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From My Heart... Vol. No. 52 September 2018 The Foundation Newsletter M y Dear daughters friends and well-wishers Since I communicated with you last the foundation has achieved several new milestones. Scholarship was given to the 8 th batch of Lila Juniors LJs under the project 2Morrow2Gether. 302 girls from 18 schools were awarded this 10 year scholarship. The commitment to these girls under this project is to support them from 7 th to 10 th in the schools and from 11 th to graduation in colleges. Thereafter if they want to study further they can also get Post Graduation scholarship from our foundation. The second scholarship function aimed at awarding scholarship to Lila Seniors LS i.e. LJ of 2014 who have cleared their SSC Board exam this year and have got admission to the 11 th class. This is an important move in their life as they choose their career path and move ahead to realise their dreams. Foundation supports them no matter which path they choose. Those who passed 12 th standard board exam i.e. Lila Seniors of 2015 were awarded their 3 rd scholarship at a function on the 2 nd of September and became Lila Girls. They have completed their cycle going from Lila Juniors through Lila Girls. Around 250 eligible Lila Girls/Fellows applied for prestigious Peace Ambassadors PA 2018 program. This is the 8 th batch. Out of the lot 60 most deserving candidates were shortlisted for the fnal interviews. The trustees along with two senior PAs selected 24 girls to go to the U.K. for training at ASHA Centre for a 3 weeks ‘Wholesome Development and a Sustainable Leadership Program.’ I am very happy to inform you that once again Samena Foundation has sponsored this program. All the PAs were taken to ASHA centre located in Gloucester U.K. and they are now undergoing a very intense but interesting program which will change their lives forever. These girls are very fortunate to go through such a well-designed training program. They will also visit city of Bath Oxford University where they will listen to the outstanding professors and are lucky to also have a sit down lunch sponsored by the university with some faculties and students. Not only this but they also will visit Shakespeare house and get some idea of the contribution he has made to the English literature. For the frst time novelty program of a day of cricket has been introduced in this program. Experts from the feld will be conducting the same. The objective is to make the participants learn the nuances of Leadership team working and also how to accept reality of winning and losing. This mode of training for leadership was recommended by none other than Mr. Shirish Saraf MD of Samena Capital who is Himself a Ranji Trophy winner. It is for the frst time that this batch has undergone a detailed pre-training in Pune before leaving better preparing them for getting the most out of their stay in U.K. Special icing on the cake was a full day workshop conducted by Mr. Arun Waklu CMD of Pragati Leadership and a renowned international trainer on WHOLESOME LEADERSHIP. You all must wonder what Peace Ambassador’s role is and what LPF’s expectation from these girls are. The defnition as worked out by Dad with inputs from all of us is given at the end of this article. Do read it contemplate and try to imbibe the same. The rapid Spread of Digitalization and Artifcial Intelligence along with advances in Mobile Internet Internet of Things IoT Big Data Analytics Advanced Robotics Automation of knowledge work three Dimensional Printing and Cloud technology are impacting the way work is done affecting jobs that used Brawn as well as Brain. Technology obsoletes itself at an increasingly accelerated pace. In this scenario just a college degree is not enough. Continuous upgradation of skills is needed. Research improvements to machine learning algorithms will be one of the hot skills of the future. Program management and test is another skill necessary to be acquired which would enable developing the systems and infrastructure that can apply machine learning to an input data set. The question arises as to what is Machine Learning In simple terms Machine Learning involves applying AI to a specifc framework to specifc problem in different domains. For example applying machine learning contd..

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2 to gesture recognition advertisement analysis or fraud detection. Thus it is just like any other software engineering position though it is good to have some understanding of Machine Learning and AI and very good mathematics skills. In not so far a future the existing jobs in most of the sectors will start to disappear . Sectors such as Automobile industry retail trade healthcare Insurance Financial services teaching Human Resources function Marketing and Advertising Lawyers Architects Journalists are to name a few. In automobile sector the jobs that will disappear over a period of time will be welding painting technicians press machine operators etc. But new jobs will be created there will be need for automobile analytic engineers 3D printing technicians machine learning based vehicle cyber security experts and sustainability inspection experts. In retail sector jobs of cashier inventory assistants sales representatives etc will no longer be there instead there will be new job requirements. Retail data analysts digital imaging leaders IT process moulders digital marketing specialists and customer experience leads. The change will happen from sales associate to fashion consultant from stores assistant to product facilitator from warehouse coordinator to inventory management and logistics specialist and many more. In every sector mentioned above and there will be disruptive changes. Why am I writing about this in this message to all of you girls It is just to make you aware that only your academic degree of graduation in any feld will not be enough in the future. You need to ensure that you develop certain new skills to cater to the new technologies. These changes will create new opportunities for those who will develop new skills. There will be new requirements for software developers creative and multimedia professional online sales and marketing professionals Computer vision engineers wireless network specialist embedded system programmers data scientists data architects AI research scientists and many more. So my Dear daughters while basic education and degrees will be required you will all have to walk that extra bit to make the cut. Try to fnd what interests you and develop those new skills in addition to your degree. While there are challenges there are also tremendous opportunities. I would like to give you an example of one of our own Lila Girls - Anjum Pathan. She got LPF Scholarship in 2010 and completed her computer engineering in 2014. She immediately got employed in a company named Kantar. After working for close to 4 years for this company on data analytics she thought it is time to deep dive into the subject and thus thought of pursuing some more formal education on the same. After some research she came to know about a wonderful MBA program specializing in Data Science being offered by NIIT University in Rajasthan. She took the leap left her job and attempted the exam and interviews which followed and cleared the same. The new course has started and she feels this is going to be a great turning point in her professional life since data science is in boom. Upon completion of her MBA she has been assured a job at NIIT Technologies as a Sr. Data Engineer on a handsome pay of Rs. 15 LPA. I am very proud of Anjum. Each one of you can take a cue from this and recharge your batteries for the future opportunities. The best helping hand is at the end of your own arm. You must think for yourself and take your own decisions and move on. I wish all of you good luck. I want to see each one of you contributing to this new dynamic world of technologies. Defnition of PEACE AMBASSADOR – Good luck and God Bless Mom to all LILAS Friend to all readers. From My Heart...

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3 Special Feature Dads Birthday.... B asically 14 th was his birthday but the entire week was full of celebrations The celebration started on 8 th April with a trip to Panchgani along with Dad Mom Staff Members PA-2016 and 2017 and few senior Lila Fellows. Our frst halt was at Mapro factory where we all had sumptuous breakfast and also enjoyed yummy strawberry ice-cream. The volunteers from the factory told us the actual process of all the MAPRO products. Then we continued our journey cabin was fully decorated with the colorful ribbons and balloons. The whole staff made its own contribution to their beloved Foundation as Dad’s Birthday gift. Again the celebration continued with the cake cutting followed by the group photographs. Peace Ambassadors 2016 and 2017 also celebrated Dad’s birthday on the 2 nd foor of FILI VILLA building. The cake made by the PA’s was mouth-watering and the decoration was just remarkable. With thisthe day came to an end followed by marvelous dinner with Mom. It was a very wonderful celebration and like always a festival for us contd.. on page 4 DAD’s Birthday Celebration started on 8th April at Bel-Air College DAD’s Birthday Celebration started on 8th April at Bel-Air College Birthday celebration on 11th April at Utkarsha Marathi Medium School Birthday celebration on 11th April at Utkarsha Marathi Medium School DAD’s Birthday Celebration starts on 14th April at his breakfast table in house for Bel-Air College Panchgani. We were really amazed to see all the arrangements they did for the grand celebration. The affectionate welcome lip-smacking cake amazing performances melodious songs beautiful cake cutting ceremony giftsand mouth-watering lunch everything was just mesmerizing and perfect. This was not the end but they had also arranged strawberry boxes for us to carry it home. Coming towards the end of the day Panchgani had a sudden rainfall which made us believe that even God wanted to join us and bless Dad with the shower of his love and blessings. Continuing with the celebration C.E.S’s Utkarsha English Medium School had also arranged the beautiful celebration on 11 th April where Dad was welcomed with Lezim and Dhol performances by Lila Junior’s. Dad and Mom both were felicitated with the token of love. The celebration was followed by the luscious snacks. At last the day came i.e. 14 th April celebration of the birthday party began with cake cutting at dad’s place at his breakfast table along with Mom. The celebration continued at LPF offce along with the Offce Staff. Dad’s

