them in hood. Cheer of face never last like a grace Cuz life gets flled with happiness stress. When life gets old time gets bored Feeling of unconsciousness knocks roars That life is incredible live it some more Cuz life comes once where 24 hrs runs. He never bother when he is blamed But feeling of restlessness always aroused When his family is claimed. Thanks for the struggle in life of game Being my respect name fame... - Snehal Gunaware LG 2016

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13 L anguages are in demand these days. Especially languages like German Japanese etc. Keeping in mind the need of the hour one such workshop was arranged for our Lila Girls 2016 direct 2 nd year engineering currently in last year. Introduction to Japanese language was conducted by Siddhika Hundare Pratiksha Kadam LG-2014 at LPF Offce. The session started with Ohayou Gozaimasu which means Good Morning continued with alphabets numbers and so on. Since it was only an introduction session the basic language concept was taught during the whole session. Siddhika Introduction to Japanese Language Scale up Workshop Pratiksha made the girls to read write and speak also to give an introduction of them in Japanese language. A bit of grammar how to greet people the actions used while greeting were few of the things that were taught during the session. Videos were also shown during the session which included the traditions of Japan difference between the India Japanese traditions etc. Scope of Japanese language in the corporate world they also named few companies which work on Japanese Technologies its interrelation etc. Thus the session concluded by saying Sayōnara Goodbye. Development Programs Scale up the session was conducted by Nilima Gogate for last year engineering girls batch 2016 Direct 2 nd Year Engineering. The session started with self- introduction. It was followed by gift wrapping activity. Stress management and its techniques Self Awareness Self- esteem mistake while speaking in English pronunciation of words telephonic etiquettes importance of attitude were the things learnt during the workshop. Group activities performed during this program were also interesting which helped them to know good and bad things about themselves. How to analyze oneself right attitude for day to day life what others think of our personality importance of standing out of the crowd methods of how to improve communication skills SWOT ANALYSIS how to overcome stage fear were the things learnt during the session. Success Keys for Cracking Interview This program was conducted for third year engineering girls it was conducted by Barclays Team. The contents that were covered in the session were career orientation English Communication skills Resume Writing and interviewing skills in association with Barclays Technology Centre. The advantage of this program is that Lila Girls got to an opportunity to visit the company and experience it’s atmosphere by visiting Barclay’s premises. They also interacted with executives of various departments. Session was interactive and trainer Mr. Suhas Kirloskar Barclays Team shared their experience about how to face an interview confdently. Keys to prepare for technical interview tackle pressure situation during an interview technique to stay focused and composed were a few of skills taught. Introduction to Japanese Language Scale Up – workshop Success keys for cracking interview

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14 Due to the Demonetization Financial Literacy in particular became the need of the hour. LPF planned a session to help train our second and third year Engineering Lila Girls 2016/2017 on one basic medium of cashless transactions. The session Digital Literacy was conducted by Mrs. Sharmila Oswal LF 1997 at LPF Offce Baner. She received Top 50 Global Green Leaders Award at World CSR Congress Mumbai. Digital Literacy Development Programs Digital Literacy Girls were inspired by her as she is a Lila Fellow herself. The program was good informative and interesting. Lila Girls got lots of knowledge about digitalization of our nation. Also girls learnt many new digital app which was they did not know. Lila Girls learnt about various app techniques that were useful for them to improve their knowledge about Digitalization. They got to know so many digital app like Safety Pin Bhim App PhonePe. Now they are able to use these apps. Face to Face L PF congratulates Mr. Pradeep Bhargava on his new achievement. He is currently appointed as President at MCCIA Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture which is a Chamber of Entrepreneurs and by the Entrepreneurs. He has also worked for other Industry Organizations in his journey. He is a trustee with LPF and continues to play an important role in various Activities for the Foundation. He takes pride in being Associated with LPF since past 4 years and is greatly impressed by the Foundation’s “Diversity in Focus”. He says “The frst impressive quality about LPF is its Focus. LPF is about women and about their education. There are many other girls from other regions such as Imphal Guwahati who may need help. Girls may also need help in other areas. But LPF is focused in terms of: What you are going to do With whom you are going to do and Where you are going to do. Having said that the second important quality is the importance given for Overall Development or Bahumukhi Vikas. It is not just about giving a cheque so that the child can pay the tuition fees. The Foundation takes care of the wholesome development of the girls. These include - personality development grooming etiquettes confict management etc. If a person is a Gold medalist from a very renowned University and is not able to manage even the family well then there is no point in all this. You should be able to take the transformation around you may it be your family environment work environment or social environment. LPF plays an important role in nurturing these values as well.” Mr. Bhargava has a lot of admiration and respect for Lila Mom after seeing her commitment and Passion and Firoz Dad for being that sturdy quality living being. He is the strongest pillar of LPF. The evidence is the bond that remains between the Lila Fellows and the Foundation much after they have left. They relate with Mom and Dad as though they are their real Mom and Dad. This attitude is commendable. He has given a very valuable message to the girls. “Don’t do something just because someone else is doing the same. Always follow your passion and instinct. Remember you have overcome a major challenge in your life with the help and support of the Foundation. You have not let the circumstances and other problems come in the way of what you wanted to do. LPF has helped you to not only get a degree but also the competence. Now you should get the confdence that you can do anything. In the race of life you have crossed the frst hurdle but there might be many more keep going with the same spirit”. - Pranali Tirkhunde LG- 2013

