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Percussion : 

Percussion Maria K. 6a 2010

Snare Drum : 

Snare Drum It is the one drum that has a snare on the bottom of it, which changes the sound. They are played with sticks.

Drum Set : 

Drum Set It is all different drums put together. They vary in size. They are played with sticks.

Bongos : 

Bongos It is one or two tall drums that are played by hands.

Piano : 

Piano It is a set of keys that are attached to strings that vibrate. It is played with your hands.

Marimba : 

Marimba It is a set of blocks that have notes like a piano. It is played with two mallets.

Steel Drum : 

Steel Drum It is a huge bowl with bumps that are notes. They are played with two mallets.

Chimes : 

Chimes It is a set of long bells that you hit with a mallet.

The End : 

The End

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