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4 Fabulous show of love and regards. Lovely pictures. What a lot of trouble they took to plan this grand celebration for you. I felt I was there. So glad you are giving scholarships to Nursing students. They form the backbone of the health care system. Terrifc Birthday Firoz God Bless You with Many More Love - Maya Thadani Trustee and well -wisher Dear Dad I am so lucky to have such a wise and encouraging father like you. Happy birthday dad. I hope all your birthday wishes and dreams come true. Love you Dad. Your faithfully - Tuba Ansari LG-2017 Wardha Dear Dad Today is the most special day for all your daughters because if that day had not come we could not have had a dad like you. Dad you and mom provide all the facilities to your daughters that the real parents could not afford. Wish you many many happy returns of the day dear dad may your all dreams comes true may god shower his blessing and happiness on you. Happy birthday to my dad. Yours lovingly - Pallavi Virkhade LG-2017 Cake Cutting with Lila Girls and Lila Fellows. Hi Dad Happy birthday to my best dad I ever hadand probably the best dad that anyone has ever had. I hope your all dreams may come true. Once again a happy birthday. Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to you dear dad happy birthday to you may god bless you may god bless you happy birthday to you dad happy birthday to you. Love you - Tejaswini Gawande LG -2017 Dear Dad Wish you many many happy returns of the day dad. May GOD decorate each Golden Ray Of TheSunshine reaching you with wishes of the success Happiness and prosperity foryou dear dad ... Wishing you very very happy birthday.... - Vaishnavi Aglawe LG-2017 VwåhrM ‘mP ApñVËd mm VwåhrM ‘mP nyU©Ëd VwåhrM ‘mPr AmoiI mm AZ² VwåhrM ‘mP gd©ñd dmTXdgmÀ¶m ‘ZmnmgyZ ewoÀNm ... mm - Rakhi Kirtankar LG-2016 Birthday celebration arranged by LPF staff Celebration by PA 2016 and PA 2017 girls on 2nd foor of FILI VILLA building Wishing you a very happy birthday dear dad. Stay evergreen full of energy healthy happy forever as you are ... Happy birthday to the greatest dad on earth... Happy birthday to most kind dad of thousands of daughter lucky to get u as not only dad but also a best friend care taker n much more... Happy birthday dear dad. Eager to meet you both. Love you. - Soniya Sarang LG- 2009 and PA -2012 Special Feature Dads Birthday.... Dear Dad You are our hero our role modelthe man who we always look up to and dream to become. Happy Birthday Dad May you be blessed with healthy and long long life. We both the sisters Shivani Battulwar LG- 2014 and Kalyani Battulwar LG- 2016 are really very lucky that we are your daughters and members of LPF family we always feel so blessed about it.Thank you so much for everything. It will be such a pleasure to give something to LPF family as a token of love from us and we promised to do so through our studies and goals. And yes one more BIRTHDAY WISHES RECEIVED BY DAD contd. on page 5 contd.. from page 3

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5 Special Feature 8th School Scholarship Award Function It was a memorable day on 7 th July 2018 when Lila Poonawalla Foundation LPF awarded scholarships to over 300 school girls. The 8 th School Scholarship Award Function was held at MFH Hall Cummins Balewadi. Parents were full of joy. The function was too big to handle at one go. Therefore it was split into 2 functions. One was organized in the morning and other in the afternoon followed by lunch and dinner respectively. Beginning in the year 2011 LPF introduced ‘2morrow 2gether’ School Project Initiative. Starting with just 5 schools in its inaugural year LPF is now working with 19 schools. Morning function was honored by LILA FELLOW DR. SARIKA DEORE recipient LPF PG scholarship in 2001 and PA 2009 as a Chief Guest and Mrs. SHIVANI NAIK SHAH Mrs. India Queen of Substance 2018 as Guest of Honor. In the afternoon function another LILA FELLOW DR. RUTA LIMAYE recipient of LPF PG scholarship 1999 joined the function as a chief guest. Eco-Friendly Inauguration: Mom Dad Chief Guest: Dr. Sarika Deore LF -2001 and PA-2009 a Gynecologist along with Guest of Honour: Mrs. Shivani Naik Shah Mrs. India Queen of Substance 2018 and Dr. Sangeeta Kale Trustee LPF Mrs. Pallavee Gokhale LF- 2001 and Committee Member LPF pose for a group photo Mom Dad Chief Guest : Dr. Ruta Limaye LF- 1999 and Researcher along with Dr. Harshada Babrekar LF- 2001 and PA 2009 Mrs. Vaishali Halbe LF- 1996 School Committee Member Mrs. Ashwini Singh School Committee Member Mrs. Vasanti Joshi School Committee Member giving away the certifcates participate in all the programs to develop themselves and become young successful smart confdent ladies. She requests the parents to allow their girls to achieve their dreams and not to refrain them from moving ahead in life. Chief Guest Dr. Sarika Deore and Dr. Ruta Limaye unifed in their message to the young girls and their parents and highlighted the importance of education. Adding to this our Guest of Honour Mrs. Shivani Naik Shah shared her words with young ones and parents. “You are special unique and no matter what happens you are going to ahead and never look back. Always keep love and gratitude in heart for mom and dad. Reciprocate the same help to someone so that one fne day they will come and say I was inspired by you and never gave up.” On both functions past and New Lila Juniors expressed their gratitude towards Mom and Dad for giving them opportunities necessary and timely help. After this Dad felicitated the Lila Juniors and Lila Seniors who successfully cleared their SSC and HSC board exams with fying colors. In this Award function the new batch of Peace Ambassadors that is PA-2018 was introduced. The functions concluded with the Vote of Thanks and National Anthem. It was during opening moments of the Award function that Mom welcomed the new Lila Juniors with open arms into the ever-growing LPF Family. Mom appealed to new LJ’s to take inspiration from senior Lila sisters and the Chief Guests and also asked to study well to wish from parents”Janamdin ki bohot bohot badhaiya. Bhagwan aapko both lambi umar de.” They remind me to wish you from their side too. Hope to see you soon as it has been long time we haven’t met. Once again many many happy returns of the day Dad. Love you so much. - Shivani Battulwar LG-2014 and Kalyani Battulwar LG-2016 One of the greatest titles in the world is parent and one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have parents to call mom and Dad. Dearest dad thank you so much for being a great father for all of us. Wish you a very Happy Birthday. - Yogita Chauhan LG-2016 contd. from page 4