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15 Special Feature LPF Stands Strongly With Kerala A s the state of Kerala was struck by the natural calamity various rescue operations were carried out. Now as the post-disaster period is running boosting the localities for a normal life is a foreseen task. Thereby Lila Poonawalla Foundation decided to stand beside them. Accordingly Mom Dad LPF staff Lila Juniors Lila Seniors Lila Girls and Lila Fellows and all the well-wishers of the foundation came together and joined their hands for this noble work. This work was carried out in a special manner by raising the funds to collect essential commodities like Rice Dal Biscuits ORS Sanitary napkins and other daily necessities like napkins towels soaps plates and bowls mosquito repellent coils etc. for Keralites. Total of 2.5 tonnes of food grains and clothes were donated. Individual kits of the above-mentioned items were personally handover to the affected families. Also LPF collected donations in the form of money. A cheque of Rs. 75000 was given to Sargakshetra Charitable Trust Kerala for buying essential things. This righteous work was carried out at three different places namely Kallissery Pulinkunnu and Kannadi located at the Allapuzha District near Chenganaracherry Kerala. Total of 200 kits were distributed in association with Sargakeshetra Charitable Trust Chenganaracherry Kerala. 2 of the Lila Girls Kashmira Deval LG-2012 LF-2015 and PA-2017 and Merin Samuel LF-2017 volunteered the total management in Kerala. They actually stayed Truck departure to Sargakshetra Kerala Financial support - Kerala Flood Relief Lila Fellows handing over a Cheque of Rs.75000 to Sargakshetra Head Distributing the Relief Kits to food victims Lila Fellows with Sargakshetra authorities and food victims contd.. on page 17

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16 Feedback Self - Awareness Program A workshop on Self Awareness A workshop on Health Awareness A Workshop on Self Defense I am Utkarsha Bhandwalkar and I am currently pursuing Computer engineering. The foundation had organized Self Awareness Program for us at Tehmi Grant Institute of Nursing Education. The trainer for this program was Mr. Rohan Sachdeo and Monika Didi had accompanied us. A number of important topics were covered in this program like Vision Identity Values Belief Behavior Environment and some activities like Johari Window were carried out. Rohan Sir taught us to ‘Always Think Positive’ and made us believe in the phrase “Yes I Can.....” This session was really useful. Thank you so much Mom Dad for arranging these programs for us. Thank you. - Utkarsha Bhandwalkar LG - 2014 The program consisted of three sessions. The frst session was carried out by Archana Sasane who works at Family Planning Association of India. She taught us about the Gender equality and helped us understand how we can help try to be equal. This was followed by a session by Dr. Aruna Oza who is consulting gynecologist and obstetrician. She enlightened us about the Reproductive system and puberty change. The third session was conducted by Dr. Sagar Pathak a marital and sexual counselor. He helped us get awareness about the difference between love attraction and friendship. The session was not only educative but also very enjoyable. - Manasi Undre LG - 2017 I am sending this feedback about the Self Defense workshop which was conducted by Mr. Ulhas Wagh and Ms. Kanija Khan on 14 October 2018 in Sipna COET Amravati. Health awareness Program Self Defense This workshop was all about self-defense techniques. The session started with all of us doing jumps movements of head elbows and hands as warm up exercises. We learnt a number of different punches blocking techniques and elbow techniques which can be used when under attack. We also learnt 7 techniques for roadside fghting. While practicing these techniques we also shouted some A Workshop on Time Management A program on Time Management was organized on 30 September 2018 at Sipna COET Amravati. It was conducted by Mr. Anup Choudhary. It was an amazing program where we learnt different techniques to manage our time. One such technique was the 80-20 rule. This rule suggests that 20 of your activities will account for 80 of your results. Time Management I am honored to be a part of such foundation that not only provides us fnancial help but also helps us in grooming ourselves. I wish to attend many such programs. - Samruddhi Joshi LG 2017

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17 Feedback A workshop on improving communication skills Industrial Visit at Volkswagen I am thankful to you for giving me such great opportunity to visit Volkswagen Company. It was great and amazing experience for us. Firstly I would like to thank you for arranging a bus facility. The security process at the company was really good. After introducing us to the company they provided us with breakfast which was a pleasant surprise for us. They then divided us into two groups for so that every student can understand the working of the company. I learnt and saw a lot of new things related to cars and manufacturing which I had seen before only on Workshop was conducted by Ms. Tanuja Thombre. It was a wonderful and an all new experience. We learned different types of communications how important body language is and how much listening skills matter. We had a lot of fun throughout the session as we interacted and did a lot of activities with Tanuja ma’am. Industrial visit to Volkswagen Discovery Channel. A great combination of materials LASER operations and automation was displayed at Volkswagen. It was a memorable day for me. I learnt things like systematic and perfect management and our guide Mr. Akshay who had a jovial personality gave us complete information about their company. Thank u so much Mom and Dad. You are doing so much for me and I promise one day I will make you proud. - Kshitija Patil LG 2016 Communication Skills The venue was also really nice it was easy to reach and the hotel staff was very friendly and welcoming. The food there was also very nice. I feel so lucky and blessed to be able to attend this program. Thank you so much Mom and Dad for providing us with such opportunities. - Fatema Sanchawala LF - 2017 Japanese words to help us become more energized. The workshop was full energy and we learnt self- defense with fun Thank you so much Mom for arranging such a helpful program for us - Himani Mishra LG - 2017 Amravati there for 5 days to carry out the work in person. This work was successfully carried out frstly by the departure of a truck containing the goods and then departure of girls for Kerala. This entire work was scheduled from 5 th of October 2018 to 12 th of October 2018. Merin says “Life is back on track but the people still need basic necessities with funds for rebuilding their houses.” The 5-day observation suggests “Fetching commodities and standing for livelihoods both go hand in hand for a better life thus to mend the available resources are a current task for localities here” adds Kashmira Deval. The true feeling of humanity and service to our nationals was thus achieved not in a sympathetic way but in an empathetic one. The learnings LPF were carried ahead to the southern part of our country and reached them for such a cause. This activity was a great success and yes the continuous inputs from MOM DAD and all other well-wishers made it come true. Special Feature LPF Stands Strongly With Kerala contd.. from page 15

