Football and basketball

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Football and basketball : 

Football and basketball Luke N 6a 2010

Football : 

Football Football has a lot more teams then basketball. They also have a lot more players.

Football and Basketball : 

Football and Basketball Football and basketball are very different sports. Football is harder. Basketball is a lot of running and conditioning.

Football : 

Football Football has a lot more teams and players on the field at once. In football you have to memorize more plays than in basketball not as many plays.

Football : 

Football Also in football you are covered in pads from head to toe. You have to be very tough to play and to like this sport.

Football : 

Football In football there are very many guys that play the game straight. Like in basketball it is easy to play the whole game.

Football : 

Football To play football it takes hard work. You have to lift in the off season and train. Go to practice everyday of the week.

Basketball : 

Basketball Basketball is a very easy sport. In basketball there is never a break in action. There is so much running.

Basketball : 

Basketball In basketball there is so many points scored. It is like a one man team.

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