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6 Special Feature Lila Poonawalla Foundation’s Green Initiative U nlike any other foundation LPF is more than just about providing fnancial aid to girls. The foundation besides empowering girls through education also ensures that these girls are made conscious of their responsibility towards the environment. The aim of Lila Poonawalla Foundation LPF Green Initiative is to create environmental awareness among school-going girls who are the future of our country. This initiative has been undertaken by a batch of Peace Ambassadors 2016 under the guidance of Dad - Mr. Firoz Poonawalla to educate their younger sisters - Lila Juniors i.e. children in schools supported by the LPF. The initiative focuses about educating these young girls not only plantation but also how to maintain plants love them and sustain them and create a healthy environment. Peace Ambassadors are Lila Girls and Lila Fellows who are chosen to be a leader to spread peace and happiness not only in their personal life but in the society at large. Currently the Green Initiative project has been initiated at 4 schools in Pune - Anjuman Urdu School Anjuman English School Chaitanya English School and St Clare’s school. Saplings like Devhari Nevali Tulsi Aloe vera Oxalis were planted at these schools. The project was implemented on the 4 th and 5 th of August. As a part of this initiativea drawing competition with the theme of how to create a better cleaner greener environment was held. Mr. Shamshad Arif Pathanwas the Judge for this competition. The best creations were awarded prizes at the hands of the Chief Guest -Firoz Dad. After that everyone enjoyed delicious Snacks. Rambling about the environmental crisis is leading us nowhere. But with initiatives as this one the future of the world is sure to be better than today. Dolly Ghumavat LG-2017 ho hmo MwHo h‘ AmX B§gmZm| Hs mdZmAm| Hm HËb HaZo Ho Hs Vwa§V Am r OmVm h¡ ‘m’sZm‘m Z OmZo H¡gr hmoVr hmoJr Cg ‘m’sZm‘o Hs ênaoIm Omo oOwmZ Ho HËb Hs MrIm| Hm boVm h¡ ‘Om ho a§Jr CZHo IwZ go h‘mao gm¢X¶© Hs a§Jmobr Z OmZo H¡gr h¡ ¶o h¡dmZ¶V ho ZVr CZHo ha hñgo Hs EH Jmobr ho Zhr HmoB© hmZ CZHo ed Ho BñVo‘mb go AmpIa AmPmXr Hs gm±go Omo Mbr Wr CZ‘| Am X‘Hm g HwN Hñ‘V na hmoZm hr Wm CZHo gm±gm| Hm ì¶mnma Zhr Wr WmoSr r MZo Hs Cå‘rX AmpIa E dZ ZHbm Wm dmo ‘mb ‘oao ‘pñVîH ‘o ¶h mV Ar r Kw‘Vr h¡ Š¶m| hmoVm h‘mao amoJm| Hm CZno à¶moJ g’© B§gmZm| Hs àJV Ho Zm‘ OHs ¶o àJV g’© B§gmZm| go Zhr nwar g¥ï go hmoZr h¡ nVm Zht HaHo A˶mMma B©œa Ho hr AZmoIo gw§Xa AmdîHmam| na Hm¡Z go A§Yoao ao àJV Hs Amoa h‘ Ha aho h¡ àñWmZ HaHo CZHm hr godZ Ha nmVo h¡ h‘ Mm¡Sr AnZr NmVr Vr XÿI hmoVm h¡ BVZo HËb Ho mX r AYyar ahVr h¡ B§gmZm| Hs Iwer HËb Ho mX h¡ ImZm nrZm ¶m dñVw CZHs nhMmZ So Vmd go PbHVo h¡ h‘ AnZo Bg AnamY Hs Nd h¡ dkmZ Hm ÑïHmoU r RrH h¡ aIZr g‘mZVm h‘| g¥ï ‘| ‘Ja H¡go hmoJm ¶o ݶm¶ Ohm± Zm T§J go OrZo ‘bVm h¡ qnOao ‘| Am¡a Zm mha ZHba ‘aZo no ho h‘mao nmg CÝh| Hmy HaZo Ho VarHo hOma ‘Ja Hme hmoVm nhbm VarHm ߶ma bJmHa Xmo VrZ gwB© CÝho ‘mZ boVo h¡ h‘ IwX Hmo EH ¶moÕm ‘hmZ ho Zhr h‘ Hgr Ho pIbm’ g Sa h¡ Cg KSr go O hmoJo dmo h‘mao pIbm’ boHa ImZo go g§emoYZ VH MTr nhbr br OmZdam| Hs hr Omo Zm Hs‘V hmoVo h¡ ehrX EH gbm‘ Vmo ZVm hr h¡ CZHo àV gbm‘ Artist in Me

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7 Health Capsule Genetic Counselling Ms. Shivanjali Kapse LF-2012 wishes to introduce us to the new and challenging feld of science “Genetic Counselling”. There are very few people working in this feld in India and she is one of them. Currently she is working as an associate genetic counsellor at Lilac Insights Mumbai. counselor bridges the gap between doctor and the patients. Genetic counselling GC is where patient and clinicians are informed about the inheritance pattern genetics aspect and implication of the disorder. GC helps in genetic diagnosis gives risk assessment helps giving the options for preventive measures. There are many other reasons where genetic counseling should be advised for advanced maternal age 35 years like family history of genetic condition Chromosomal/ single gene previous child with chromosomal or single gene disorder Thalassemia DMD late onset disorder like Huntington Myotonic dystrophy. Etc. Genetic Counseling is a vibrant feld that has a good scope for counseling. The available testing options to reach to a diagnosis are limited. Generally genetic conditions do not have a treatment only preventive measures or stimulation therapies can be given. Upbringing of a special child needs lots of patience strength and fnancial support. There are many aspects of genetics that are unexplored which gives scope to excel in this feld. A bachelor’s degree in biology or a health care-related feld typically is a requirement for enrolling in a genetic counseling master’s degree program. These programs provide students with the science and mathematics knowledge needed for a career in genetic counseling. Such kind of degree involves jobs as Clinical research associate Healthcare scientist genomics Healthcare scientist immunology Pharmacologist Plant breeder/geneticist Research scientist life sciences Research scientist medical. The lifestyle is changing there are pregnancies planned at advance maternal and paternal age which is one of the leading factors for the occurrence of the disorders there are blood relation marriages that lead to same gene pool and may lead to many genetic conditions. For Further guidance please free to email shivanjali.kapse Ms. Shivanjali Kapse LF-2012 G enetic counseling is advising prospective parents concerning the risks of genetic disorders in a future child. It is the process by which the patients or relatives at risk of an inherited disorder or may be carrying a child at risk are advised of the consequences and nature of the disorder the probability of developing or transmitting it and the options open to them in management and family planning. Genetic counseling is the understanding and adaptation to the medical psychological and familial implications of genetic contributions to disease. This process involves following steps: 1. Knowing and interpreting family history to assess the chance of occurrence or recurrence. 2. Educating would be parents about causes certain tests management how to prevent and the resources available. 3. Adapting risk or condition Genetic counselors work as members of a health care team and act as patient advocates as well as genetic resources to physicians. They play key role by providing information and support to the families who have members with birth defects or genetic disorders and to the families who may be at risk for a variety of inherited conditions. They identify families at risk investigate the problems present in the family interpret information about the disorder analyze inheritance patterns and risks of recurrence and review available genetic testing options with the family. A genetic counselor is an expert with a Master of Science degree in genetic counseling. Genetic counselors are present at high risk or specialty prenatal clinics that offer prenatal diagnosis pediatric care centers and adult genetic centers. Genetic counseling can occur before conception through adulthood. Genetic

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8 Pune Placements Name Scholarship Year Placement Nikita Sunil Jadhav LF - 2015 Wipro as Project Engineer with package of 1.8 LPA. Pooja Anil Tikone LF - 2015 Jahangir hospital as Clinical research co -ordinator with 1.94 L PA Pranjali Satish Takale LF - 2016 Grandview research as a market research associate with 5 LPA Jyoti Kishor Chabria LG - 2014 PA - 2016 Mediaocean as Associate Software Engineer with 6LPA. Kajol Anil Pawar LG - 2014 TIAA in Pune as a Developer with 14.5 L PA. Shriya Sunil Barate LG - 2015 Deutsche Bank as Developer with a package of 11.5 LPA Olivia Jerome D’souza LG - 2015 Capgemini as Associate Trainee with 2.1 LPA Sonal Rajendra Limbore LG - 2015 LT Infotech at Bangalore and working on production support project with 2.48 LPA Shital Rajshekhar Kalshetti LG - 2015 Capgemini at Bangalore with package of 2.1 LPA Swarada Sunil Dekhane LG - 2015 LT Infotech as Associate Trainee with package 2.48 LPA Shivkanya Sandipan Shinde LF- 2015 Systems Engineer Trainee with Infosys on package of 3.5 LPA Kavita Devram Dhokare LF-2015 Indomal as medical care co-ordinator 1.8 LPA Shraddha Sandeep Thopte LF-2015 SCI Edge Abserchs company as Trainee offcer with pkg 2.77 LPA. Vedija Jayant Nagarkar LF-2015 Nulife Pharmaceutical Pimpri as QA offcer with package 1.2 LPA Mamata Kailas Tayade LG -2015 Rackware Technologies Baner as a Trainee Software Engineer with 9lpa salary Sampada Manoj Lokhande LG 2014 Robert Bosch Private limited with 7 LPA Wardha Placements Name Scholarship Year Placement Vishi Purushottam Paliwal LG 2014 TCS at Mumbai and got package of 3.37 LPA as Assistant System Engineer Sneha Sudhakar Hatwar LG 2015 Capital Height Indore Business analysts with package of 2.46 LPA Megha Gajanan Sawarkar LG 2014 Endurance Tech Pvt Ltd Aurangabad as trainee engineer with package of 1.2 LPA Snehal Mahadeo Deshmukh LG 2014 Market magnify investment adviser and research Pvt Ltd Indore as Business Analyst with package 3 LPA Sneha Harishankar Pathak LG 2014 K G Information System Pvt Ltd Jr Process Associate L-1 with package 1.5 LPA Pratiksha Sadanand Kute LG 2014 CEINSYS IT Park Nagpur with package 1.32 LPA as executive Shraddha Manoj Deodhe LG 2015 Endurance Company Aurangabad as Trainee Engineer with package 1.2 LPA Placements