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18 Feedback After reading Mom’s message a different energy has evolved in me. An energy to make a difference an energy to be who I am an energy to spread happiness around. This INSPIRA volume is truly a constant motivation because success stories from all the sisters really create a great infuence. Mom and Dad are the real superheroes and I really feel blessed to be a part of such a great family. Thanking you Saloni Sathe LG - 2015 In this inspira my Mehendi design also got selected in ‘Artist in Me’ corner I am thankful for selecting my Mehendi design for Inspira. I love this volume because it gives all the current information about our foundation’s functions and programs. Love you Mom and Dad Thank you Humera Tamboli LG - 2015 Ms. Roda Mehta Trustee LPF Dear Lila Very good Inspira this time Read it right through. Do you think that in line with your piece and that of the Country Manager of Tieto’s we should have “digitization AI and block theory”as a training session for all Love Roda Another fabulous edition of Inspira. I enjoyed reading the article by Jyoti Dalvi - Malhotra and the success she has achieved. Defnitely an inspiration for our younger sisters. I Was amazed to see achievements of Tanushree Bengale in the feld of boxing and the other Shining stars. my best wishes to them. The sections ‘Artist in me’ brings out other facets of our sisters. Finally thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘From my heart’ by Lila Mom. Best Regards and love Chandrika Shrinivasan LF - 1996 Hope you and Dad are doing well. I am very happy to read my success story published in Inspira. It was indeed a sweet gesture from LPF. LPF has been one of the major stepping stones in my career and I’ll always be thankful for this. I wish LPF grows bigger and bigger and empower the girls to become role models. With love Shruti Kadam LF - 2011 Mrs. Vasantha Ramaswamy Advisory Board Member LPF Thanks a lot for sharing. Congratulations. It is a great achievement to create so many young women empowered with quality education and enthusiasm. All the very best for all time. It’s just awesome. In inspira there are lots of memories talent and creativity of the LPF family are stored. Thanks to share this lovely moments with us. Pooja Devkar LG 2016 Feedback for Inspira Vol 52 Its always a pleasure to read Inspira. Reading Mom’s message motivates a lot. Due to duty schedule I’m not able to visit Mom and Dad frequently like I want to but Inspira takes me a short walk down the memory lane.... Always Inspiring me. Thank you so much Mom Dad and Inspira team With regards Merin Philip LG 2012 Thank you Always fnd it very inspiring. Love to see the foundation growing and reaching out to so many girls and transforming lives. Samina Deokar LF 1998 PA 2008

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19 Dear Mom Wish you a very happy birthday. May God fulfll all your wishes and your all dreams will come true. Mom you are among those personalities who just live their life for their child so that the child becomes an independent and successful person in their feld .we all are living our life without any diffculty is only because of you. Mom you are the lamp of spirit motivation to all your daughters and young generation. We all want to be successful like you. Thank you so much Mom for everything. We all love u so much. Your Loving Daughter Komal Gotmare LG 2016 Amravati Sentiments Dear Mom It was just another day after engineer’s day but who knew that this day would mark the birthday of another Great Engineer an amazing human and role model of thousands and thousands of girls. Wishing you a very Happy Healthy and prosperous birthday to you. May you live long and receive every happiness you wish for. And may you keep inspiring us to be a better engineer a better woman and moreover a better human. Lots and lots of love. Yours lovingly Aafrin Ali LG-2015 Amravati Dear Mom Mothers are angels true presents from God they who protect and guide their children. That is why you deserve the most cordial wishes and greetings the most heartwarming messages and the most tender hugs. Once again I fnd myself with no words to express how much you mean to me on this special day. You have the biggest heart in this world you have the most beautiful smile and the most twinkling eyes in the world. May your day be exactly the way you want it to be may you celebrate it with happiness and inner peace. May your birthday be a time for others to sing your praise and a time for them to show love to you in so many ways. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM. BEST WISHES FROM YOUR DAUGHTER Anjali Mandal LG 2014 Wardha Pratiksha Bhagat LG-2015 contd. on page 20...

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20 Man ki Baat W ell qualifed yet grounded beautiful yet simple concise communication and a pleasant aura such is the personality of Dr. Radha Bhat. She is a well-wisher and a generous donor who is attached with the LPF since 2010. A doctor by profession Dr. Radha specializes in the feld of embryology. I Rashmi Tare – LF 2012 PA 2016 got an opportunity to interact with her and got to know her views. Dr. Radha got introduced to the LPF through a friend who was a then trustee. She says “Lila Ma’am and Firoz Sir are full of life this adds to the spirit of the foundation. She is stern to the girls for obvious reasons but to me she is really very friendly I fnd her to be grounded although she is a great personality herself and has achieved so much”. As she felt the need to donate Dr. Radha started researching foundations NGOs/ trusts hospitals etc. While she was narrowing down the options to choose the best one she came across LPF. “I met people who had reservations and were skeptical about receiving donations. Some wanted only money some wanted donations ‘in Kind’ and moreover I was not getting to see the outcome of the help that I was going to provide. It is not about distrusting someone but about the satisfaction you get when you see that the help you provide is helping make a change or a difference to lives”. “That’s when my friend introduced me to Lila Ma’am. I was happy about the fact that the result was so tangible. I interview girls every year and could see them excel every year. LPF has always been transparent and I appreciate the way it runs.” Dr. Radha says that the foundation is really doing very well and is in a situation where it can expand. She also wishes that boys too become a part of foundation. “I wish the foundation continues to operate for years and years and becomes an independent entity. The show must go on”. While she appreciates that the interview forms are now online she feels that the purpose of the same should not be diluted because of the process. Students should be able to fll in the forms themselves which the Lila Girls may fnd diffcult sometimes due to lack of knowledge and intermittent access to internet facility. Her appeal to the girls is to explore new career opportunities. Degrees are important but not the only means to earn money. Once can think of fashion designing beauty industry and various other felds as career options. “Choose your degree wisely so that it gives you good returns do not blindly pursue something without researching about it academics is important but so is the business acumen.” Dr. Radha urges all the girls to stay in touch with Mom – Dad and the foundation. - Rashmi Tare LF 2012 and PA 2016 MAY THE DAWN OF THIS NEW YEAR BRING PROMISES OF NEW JOYS FOR YOU …. MAY YOUR EACH DAY BE BLESSED…… WITH PEACE PROSPERITY AND HAPPINESS TOO HAPPY NEW YEAR MY DEAR MOM AND DAD CHANCHAL SWAMI LILA GIRL 2017 AMRAVATI Sentiments contd. from page 19... contd. on page 22....

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21 Special Feature UG PG Scholarship Award Function Eco-Friendly Inauguration by MOM DAD Chief Guest : Mr. Minoo Dastur President and CEO Nihilent Limited Guest of Honour: Ms. Rashmi Dixit LF- 1998 and Technical Specialist Persistent Systems Ltd Ms. Roda MehtaTrustee LPF Ms. Shraddhanjali TendulkarLF-2011 Committee Member LPF Ms. Rashmi JoshiLF-2001 Committee Member LPF Chief Guest: Mr. Vikrant Gandhe CS Head Corporate Sustainability TATA Technologies Guest of Honour: Ms. Vrushali Gaud Lila Fellow – 2000 and India Advisor International Integrated Reporting Council Special Guest: Mr. Erwin Steinhauser MD Sandvik Asia Pvt. Ltd MOM DAD and other distinguished guest giving away the certifcates New Lila Fellows and Girls set to join the LPF Family I t was a joyous day on 1 st December 2018 when 600 girls pursuing Under Graduation and Post-Graduation were welcomed into the Lila Poonawalla Foundation LPF family at the 23 rd UG-PG Scholarship Award Function. The Funston was held at S. G. Barve Hall Alpa Bachat Bhavan Pune. The function being too huge to handle at one go was split into two functions. One was organized in the morning and the other one in the afternoon followed by lunch and dinner respectively. the Chief Guests. She also asked them to study well participate in all the programs develop themselves and bloom into educated successful confdent young ladies. She expressed her wishes on seeing the new daughters taking the lead in the development of the country. Mom requested the parents to allow their girls to dream and to give them permission to chase this dream as it will be these girls who will love them and care for them forever. Chief Guest Mr. Minoo Dastur and Mr. Vikrant Gandhe were unifed in their message to the young girls and their parents and highlighted the importance of education. They expressed their immense pleasure of being a part of such a great and wonderful organization. LPF welcomes New Lila Fellows Lila Girls in the Family With a vision of empowering women LPF started its journey by providing fnancial assistance to a handful of girls in 1996. Today more than 9000 girls are a part of this one big family. Morning function was honored by MR. MINOO DASTUR President and CEO Nihilent Ltd as a Chief Guest and LILA FELLOW MS. RASHMI DAVE recipient LPF PG scholarship in -1998 Technical Specialist Persistent Systems Ltd as a Guest of Honor. In the afternoon function MR. VIKRANT GANDHE CS Head Corporate Sustainability TATA T echnologies joined as the Chief Guest and LILA FELLOW MS. VRUSHALI GAUD recipient LPF PG scholarship in - 2000 India Advisor International Integrated Reporting Council as a Guest of Honor. MR. ERWIN STEINHAUSER MD Sandvik Asia Pvt. Ltd graced the occasion as the Special Guest. During the opening moments of the Award function Mom welcomed the new Lila Girls and Lila Fellows in the ever- growing family of LPF. Mom appealed the now LG’s and LF’s to take inspiration from their elder Lila Sisters and