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9 Name Scholarship Year Placement Shraddha Pandurang Panbude LG 2014 Rudra Industries Aurangabad as junior engineer with package with package 1.44 LPA Chetana Santosh Chalkar LG 2014 E Clinical works Ahmedabad as software specialist with package 2.65 LPA Khushbu Dipak Ingale LG 2014 AXIOM Tech Ltd Nagpur as Executive with package 1.2 LPA Pranali Sheshrao Bhute LG 2014 Motif Company Ahmedabad as executive with package 2.34 LPA Pratiksha Ravindra Hande LG 2014 Motif Company Ahmedabad as executive with package 2.34 LPA Sneha Babarao Mhaiskar LG 2014 INDURANCE Company Aurangabad as Trainee Enginner with package 1.2 LPA Priyanka Sunil Bhokare LG 2015 Epic Research Company Indore with package of 2.5 LPA as Associate Financial consultant Sneha Ashok Daf LG 2014 NGO - SSSMV Prayogwan Nagpur with package 8 LPA Diksha Ramesh Gupta LG 2014 TCS at Mumbai with 1.92 LPA Pratiksha Farojchand Ghadge LG 2014 Vencutre Finance Company Pune Nagpur with 2.16 LPA Samruddhi Rajesh Buche LG 2015 Dhoot Transmission Aurangabad with package 1.38 LPA Pratiksha Dipak Pande LG 2015 Varroc Engineering Pvt Ltd Aurangabad with package 1.8 LPA Ashwini Laxman Rade LG 2014 Dhoot Transmission Aurangabad with package 1.2 LPA Airin Michael David LG 2014 National Cancer Institute Nagpur with Package 2.1 LPA Amprapali Shishupal Ramteke LG 2014 National Cancer Institute Nagpur with Package 2.1 LPA Ashwini Vishnuji Potdukhe LG 2014 National Cancer Institute Nagpur with Package 2.1 LPA Bhagyashree Rajesh Dhenge LG 2014 National Cancer Institute Nagpur with Package 2.1 LPA Darshana Babarao Shinde LG 2014 National Cancer Institute Nagpur with Package 2.1 LPA Mrunal Janardan Raut LG 2014 National Cancer Institute Nagpur with Package 2.1 LPA Pallavi Sureshrao Agarkar LG 2014 National Cancer Institute Nagpur with Package 2.1 LPA Pranali Rameshrao Bhoyar LG 2014 National Cancer Institute Nagpur with Package 2.1 LPA Pranjali Jambuwant Naik LG 2014 National Cancer Institute Nagpur with Package 2.1 LPA Punam Vishnuji Sarate LG 2014 National Cancer Institute Nagpur with Package 2.1 LPA Sampada Vijay Late LG 2014 National Cancer Institute Nagpur with Package 2.1 LPA Shiwani Gajanan Battulwar LG 2014 National Cancer Institute Nagpur with Package 2.1 LPA Surabhi Damodhar Moraskar LG 2014 National Cancer Institute Nagpur with Package 2.1 LPA Tejaswee Vijayrao Lohakare LG 2014 National Cancer Institute Nagpur with Package 2.1 LPA Tejswini Gajanan Sable LG 2014 National Cancer Institute Nagpur with Package 2.1 LPA Nikita Suresh Himane LG 2014 Dhoot Transmission Aurangabad with package 1.2 LPA Placements

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10 Artist in Me Deepa Krishnamurthi LF-2005 and PA-2008 Dixita Jain LG-2016 Humera Tamboli LG-2015 Kanchan Gulankar LG-2015

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11 Artist in Me Khushali Argade LG-2017 Sanchi Goel LG-2017 I am a Woman Yes I may not look beautiful all days of the week since beauty is more than just skin deep Yes I may not be dainty and elegant but a lot more unwavering and electric Yes I may not be a good cookserving fancy food to my love but may do a lot more to reach his heart Yes I may not be fond of kids and may not want to raise one Yes I may not shy away from discussing about sex and periods aloud because they are no word taboos for me Well I may be a backpacker who loves going on long bike trips all by my-self Yes I may be ruthlessly ambitious who would want to nurture those dreams till the sky is the limit Yes I may be an atheist with humanity being the only virtue No don’t be surprised if you see me impassive and aggressive Since I may not be a deity of tolerance and poignancy but just conscious to know when it’ s time to put my foot down No don’t assume I am the damsel in distress because I may also be the knight in armour who may just thwart all the oppression Yes I am I am still a woman breaking all those stereotypes surrounding the word I am I am a Woman “not” guilty of being the one “not”what you’d imagined Because I am Invincible the Unbreakable Leaving behind a Legacy of Strength and Invulnerability - Tejal Goyal LF-2008

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12 C hallenge Yourself.. Yes life is all about how to face a challenge in any situation. So foundation arranged a session on Meeting Life Challenges and the various ways to overcome it. The program was conducted by Miss Shubhangi Kulthe LG- and PA-2017 and Miss Pooja Lokhande LG- and PA- 2017 for LGs from diploma in engineering. Meeting Life Challenges and Empathy Workshop Team Building Four Temperaments Enneagram During this session LGs learnt the importance of Empathy in day to day life. The difference between Empathy and Sympathy was discussed as well. The girls also learnt how to help others how to overcome the problems bravely how to deal with challenges and take them positively and fnding out the solution. Development Programs T he session was conducted for Lila Girls LGs to make them realize their role as an individual in a team the importance of coordination which will help them in future to understand how to work in a team and the importance of team building. The program was conducted by Alfa Kazi LG-2013 and PA-2017 and Kajal Kabra LF-2016 and PA-2017. They explained how different temperament people can help each other to balance the situation and be calm and handle all the things in an organized manner. During this session girls learnt the concept of four temperaments and how to recognize a person based on these concepts. They learnt how to tackle or overcome any situation by knowing ones personality traits. It was a great learning experience towards improving personal skills. It gave a good insight on how to deal with people in their life. Through the enneagram session girls came to know about their own nature strengths and special characteristics of their personality. Session was value adding on both professional as well personal front. Corporate Readiness Workshop by Amdocs A mdocs Corporation is a leading software and services provider to communications and media companies accelerating the industry’s dynamic and continuous digital transformation. The Corporate Readiness workshop was conducted by Amdocs team in their offce for all fnal year engineering Lila girls. This batch comprised of Lila girls studying engineering in to Computers Information Technology and Electronics and Tele Communication stream. The workshop started with an introduction and a brief agenda of the day. The entire workshop touched upon some very important points such as trends in IT organization expectations from fresh graduates corporate etiquettes etc. Here are some important learnings gathered by Lila Girls: They learnt about the working of corporate sector leadership quality which we should possess. It was very helpful session that would beneft them during campus interviews. Girls learnt about the key to achieve success how to be different than others which qualities they should build in themselves when is the right time to select domain of work so that we can focus and start to work on it. Floor visit was a unique experience for girls as for the frst time they could view the actual corporate environment this closely. Interview techniques mentioned in the session would sharpen our career and job opportunities. The session also included topics like corporate etiquettes and group activities which were very useful and interesting. Girls also got to know new technologies domains like DevOps Big Data IOT Internet of Things.

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13 E motional Management is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. It is generally said to include three skills: emotional awareness the ability to harness emotions and apply them to tasks like thinking and problem solving and the ability to manage emotions which includes regulating your own emotions and cheering up or calming down other people. The workshop was conducted by Mrs.Meera Natrajan for nursing girls. “Nurses need to treat patients with respect and dignity. The best nurses also show empathy and compassion for their patients. But can empathy go too far The answer is maybe. As a nurse if you are unable to maintain your professionalism and good judgment because you are emotionally involved then it may be time to take a step back and evaluate the situation. The key is to fnd a balance between empathy and objectivity” written by Author Jodie Price. Emotional Emotional Management Management program focused on this same aspect it was to know your emotions and the empathy towards others. The Lila girls understood their Emotional Quotient EQ by performing an activity which included questions based on Emotional Quotient. At the end of this activity they understood their areas of improvements. Ladies in this profession face a lot of problems during their hospital duty this workshop gave them insight on how to handle and react to situation that will help them overcome their work related problems. The trainer included another activity where girls could discuss their problems they face while performing their duties after the discussion trainer consulted each group and gave solutions to their problem. In this way the workshop was made interactive and very useful to all students Lila Girls studying Nursing subject. Development Programs Winning with Body Language “O ur Bodies Change Our Minds… and Our Mind Changes Our Behaviours……And Our Behaviours Changes Our Outcomes.” Monika Nair conducted a session on “Body language’. She has 12 years of experience in diverse felds such as Customer Service Customer Life Cycle Management Training and Quality and Building Customer Loyalty and Churn Management. What is the most important ingredient for success and achievement in today’s workplace What is the foundation for supportive cooperative work and personal relationships The answer to these questions is ‘the ability to communicate skilfully and confdently with people’. Meaningful and articulate communication is the need of the hour. One Communicates both verbally and through nonverbal actions/gestures while one is clear about verbal communications one does not realize the signals one sends through their body gestures. Body language refers to the nonverbal signals that we use to communicate. According to experts these nonverbal signals make up a huge part of daily communication. From our facial expressions to our body movements the things we don’t say can still convey volumes of information. It has been suggested that body language may account for 50-70 of all communication hence understanding and practicing body language is very important. From this workshop Lila girls learnt a lot of new things frstly why is body language important. They became aware about the mute communication. Girls learnt about how to behave while working and staying in a community. They learnt about the facial communication how to build confdence and how to get rid of stage fear. The session was really awesome and informative they learnt of how to talk with the unknown people. They learnt about the verbal and nonverbal communications.

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14 I am Studying M.Sc. microbiology. LPF organized a Time Management program for PG girls. It was conducted by Mrs. Monika Nair. She is a great lady. First she took our introduction in a very different way which was really a fun. Then she taught us four pillars of time management. She explained to us how to manage time by through various activities. In frst activity she taught us how to manage personal life I am studying in Sinhgad College of nursing a student of Final Year Basic B.Sc Nursing is writing a feedback about today’s program arranged at Tehmi Grant Institute of Nursing lecture taken by Mrs. Sarika Zende Mam on obstetrical and gynecological emergencies. We attended workshop on effective tricks for cracking interview now I am very confdent to face any interview 99 sure to crack the one. I participated in each activity conducted by Manish sir during session. Thank you Mom for organizing such an important workshop and building our confdence. I would also like to share that I am preparing for gate exam. Mr. Rakesh Pendre conducted Spoken English classes for us. He taught us many things about English grammar . Earlier I had tried many times for improving my English but could not somehow because I didn’t implement it I didn’t speak English in my daily routine. But after attending this class I learned to take initiative. Now I feel confdent while speaking in Feedback Prajakta Ambekar LG -2016 Manjiri N. Pise LG - 2016 Wardha Saleha Ansari LG – 2016 Mayuri Thakre LG – 2016 share a similar feedback on this program. The topic taught during the session was very informative the things were taught more accurately all the basics were explained thoroughly it has been taught to us in an easy manner and awareness of the topics was useful in enhancing our skills. By learning today’s topics I am now more confdent to apply the knowledge in my daily practice of Nursing. I learnt something new. - Nupur Shivtare LG -2015 and professional life then she taught us how to set goals and achieve them prioritizing she told us about 80:20 Pareto rule. So the conclusion is that time is money and this program was really informative. Thank you very much mom for conducting such nice programs for us. - Qamrunnisa Abdul Wahid shaikh LF – 2017 Effective Tricks for Cracking Interview Obstetrical and Gynecological emergencies Spoken English Time Management English. As Rakesh sir said “Well begun is half done.” Yes the beginning is done and I assure you I will defnitely speak English fuently. - Namrata Mahakalkar LF -2016

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15 Feedback I t was time for celebrations again as LPF awarded scholarships to the 2 nd Batch of Lila Seniors who transitioned into becoming Lila Girls and the 4 th Batch of Lila Juniors were given the new identities as Lila Seniors. The function was held at Noora-Al-Bassam Hall in the morning and evening followed by lunch and dinner respectively on 2 nd September 2018. These Scholarships are a part of the LPF’s 2morrow 2gether School Project. The selected girls are awarded an Auto Scholarship which begins from 7 th STD and continues through graduation. After their Board Exams the girls are allowed to go to the stream of their choice Engineering Science Lila Juniors 2014 batch to be awarded as Lila Seniors 2018 batch. Chief Guest Mrs. Shukhada Kulkarni Lila Fellow 1998 Senior Manager Emcure Pharma company awarding scholarship to Lila Senior. Mom Dad Chief Guest : Mrs. Jolly Varghese Lila Fellow 1998 Architect Persistent System Ltd along with Mrs. Ashwini Singh School Committee Member giving away the certifcates. Scholarship Award function – 2nd September 2018 Commerce Arts Diploma etc. A total of 263 girls 158 Lila Juniors and 105 Lila Seniors received the Scholarship. Both the programs had senior Lila Fellows as Chief Guests. Mrs. Sukhada Kulkarni Lila Fellow 1998 Senior Manager Emcure Pharma company honored the frst half of the program while Mrs. Jolly Varghese Lila Fellow 1998 Architect Persistent System Ltd. was a chief guest of the program held in the evening. Both the Chief Guests urged the girls to do hardwork think beyond the realms of their curriculum and think outside the box. Each one shared their experience with LPF and recalled the memories of the day when they were in the audience waiting to receive their scholarship at the hands of Mrs. Shobha Dey. They concluded by highlighting the importance of participating in all activities/workshops by LPF and how all those additional inputs from LPF had groomed them to reach where they are in their professional lives today. The functions were concluded with beautiful words from MOM in her speech she spoke about how girls are not only just great home-makers but also great professionals who have the capacity to multitask and also handle all the responsibilities with grit. She requested all the parents to allow support and encourage their daughters to realize their dreams and live the life they choose to.