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22 Special Feature UG PG Scholarship Award Function Parents and new awardees waiting eagerly for the Award Function to begin network work smart be organized and be reliable. They thanked the parents for supporting their daughters and requested them to continue to extend their support to the girls. Adding to this our Special Guest Mr. Erwin Steinhauser shared his message with the girls and their parents. “Today you celebrate. Tonight you dream. Tomorrow you look out of the window. On Monday you open the door. I’m obviously not from here. But it is great to be in India. I’ve seen a lot of good things in India and one of them is your foundation. I’m deeply impressed by your foundation and I can say that Europe can learn from you.” During both the functions past and new Lila Girls expressed their gratitude towards Mom and Dad for giving them opportunities necessary and timely help. The function concluded with the Vote of Thanks and National Anthem. Tazeen Shaikh LG - 2017 As Lila Fellows both Ms. Rashmi Dave and Ms. Vrushali Gaud shared their experience as a part of the LPF family. They advised the girls to set a goal develop their Sentiments Dear Mom There is no way to repay the help that you have provided to us. On this special day I want to thank you and wish you. No one can ever take your place in my heart. Mom you are an amazing person who has inspired me. You fll my soul with happiness and help me achieve things that I never dreamed. Mom without you I can do nothing and when you are by my side I feel that I can do anything you are my inspiration I LOVE YOU MOM. HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again to my wonderful mother . Mom I just want to wish you a happy birthday I hope you enjoy your day even though you have to work but you are surrounded by good people so I know your day will be good. Thanks for always being there for me through good and bad have a wonderful day because today is your day. Your Daughter Shretali Sawarkar LG 2016 Wardha Dear Mom Happy Birthday to the woman who helped chase my dreams. You deserve so much on your special day. You are the type of woman that people love and admire. You are strong beautiful courageous and wise. You can count me among your many admirers Mom. You have such a free and cheerful spirit. I hope that never changes because it’s just one of the many things I admire about you. May your birthday be as full of cheer as you are. When I needed the strength you gave me hope when I needed help you gave me support and when I needed even more you gave me endlessly unconditional love. You fll my days with joy and laughter. Knowing that you are in my life brings me nothing but happiness and confdence. I hope you know that I love you so much and I wish you the very best on your special day. Happppppiest birthday........ Manasi Undre LG 2017 contd. from page 20...

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23 Special Feature Peace Ambassadors 2018 A nd that is when we all 24 realized that our dream of traveling to United Kingdom Asha Centre and to learn enormous new things have come true. The day of interview tension anxiety and still being confdent was a mixed game of emotions Until one day we 24 sisters got a mail of selection for the Peace Ambassador program and yes everyone must have shouted their hearts out: WE DID IT completely different experience for all of us to see growing trees in vertical fashion. During our training program at ASHA Centre we were also taken to place where every student’s wishes to go is to the Oxford City. We were considered as luckiest batch that not only had chance of visiting one of college “Somerville College” from inside but also had an interaction with its Principal. “SOME moments you experience while travelling end up completely blowing you away in ways you’d never have expected. They stay with you forever and months years later you still smile at the fond memories.” Crompton Guest House Stay at London Peace Ambassadors landed at Terminal 4 Heathrow Airport 24 th August 2018 our Life’s biggest day was in front of us. First travel through fight frst time going abroad that too in the United Kingdom it was nothing but just a fairytale of ours. We were astounded by the seeing the world’s second largest and busiest airport: Heathrow Airport in London UK. Ride in London: Travelling is something which leaves marks of memories in your mind and let you live with it forever and ever. This ideology perfectly defnes our beloved MOM and DAD who literally showed us different places in London by holding our little hands in their caring and warm hands. In this wholesome leadership training program we had great opportunity to visit renounced places in central London such a Magical London Eye Historical Big Ben Spectacular Tower of Bridge Huge Tower of London and Royal Buckingham Palace. We also had chance of visiting historical British Museum Parliament of London Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar square. Mom and DAD also took all of us at Sky Garden which was Royal Crescent- City of Bath

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24 Special Feature Peace Ambassadors 2018 Adding to this we also visited Bath city which is mainly known for its creative Architecture such Gray crescent Bath Abbeys Pulteney Bridge. Heading towards Asha Centre: The pure form of nature and positivity of people kept the vibes in atmosphere so welcoming that everyone was amazed to see the Asha Centre. The three pillars of Asha Centre i.e. intercultural life Sustainable living and Arts just felt strong and captivating. The rose garden willow tree labyrinth apple trees fresh raspberries hobbit house eco lodge training center was nothing but bliss in its own serenity A Place of Positivity and Happiness: Grange Village: Harvesting Potatoes Indian Tea Party Pottery - Grange Village Grange village which is a symbol of equality positivity acceptability and happiness. The people in Grange were special people but their enthusiasm and excitement to learn new things and to live their lives full fedged gives us motivation and inspiration. Pottery gardening cooking wood workshop bakery and basketry provide day opportunities for them. Self-refection who am I Empathy: As we are in 21 st century and everyone is running over something we really don’t have time to think about how we feel inside or what we really want from life. But we had sessions of self-refection like ‘who am I’ where we got pretty clear about ourselves Biodynamic Gardening: Biodynamic gardening is a rewarding time which enriches garden and gardener alike. Our trainer taught us what is the signifcance of this kind of gardening and the vitality of the fruits and vegetables. We also harvested potatoes from the garden as well. Visit to Wales: Our batch of Peace Ambassador 2018 was fortunate enough to get the chance to visit Wales and mesmerizing Ogmore Beach We also visited the medieval Raglan castle. The day ended with eating traditional fsh and chips and we were thrilled by seeing the Atlantic Ocean Indian Taste of Tea Party: Indian tea party was beautiful program arranged by peace ambassadors and purpose was to showcase Indian culture through art attire and cuisines. It was a perfect example of what ASHA Center believes in that is intercultural exchange. This party was attended by all the volunteers of ASHA Centre and people