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16 D r . Rajni Shivkar’s LF- 2011 life is an example of how with the true dedication of the heart and mind and a genuine helping hand a girl can achieve all her dreams. Rajni comes from a middle class family. She was born in Makni Osmanabad district and brought up in Pune. Having not received proper education her parents had to face a lot of hardships. Her father is a worker at Bajaj Auto and her mother though being a house maker contributes to the household expenses by doing stitching work for women. Rajni’s father always dreamed of his daughter becoming a doctor and his son an engineer. Rajni made this dream her own dream manifested it into reality. Rajni was a bright student right from her school days. She also secured the ffth rank in the standard XII exam. A hard-working and a sincere girl Rajni put in all the effort needed to clear her MBBS entrance in the frst attempt. The only restriction for Rajni was that her family did not have a strong fnancial background. She had seen her parents sacrifce a lot to ensure that their children could have a better future. Rajni’s relatives were fairly well off as compared to them yet they never supported her family. In fact she had to endure the pain of them taunting her mother for not wearing fancy gold jewellery at family functions. This deeply hurt Rajni and she vowed to complete her education and take care of her family. Despite of their relatives trying to dissuade them from wasting money on a girl’s education her parents stood by her side and Rajni’s father applied for a loan at SBI. Rajni made them extremely proud by securing merit throughout her MBBS getting over 70 and put all the taunts to rest once and for all. The Dean of her medical college recognised her talent and told her to pursue MD as well. Her father was sceptical about this as he thought she should get married now. With the fees to be paid for her brother’s engineering Rajni’s father said he couldn’t manage both. Her mother stood strongly by her side and encouraged Rajni to pursue MD if she really wanted to. Rajni worked very hard and studied for the medical CET and cleared it successfully. But with the fees being very high she was worried about her education. In this time of need God sent her angelic help in the form of Lila Poonawalla Foundation. Rajni read about LPF in a paper and applied for its scholarship. She got selected and all her fears and worries were alleviated. At LPF Rajni got introduced to a new world. She was now a recognised proud Lila Fellow. With the help of the fnancial aid provided by LPF Rajni is now in her fnal year of M.D in Biochemistry at her dream college B.J. Medical College. She is currently working on a project -Study of ADMA in Coronary Heart Disease. She feels extremely lucky as very few people in India to work on it. She is also completing her dissertation and will soon publish it in International Journal. Rajni says that she owes her success in her feld completely to Lila Mom and her inspiration. Rajni looks up to Lila Mom and feels confdent that she’ll make her own life successful. Lila Mom always tells her that she should always dream chase them and fulfl them. At LPF Rajni attends all the various workshops which have helped her in personality development and many other aspects. Her parents are also a part of the Annual Day event and feel very proud of Rajni for being a Lila Fellow. Rajni completed her MD in May 2014. She feels with the help of her degree she will be able to contribute positively to Indian Society by spreading awareness of a healthy lifestyle especially among women as she believes healthy mothers will bring a healthy new generation. She wants to work with LPF in the feld of medical and healthcare and contribute in Lila Mom’s work. Rajni has set an example in her family and is an inspiration for other girls to become a doctor. She dreams to set further such examples and spread healthcare so she can eradicate diseases from this country as far as possible. She is truly ambitious and determined and has made her parents very proud by achieving her dream successfully. She wished to teach in a medical college and so she joined Government Medical College Latur. Currently she is working as Assistant Professor and Deputy Quality Manager in Biochemistry Section at Bharati Vidyapeeth University Medical College Pune-43. Path Finders A strong hardworking girl hugely inspired by her mother Shruti Kadam is everything that a Lila Fellow aspires to be. She is a focused and committed student paving her way to success. Shruti Kadam LF-2011 was born to a middle-class family in Chinchwad Pune and lost her father while she was still in school. Brought up by her mother and grandparents Shruti knew very early on that she needed to become fnancially independent and do her mother proud. Her mother had great dreams for her and Shruti was determined to fulfl them and touch the stars. Shruti was her mother’s only child and recognised the need to do her best in everything she attempted. Her mother was her role-model her greatest source of encouragement and support pushing Shruti to outdo herself without caring about what the world would say. Aware of her responsibilities at a very young age Shruti strived towards excellence learning the importance of being frm and focused. Shruti was a smart child smart enough to understand all the efforts her mother put in to ensure that Shruti had a good education. They dreamed of a bright future and never let anyone or anything come in the way. Shruti was determined to establish a career for herself – and not just any career the career of her choice.

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17 Path Finders Shruti’s mother is a housewife and as a growing teenager Shruti wanted to reduce the fnancial burden that her mother bore in order to support her education. It was when Shruti was in her frst year B.Com. at Symbiosis College that she learned about Lila Poonawalla Foundation LPF and decided to apply to it for her postgraduate studies. As an MBA student at Modern College under the University of Pune Shruti was now a Lila Fellow well on the way to standing on her own two feet. It is true that her mother no longer needed to support her fnancially but Shruti is quick to point out that the LPF scholarship has not given her just fnancial support. Shruti’s relationship with the LPF is like a relationship with a newly-discovered family. Scholarships are merely to overcome temporary fnancial struggles. A scholarship may be essential but the LPF scholarship is far more than that a relationship like the one she has with the LPF lasts a lifetime. She treasures the insights that the LPF programmes have given her and is confdent that they will help her in the future. Shruti fnds herself lucky to have such a wonderful role model in her mother and strives to be a similar source of inspiration to others wherever life takes her. In the long run Shruti aims to work with the Reserve Bank of India. An active girl Shruti grabs every opportunity that comes her way and has completed her diploma in the French language from the Alliance Française de Pune. She has developed a passion for the language and wants to pursue it along with her career. . She has completed summer internship in KPIT Cummins in Finance. Now she is working at Airport Authority of India Mumbai as Executive Finance with 7 lakhs per annum package. Those are the stepping stones – working hard following her passion and staying committed. Treading lightly on them Shruti is sure to fnd success It is awesome.. Minakshi Dound LG - 2017 Myself Bharti Shantaram Patil studying in second year computer engineering. This issue of Inspira magazine is looking so fabulous. Bharti Patil LG- 2017 Hello mam Now I am doing MS in data science and analytics at Paris France. Inspira is like a motivational book Lila girls’ achievement their talent is commendable. The LPF programs are inspiring a lot to Lila girls as well as giving them opportunities to learn and to know the world. I really feel blessed for have been a part of LPF as a Lila girl. Lots of thanks to dear Lila mom and Firoz dad. Thank you Sonali Ghadage LG-2014 I am very glad after reading Inspira. It has been made incredibly awesome. All those events memories emotions journey and speeches are very creatively shared and represented. And after reading the magazine any person will be left with inspiration motivation and the so called line by Dad always be generous. Personally I loved magazine very much I am adding it to my library as a favorite book to read. So that whenever i feel down i can read and get refreshed and inspired. Thank you Prajakta Awale LG- 2017 Inspira has always been a pleasure to read Mom ‘s message from heart is most awaited for me . I too wish to be a part of writings in the magazine. Thank you. Reading was fun. Garima Singh LF-2017 Feels good to read the updates and activities by the foundation. Kudos to Harshada and the team. Manjush Dole LF-1999 and PA 2009 Feedback of Inspira - Vol 51

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18 Man ki Baat M r. Nilesh Sahasrabudhe Vice President and Country Manager Tieto- India is a prominent supporter of Lila Poonawalla Foundation. He possesses 20 years of IT experience and has been working with Tieto since 12 years out of which 7 years as a country manager. Tieto is a Nordic company. Tieto means ‘knowledge’ in Finnish language. It’s a number one IT consulting company in Finland and amongst top 10 in Norway. Pune subdivision was established in 2006 and they haven’t looked back since then. ‘Inspira’ Chief Editor- Rashmi Tare LF- 2012 and PA- 2016 and Crusader- Sonal Mohite LF- 2012 got an opportunity to interact with Mr. Sahasrabudhe. Mr. Sahasrabudhe feels delighted to be associated with LPF family. Sustainability and Women Empowerment being the core values of both LPF and Tieto. Lila Mom was invited for International Women’s day function at Tieto 4 years back. Since then LPF and Tieto joined hands to work together for empowerment of WOMEN. Being frst woman engineering graduate in male dominant society Tieto was impressed by the charismatic work Lila Mom has been doing. Tieto’s mission and vision aligns with that of LPF’s. Its work is based on 3 Pillars. First is Women Empowerment where they work with LPF and are doing a marvelous headway. Second is Education where they work with ‘Identity Foundation’ which gives education to underprivileged street and shelter kids. And third is Society where they do micro insurance for deprived part of society. Tieto not only gave funds but also met LPF girls they found them really intelligent. Tieto team started conducting sessions for them on different skills and behavioral training. They conducted sessions for LF/ LGs under the name C2C- ‘College to Curriculum’. Their mission is to have more integrated environment in terms of Academia Social and Corporate. The aim is to cover these three dimensions of development. Mr. Sahasrabudhe further said “Every company is now going beyond monetary proft. Our purpose is value for life value for people and value for society. Having a greater purpose that is more than simply proft keeps an organization together and going.” Mr. Sahasrabudhe’s idea of feminism and woman empowerment is quite modest and unique. He does not believe women as different identity. It has never struck to him that there is a difference between men and women. However he acknowledges that society does face this problem and people are trying to solve it. And eventually it should get solved. Corporates are trying to solve this problem by giving equal remunerations and opportunities to both female and male employees. He added “Tieto is the only Nordic company having ‘EDGE certifcate’ that signifes equal pay for men and women. When recruiting any female candidate we don’t give a second thought just because she is woman or “just married”. Corporate have even started recruiting 50 women employees. However this reservation or quota is not going to solve this problem and skills should come frst irrespective of the gender. We have to look beyond the gender diversity and start demonstrating the gender equality”. He encourages every woman to work. His mother and wife both are working women themselves. When asked about why have you chosen LPF as a partner and what appeals you most about LPF Nilesh said “LPF is a well-managed organization in terms of corporate standards Lila is used to manage large scale organization which is very much visible in the way she is handling LPF. Ultimately LPF is more organized transparent and moreover Lila is consistently available. You ask for any report and it is readily available.” He added “In case of NGOs one looks for Integrity and trust. Lila has been working with big corporates so the trust level is very high here. She is a board member of many corporate companies she is still on top of the business. Accessibility and transparency is a very fundamental and subtle difference between LPF and other NGO’s. The way LPF runs is so electrifying. Although it’s not a corporate it runs like a corporate.” His idea and suggestion to all Lilas to sustain in corporate world is very practical. Nilesh believes “It’s good that people are getting decent exposure to IT and other engineering stuff because that’s what is required in today’s competitive world. However don’t just get in ‘Engineering’ mould. Application of your knowledge is of utmost important. Nevertheless keep in mind to have fundamentals clear and logic correct. That is something where you need to give extra focus.” His advice is to maintain a right balance and be enough practical to know what is happening in outside world. He recommends being aware of what is happening in the industry which is far beyond your formal education. In order to be up-to-date and to have extra edge Mr. Sahasrabudhe recommends to participate in hackathons open forums open code related practices. Engineering degree and good marks is just an entry point. He added “The pattern of selection is changing dramatically nowadays. In interview you will be asked how many hackathons have you participated in what and how contd.. on page 19

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19 many solutions you have produced how many open codes you have written. The overall approach to look at problem needs to be little bit wider.Todays’ technology is changing so fast so train yourself to get reskilled. How soon you upgrade yourself is the key to your success.” “Do it yourself is the key. Challenge yourself. If you fnd any technology upgrade or buzzword go and re-search about it so much so that when needed you can answer and do it practically. You have to have ‘solutions in search of problem’ approach. You should be in a position to apply your knowledge. You need to be retrospective. Dear Mom Happy Mother’s Day On this day I would just like to say that it’s not always blood relations that you are bonded to your parents. Sometimes the love and blessings showered by a stranger make you feel home. And the one without whom that home is incomplete is you. Thanks for being there with us mom. You have just given me another defnition of mother that is ‘Hope’. When everything rules you out it’s just the hope which keeps you alive. The way you care for all my sisters encouraged me to walk on the path laid down by you. You are my ideal mom. On this day I promise you that the when I will be an independent girl I will join you on this journey in every possible way. Once again Happy Mother’s day With Love Aditi Rathi LG- 2016 Wardha Sentiments Dear Mom God has given me so many things to be grateful for and Mom you trump them all. You are like an angel to me who had made everything more beautiful. I can’t thank you enough for all your love and support. But still a big big thank you for your never-ending love. I am honored to be your daughter and more proud to have you as my Mom You are a great mom and truly a hero for all. A small wish on this special day is that I wish to be as strong loving inspiring and wonderful as you A very happy Mother’s day Mom May you live a long healthy life and bless more children around. I’ll always wish for yours and dad’s wellbeing and good health We love you Mom Your’s Loving Srushti Gawande LG- 2016 Wardha Dear Mom I’m so happy to have you in my life. I think I don’t need mother’s day to celebrate because I feel so special to have you as my mother. Seriously I am so thankful to you for everything you are doing for us. I’m not able to express my feelings for you in words. Wish you a very happy mother’s day Mom. My love for you is unparallel. I love you mom. Your loving daughter. From Gunjan Morade LG - 2016 Wardha. ‘Seeing is believing’ is old. ‘Doing is believing’ is the new slogan of current era.” is the way he feels of upgrading one-self. He further says that Lila is already doing lots of things and has been always open to accept suggestions. He suggests all the Lilas to continue to work in an integrated manner for the betterment of the society. - Ms. Rashmi Tare LF- 2012 PA- 2016 and Ms. Sonal Mohite LF- 2012 contd. from page 18

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20 Shining Stars Tanushree Bengale LJ-2011 LS-2015 LG-2017: Awarded with a Gold medal by Savitribai Phule Pune University Pune for city Zonal sports committee Boxing Championship 2017-18 and also awarded with a Gold medal from West zone Boxing Championship 2018 Surat. Purva Ekatpure LG-2015: Selected as the Meeting Coordinator of IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Region10 Asia Pacifc Student Activities Committee team. Kalyani Battulwar LG-2016 Wardha: Topper of Information Technology Department Yashwantrao Chavan College of Engineering Nagpur. Sukanya Khupase LG-2017: Got frst prize for her project - “Voice activity detection” in Project Competition held in PICT College Pune. Dipika Gautam LG- 2014 and PA- 2017: Selected in top 16 in Mirchi Queen Bee 2018 an initiative by Radio Mirchi Pune 98.3 FM and won two titles in the show Mirchi Miss Popular 2018 and Mirchi Queen Bee 2 nd runner up. Rita Madanlal Shetiya LF- 2005 and PA 2011: Received Best Research Paper Award for Article ‘Impact of GST on Indian Economy’. Qamrunnisa Abdul Wahidshaikh LF -2017: Received 1 st rank for her article on GLOWING GENES: THAT LIGHT THE NIGHT in college campus and published in WJPR journal World Journal Of Pharmaceutical Research. In Appreciation Varshali Budhauliya LF-2001 Rs. 25000 Sai Motamari LG-2013 Rs. 20000 Sarika Deore LF-2001 Rs. 21000 Shruti Kadam LF-2011 Rs. 60000

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21 Snippets Lila Girl explaining MIND MAP Lila Girls posing for a Group Photo with trainer Ms . Tanuja Thombre along with their MIND MAP Lila Girls posing for a group photo with trainer Ms. Meera Natarajan Trainer Mr. Bhandari showing a demo of how to defend the attacker A video shown by trainer Mrs. Monika Nair for better understanding of body language Group activity-Skit performance by Lila girls

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22 Snippets Rakshabandhan celebration with War Heroes at Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre Kirkee Pune on 1st September by Peace Ambassadors 2017 Trainer Mr. Minocher Patel giving examples on How to build Confdence and succeed in Life Trainer Mrs. Monika Nair explaining the Body language parameters to Lila girls Trainer Ms. Rashmi Tare PA- 2016 LF- 2012 taking Mock Interview Session of Lila girls Independence Day Celebration along with underprivileged people at Pune railway station conducted by Peace Ambassadors 2017 Trainer Mr. Bhandari showing the technique of how to defend in case of weapon used during the attack Group Discussion on the topic ‘mistakes done by Nurses’