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25 from Grange village and it was so joyful to see them enjoying everything in the party from Indian food to Indian dances from Indian attire to Indian art. They have tremendous respect for our culture. Cricket Commentary Begins: It was dream come true when we played cricket on the English ground for the frst time. Yes we batch of Peace Ambassadors 2018 was the frst batch of peace ambassadors to play cricket at Parkend feld as well as the batch who got featured in the UK newspaper. Gareth Dawsen and his team from Gloucester cricket board gave us the lessons of cricket. Mr.Shirish Saraf a Ranji cricket player himself and the director of Samena Capital gave us couching on bowling. Batting bowling Fielding warm up match and fnals all happened in a jiffy and made our day memorable. After playing this game on feld we fgured out how this game can teach us all wider lessons in life such as team spirit proper communication being positive and handling every situation calmly. We’ll truly cherish the memories of playing cricket in UK forever. Archetype Yoga Mahabharat Sessions: We have a rich Indian culture and variety of things to learn from it. Mark Gifford took a session on Mahabharata where we got to know the answers of some problems which we face in day to day life the story telling session was indeed a roller coaster ride. rich with an apsidal chapel on each side. Between the apsidal chapels is a cross Lady Chapel. The organ was originally constructed by Thomas Harris. The cathedral has large collection of monuments from middle age to present.It’s huge and magnifcent beauty kept us astonished and we feel fortunate enough to get to visit this cathedral where Harry Potter movie scenes were shot. Graduation Day: All the learnings of 21 days we applied it on our Graduation day preparation and Graduation Day itself. Elias and Adrian made this day a perfect one and we all got to learn about the minute things to be taken into consideration for the perfect show. Team work co- ordination practice planning organization and many other things were practiced by us for this big day. We all learnt many things like working peacefully under pressure working in silence time management etc. We also learnt the new concept of the rehearsal in which we practiced everything like changing the costumes lights mike speakers etc. We marked the stage for our positions. All thanks to our wonderful trainers: Adrian Elias and Mark. On our Graduation day we took an oath to spread peace around us and be the proud Peace Ambassadors representing Lila Poonawalla Foundation Asha Center and India. - Mrunal Vaidya LG-2013 LF-2017. PA-2018. PAs Taking down note- Session on Mahabharata Trainer Adrian- Giving information about forest Special Feature Peace Ambassadors 2018 Trip to Gloucester: Gloucester cathedral formally the cathedral church of St Peter the Holy Invisible Trinity in Gloucester England stands in north of the city near the River Severn. Gloucester cathedral has appeared in two Harry Potter flms. There is a perpendicular style with a fan-vaulted roof. The choir vaulting is particularly

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26 Shining Stars Rutuja Newase LG - 2017: Currently pursuing BSC Biotech. She is 1 st rank holder in her frst year Sayali Chandanshiv LG - 2015: Selected for the post of General Secretary in her college Rajgad Dnyanpeeth’s College of Pharmacy Bhor. A committee of 14 students will work under her guidance. Prajakta Ghadage LF - 2017: Received Best Actress Award at Zonal Level Mahavitaran Wasiya Shaikh LG - 2017: Got 2 nd rank at an Inter College Essay writing competition Hashmeet Kaur Bakshi LG - 2015: Got 1 st rank in Bachelors of Physiotherapy 3 rd Year Akshada Padalkar LG - 2016: Currently pursuing Diploma in Computers she ranked 1 st in her frst and second year Shital Mukhekar LG - 2014: Completed B.Sc Nursing in MKSSS Bakul Tambat Institute of Nursing Education with 1st rank Manjiri Pise LG - 2016 Wardha: Ranked 2 nd in 3 rd year engineering Siddhi Nalam LG - 2013: Working in Tata Technologies since 26 th March 2018 and received two awards within 9 months of joining- Champion of The Month and Best Project Team of the Quarter. Chitra Panmand LF – 2016 PA 2018 : Won 1st prize in Dipotsav program held at Mhaskewadi

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27 Snippets Trainer Sarika Zende posing with Nursing girls for a group photo Trainer Sarika Zende giving information on CANCER Lila mom addressing Lila Girls at a a workshop organized by Amdocs Personal Interview of last year Lila Girl being conducted by Amdocs HR department. Group Photo at Indian Institute of Science Education Research Pune Industrial Visit to Volkswagen contd. on page 28...

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28 Snippets Visit to Gowardhan Dairy Group Activity of paper cutting to prepare a story out of it. Group photo of Lila Girls along with Rachit Rai LG -2013 Trainer Mr. Vinay Shetty explaining Lila Girls how group discussion plays an important role in the Interview process. Lila Girls presented their presentation at Self Awareness Training Program Mind Map prepared by Lila Girls contd. on page 29... contd. from page 27...

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29 Proud Moment - Lila Seniors-2013 batch Anjali Khudekar Anushka Paul Bhagyashree Biradar Manasee Salve Shraddha Pawar won the Tech Innovation Challenge conducted by Barclays. Pharmacy Lila Girls preparing the chart during the Four Temperament Workshop. Lila Girls posing for Group Photo with Namrata Hagawane PA-2017 Navaratri Celebration of LPF Staff with Mom Dad Celebration of Children’s Day with Punarutthan Samarasta Gurukulam by Peace Ambassadors 2017 batch. The Peace Ambassador 2018 batch did their frst social activity ‘cleanup drive and tree plantation’ at Mahalunge hill Snippets contd. from page 28...

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30 B havana comes from a middle class family. She lost her father when she was in 6 th Std. It was her mother who took all the pains to educate and bring up the children. She served as a rector in different hostels. “Those were the tough days for us. By god’s grace I was so fortunate that my relatives also helped us during our hard times. However due to the circumstances I was a very shy girl during school times. Since childhood I happened to stay at my uncle aunt’s place. My relatives are eternal part of my life that has supported me on each and every step” says Bhavana. She happened to read an advertisement in the newspaper about LPF scholarship and applied for the same also got selected. She further says “Over the period I realised that this is not just the scholarship but it is the turning point for my life. I have attended so many programmes and picnics organized by foundation that helped me to horn skills in various areas. I have learnt warli Egyptian Madhubani paintings through the foundation. Attended personality development courses communication skills table etiquette workshops during these years. Those workshops have really built lot of confdence capability and profciency in me. Scholarship is not just about money it is about boosting your personality becoming a good person. Money is just the tip of iceberg. I sincerely urge all the Lila girls fellows to keep in touch with mom and dad. It will change your life miraculously”. During the year 2005 she got married to Harsh Paralikar and they have a wonderful 9 years old daughter Suhani. She has been working at CSIR- URDIP for almost 9 years. Currently she is working as a ‘Woman Scientist’. She says “For the last two years I am also associated with the foundation as a ‘committee member’ for the evaluation candidates for scholarships. Working with Mom is such a great experience. I always feel at home when associated with the foundation. I look forward for contributing more time for Lila family. I have also continued to learn new things like art and craft culinary art etc. Now when I look back on the years of hardship I fnd myself lucky as I am the member of this Family. Without the support of Lila mom my mother and my relatives it was not possible to lead a successful life. I will always owe to her and dad. I would like to summarize in few lines ‘ Every girl has a potential dreams capability. It’s only the right time right support and right guidance decides her fate. Lila Poonawalla is the guiding light for all of us. Proud to be a Lila Fellow. I wish all the success and healthy life ahead for Mom and Dad”. Bhavana Pradhan LF-2002. Path Finders D elizia Moses D’Silva a Lila Fellow since 2011 has been born and brought up in Pune itself. She comes from a simple middle class family of four. Her father works in a music academy. Her mother also is an earning member of the family. She works in recruitment in a security company. Delizia has an elder brother who has just started working into HR. Delizia has had a happy childhood and family life. She has always been a very enthusiastic and lively girl. She is very close to her parents and is thankful to them for being her friend and allowing her to share all her thoughts and dreams with them openly. She likes to help out her mother with cooking and household work at times. She also takes active part in all her family functions as she gets great happiness in being with her family. This value system has made Delizia a very grounded and positive individual. Life was easy for Delizia till she completed her graduation in BCA. Her parents have always encouraged her for her education in whatever feld she wanted. Though she couldn’t get through for engineering after her HSC Delizia did not let that stop her from moving ahead. She chose to graduate in BCA as she has a great love for computers and software related studies. Her parents supported her decision and took an educational loan for this purpose. But Delizia was unable to take up another loan for her post-graduation as the bank said the earlier loan had to be repaid frst. This really let Delizia down. Her parents were under a lot of pressure. Relatives of hers kept trying to convince her parents that there was no need for further education for Delizia. This was a very traumatic time for her especially when her mother sold her jewelry to make money for her fees. The frst year was taken care of. But the same problem occurred when it was time for admission in her second year . At this time she came across an advertisement in the newspaper and read about LPF Scholarship. She immediately applied for it and got selected. It was a blessing in disguise. Becoming a part of LPF was the best thing that has happened to her. She now has a great extended family with loving and inspiring parents like Lila Mom and Firoz Dad and whole lot of sisters just like her. She has got great emotional support from them and she knows they will always be there for each other through all the good times as well as bad times. The workshops organized by Lila Mom have given her great confdence in preparing for worldly situations and she feels more confdent to follow her dreams and take charge of her life. She has is very ambitious and her career goal is to work on developing software for security systems. She wants to build software for our defense forces. Apart from this she wants to create a better social networking site too. She wants to prove her skills in computers at any opportunity given to her.