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23 As the column name suggests here we present our senior sister Dr. Jyoti Dalvi-Malhotra LF-1998. This article will narrate her journey from Pune chawl to USA. She did her Ph.D. from the University of Hull U.K. and Missouri University of Science and Technology USA. She has 14-year industry experience in semiconductors electronics packaging and printed electronics Brewer Science USA 2004-2017. She is also inventor of 2 commercial polymer products with 4 fully issued patents and dozens of scientifc publications. Jyoti is governing board member of the Kaleidoscope Discovery Center of Rolla USA. On certain science policies she has represented American Chemical Society to the legislators at the Capitol Hill or their district offces on many occasions for several years. She continues to be a ferce advocate for higher education in rural parts of Missouri USA - Gave televised talks to the Rolla City Council and Rolla public school board. Gave talks/coached robotic teams of many schools in the rural parts of Missouri USA. We asked Jyoti about her journey and she poured out her heart. O ur dear mom Padmashree Lila Poonawalla is an example of a visionary and rare human being. She got it right that education is the key to opening the door of our bright future. Like many Lila fellows Jyoti Dalvi LF-1998 is a product of mom’s vision and mission. She says “If you lend me your ears I got a story to share with you story about a girl born in chawl of Pune who then ended up doing her research abroad and continue to work in USA. I owe my life to two divine powers blessings of parents/mom and our Foundation the Lila Poonawalla Foundation which gave me helping hand when I needed it the most. Both my parents could study only up to high school but they always encouraged me for higher education. My late father used to own a small autorickshaw-repair garage. Since that business did not bloom he started driving auto- rikshaw to run the family. Being the only breadwinner of the family he worked tirelessly. Circumstances do two things to you: they make you a go-getter or they can affect your natural ability to survive and thrive. So be a go-getter always. I always enjoyed studying. Background noise in the chawl community having no electricity sleeping on the foor for frst 20 years of life never bothered me. The only aim was to secure a scholarship and not a loan to turn my dream of studying abroad into a reality. So I started writing to many universities in England. I sent ‘hand-written’ resumes along with a ‘hand-written’ letter justifying why they should give me full scholarship for my Ph.D. I wrote to 50+ universities of England and fnally those efforts paid off. The University of Hull U.K. gave me complete research scholarship to pursue my Ph.D. in 1998. I must mention here that the existing relationship between the Savitribai Phule Pune University and the University of Hull U.K. defnitely helped me secure complete scholarship as other U.K. universities were giving me only part scholarship. I fondly remember many of my teachers by their names and faces from my kindergarten Renuka Swaroop High School S. P . College to University of Pune. Their teaching laid the strong foundation for my professional career. But there was one teacher whom I will never forget. When I was trying so hard for securing scholarship he said that he will shave off his head if I get the scholarship. It was a mean spirited comment I still remember crying so hard that day but then kept my head high worked even harder and guess what - pulled off success. Not to forget to mention we were still worried as to how I will reach England. We did not have enough money to buy a plane ticket and even support my initial expenses in England. So I started another local search walking miles after miles going to unexplored areas of Pune to visit local businesses local newspaper offces for scholarship but in vain. Finally my English class tutor referred an advertisement which was about Lila Poonawalla Foundation LPF. Then what I showed it to my father and he kindly gave me Rs. 250 for the scholarship form. I rushed to the foundation offce but then realized that the form fee was Rs. 300. I did not have those extra 50 Rupees tears started rolling down my cheeks. Came home that day my father gave me extra Rs. 50 and I went back to submit my form. Lo and behold I was called for an interview. I still remember very clearly all the trustees including mom Lila Mom Maya aunty and Late Surabhi Nag madam were sitting at an oval table. My English was so poor that during my interview I said “I came here to chit chat with you.” Till date mom teases me for that. Like I mentioned earlier only because of the divine power I was then honored by the foundation as a Lila Fellow. When I received the letter from foundation saying I was approved Rs. One Lakh in fellowship I couldn’t believe myself. The letter did not mention amount in words there was a number with 5 zeros. All of us my parents and I kept counting 5 zeros to make sure we understand the amount right. Along the way mom Maya Aunty and late Nag madam helped me a lot. Nag madam taught me how to correctly pronounce letter J taught me how to hold knife and fork and helped me with my U.K. visa forms so much she did for me. Maya aunty gifted me beautiful western clothes visited my family many times while I was away. What can I say about mom Lila Mom She went out of the way to help my family when they were undergoing some crisis while I was away. Writing this and recalling those moments brings tears to my Living Life with a Difference contd... on page 23

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24 Living Life with a Difference eyes and my heart is flled with gratitude for mom and the foundation. But why to go for higher education Through the lens of higher education you can see much further and achieve your big dream which may seem impossible at frst. Studying in England and USA taught me advanced principles of scientifc research development. I traveled around the world presenting my research and got to collaborate with people from the world-renowned government institutes and private industries from Europe Asia and North America. While engineering and science felds can appear far off and distant the only requirement to achieve these goals is motivation. I always feel that it doesn’t have to be that your parents are professors or doctors for you to be a professor or a doctor. It really starts with what kind of motivation you have from your parents or your teachers or yourself. World is really gigantic. There is so much to learn from people of different culture and different countries. With higher learning you not only go to places but you also get much broader outlook for life. As you study higher and participate in project-based learning you are bound to develop new skills: working in a team public speaking patience while things are not working problem solving and critical thinking under pressure. These skills would not only help you professionally but will also help you in your personal life. Coming from research and development background I Chief Editor : Rashmi Tare Advisor : Dr. Harshada Babrekar Asst Editor : Prachi Divekar Sunetra Biradar Tazeen Shaikh Contributors : Rita Shetiya Pranali Tirkhunde Sonal Mohite Offce support: Karishma Tanpure All archives and current issues of Inspira are available online at : Printed and Published by : Lila Poonawalla Foundation Fili Villa 101 102 Survey No. 23 Balewadi Baner Pune - 411045 Tel. : 020 – 27224264 / 65 / 66 / 67 Editor’s Desk I nspiration means the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something especially to do something creative and out of the box. This is what the foundation tries to do through our beloved magazine Inspira besides sharing the current updates. I am sure all of you must be amazed looking at the phenomenal success our Lila sisters have been achieving not only in their academics but also in extra- curricular activities. Dad and Mom along with the team have perfectly defned “Peace Ambassadors” and their duties. Let us not only contemplate on it dear sisters but also internalize the same. Inspite of giving us so much they always have something to share teach and continue to inspire us in several ways. It is my 6th year with Inspira and I am happy take new and additional responsibilities from 52nd issue as an editor. I got a whole new perspective every column inspires me to do my best in whatever I take up. It has taught me that where there is a will there is defnitely a way. Thanks to Mom for giving me this opportunity thanks to Dr. Harshada Babrekar who is always just a call away. Happy reading later alligator - Ms. Rashmi Tare LF -2012 PA 2016 Inspira release issue 51 alongwith with Prof. Goran Grosskopf and Dr. Brigitta Grosskopf contd... from page 23 can tell you that one solution will not work to resolve a technical problem same principle applies to life struggle. Scientist Marie Curie the frst woman Nobel laureate once said “Life is not easy for any of us. So what We must have perseverance and above all confdence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that thing must be attained.” Higher education leads to minds those are not afraid to build and rebuild there is no such thing as failure. If they say you are a day-dreamer ignore them. That is what I did when people called me the one. If I would have paid attention to them I would not have been here. Have you seen those people who do caricature art by roadside Caricature artists always amaze me they are so engrossed in their drawing and they deliver beautiful pieces of art by completely ignoring background noise around them. Stay focused and that will help you think clearly. It has been 20 years since I was honored as a Lila fellow this humble article is a tribute to mom Lila Mom and she is a guardian angel to many. I get my ‘giving back’ attitude from her. I owe tonnes of gratitude to mom from whom I draw my inspiration and dad Shri Firoz Poonawalla who is the rock solid support to the Lila Poonawalla Foundation.” Don’t worry what people say you keep marching forward - Dr. Jyoti Dalvi-Malhotra LF -1998