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31 Path Finders She has been through so many changes in her life and after entering LPF family she feels that no matter what hardships come her way she will emerge victorious as she has the love and support of her family as well as her LPF family. She is more determined to work hard to fulfll her goals. She is ever grateful to Lila Mom for giving her the support and guidance she needed. She truly believes that because God could not be everywhere he created mothers. Delizia has completed MCA from Marathwada Mitra Mandal college of Engineering. She had worked in Xento Systems IT frm as an Associate Engineer. Currently she is working in Synacor as Software Engineer with package of 8.7 lakh per year. S ince her childhood she had a clear vision about her career to be graduated as a Civil Engineer and further to work in Indian Civil Services. Apart from this she also has interest in literature and participated in debates elocution competitions and also delivered speeches during her school days. Let us hear more about her in her own words. “I always got selected in all the auditions I gave. But once I got rejected due to college politics I thought that I am under - performing day by day. Eventually I started losing my confdence and avoided to give any audition further. Even when most of the opportunities came that I had to co- ordinate the program without any audition at that time too I avoided it and perceived that I am not good at this so I shouldn’t do it. And then the day came when I saw that personality who at the age of 73 has a charming face and is full of energy her eyes were speaking a lot than her words. At that time I felt like “Yes Himani you should try to be like her.” And that made me to stand and speak before all once again in an orientation program. That little bit of confdence gave me the most precious reward and that was a hug by Mom. I still remember the moment when she stood beside me on stage with her hands on my shoulders......and that was the real motivation I gathered all courage and started to speak before all. I have attended most of the workshops like Self Defence Time Management and Spoken English. During my spoken English workshop I came to know that if we are good at speaking then we can also give trials at City News Channel if they fnd us good we can be a news reporter. I thought over this for many days I was willing to try this new thing but my mind was fnding excuses like at frst I should complete my graduation I wouldn’t fnd any time for this from my schedule and much more. “Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams.” Following this statement I decided that I should try frst rather than being drawing conclusions. So I went to the offce gave trials and fnally today I am a news reporter at City News Amravati. It wouldn’t have been possible without LPF without Mom without that workshop. I am proud to be a part of such a foundation where the words of Mom and Dad means a lot to every girl the achievement of any girl is like a victory to Mom and Dad. The relationship with Mom Dad is much more valuable than blood relations”. For me Lila Poonawalla Foundation is not only a foundation it is our inspiration to achieve our dream. Because no other foundation will give you the support care the guidance specially the family in which we have the two most precious diamonds - our Lila Mom and Firoz Dad. T here is a light at the end of each tunnel no tunnel carries on infnitely. What is important is that while you are in the tunnel you remember that light even if you cannot see it and you keep moving towards it. You may not be there yet but as long as you keep moving you are defnitely closer than you were yesterday. When Mayuri Vitthal Dhamdhere fnished her Bachelor’s from Sinhagad College of Engineering many of her batch-mates joined the industry immediately and began to work. They had different goals different priorities. Though Mayuri wanted to be an engineer her ambition was not to join the corporate world. Rather she wanted to teach. Having graduated Mayuri was keen on joining a good college as a lecturer but knew that a Bachelor’s degree was insuffcient. She needed to be much more qualifed in order to teach. And that is why instead of joining the industry immediately she elected to study further and is now a Master’s student at Savitribai Phule Pune University. Her educational journey does not end here Mayuri knows that even a Master’s will not allow her to rise in her career as a teacher . To move from lecturer ship to professorship she needs to study further and she is prepared for that too well aware that a long journey lies ahead. Mayuri’s father is an assistant mechanic with Maharashtra’s State Transport department. “Our fnancial situation is okay” says Mayuri “but pursuing engineering is not within the scope of people of the middle class. My

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32 Chief Editor : Rashmi Tare Advisor : Dr. Harshada Babrekar Asst Editor : Prachi Divekar Sunetra Biradar Tazeen Shaikh Contributors : Rita Shetiya Pranali Tirkhunde Sonal Mohite Offce support: Karishma Tanpure All archives and current issues of Inspira are available online at : Printed and Published by : Lila Poonawalla Foundation Fili Villa 101 102 Survey No. 23 Balewadi Baner Pune - 411045 Tel. : 020 – 27224264 / 65 / 66 / 67 Editor’s Desk H appy New year to all May we keep moving forward towards achieving our dreams this year too. I personally feel exhilarated by looking at the achievements and efforts our foundation is making towards not only giving scholarships but also the way it never shies away from helping the society as it did for kerala foods calamity recently. I remember Dad always says “give as much as you can one who gives is a Raja king so be a Raja On the beginning of the New Year I recall all preaching of yours Mom and Dad. An attitude to help to always work hard and chase our dreams no matter what and most importantly stay happy positive and look beautiful are to name a few. This issue was interesting to work on. I and a team member got an opportunity to meet Mr. Bharagava and Dr. Radha Bhat details covered in Face to face and Man ki Baat column. They were a personifaction of the saying “Winners don’t do different things they do the things differently”. I hope you all enjoyed reading previous issue of Inspira. For any suggestions please email – Also please write to me if anyone of you Lila Girls/ Lila Fellows has fair for writing editing or interested to be a crusader of team Inspira. Happy Reading and Later Alligator. - Rashmi Tare LF 2012 and PA 2016 Inspira Release - Volume 52 alongwith Chief Guest Prof. Sangeeta Kale LF Rashmi Joshi and Manisha Deshpande younger sister and I both wanted to study engineering. My father doesn’t have fnancial backing to support that” Mayuri smiles and says “Actually I wanted to be both a computer engineer and a doctor My parents never said that it would not be possible. On the contrary they took me very seriously. When the time came for me to decide what my career would be they gave me nothing but support” As it was computer engineering that Mayuri decided to pursue the Dhamdhere family had to organise the fnances. Mayuri applied both for an education loan and for a scholarship. “I knew that the LPF organised different kinds of useful events too” says Mayuri “and honestly I value the training they give us more than the money We can get an education loan and the scope of engineering is fortunately good enough for us to be confdent about repaying our loans. But the training that the LPF gives us is unparalleled. I applied for fnancial support from them and hoped to get not just the scholarship but also everything that goes with it.” She attended many workshops that she found relevant to her both academically and personally. She was also delighted with the care she received from the Foundation. “I’m very particular about reciprocating at least the simple gestures” she says. “I don’t go to the offce anymore but how diffcult is it to send a message wishing my LPF family for the New Year or sending a birthday greeting After all even though I no longer receive a scholarship from the Foundation they send me all the emails and even a birthday gift The least I can do is returning the love and affection.” Once Mayuri fnishes her Master’s she intends to do a PhD. At the same time though she wants to start working. Gaining some industry experience is important for her. “The PhD and the work experience will happen side by side” says Mayuri. “Yes I know that all these things take time but it’s okay. I know where I’m headed and I have no problem working slowly and steadily towards my goals however long it takes. See I wanted to become an engineer that’s done. Next on the agenda was my Master’s I’ll fnish that soon. In a few years’ time I will be academically qualifed to start working as a lecturer – and that will be the beginning of my teaching career.” Today Mayuri has successfully completed her masters and is currently working in IBM as Software Developer with a package of 6 LPA Path Finders