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Firefighters : 

Firefighters Alexis M 6A 2010

Firefighters : 

Firefighters Firefighters are very brave. They go into buildings that are covered in ash and are collapsing rapidly. Firemen are very important to different cities. Without them you know that it would sure take a while to save your house. Firemen.

Their Badges : 

Their Badges Firemen’s badges are very important. They show people they are truly firefighters without people needing to guess. Although badges are special they are not the most important out of all the equipment in the station. A Badge

Equipment : 

Equipment SCBA SCBA is the most important tool for a firefighter. It means Self Contained Breathing Apparatus. It is like a tube that gives you air when you are in a fire. Pressure Positive Fan Motorized fan : the firefighters put the fan in front door of the house and it blows all of the smoke out of the house another way! SCBA Pressure Positive Fan

Saving Lives : 

Saving Lives Firemen go into buildings that are crashing down to save your life. They would sacrifice their lives instantly to save yours. Kids all over the world are scared of firemen because how they are dressed but never be scared they are always there to help.

Saving your pets : 

Saving your pets When you have a house fire and your pet is inside. RELAX! Because you know the fireman is going to get your best pal out of the building. Never go inside to get your pet no matter how tempted you are because saving your pets is what firemen are supposed to do.

Bats : 

Bats A lot of the calls that the firemen receive are that bats are in peoples houses. They call the firemen because they have the right equipment and everyone wants that bat out as soon as possible!


FALSE ALARM! When you work at the fire department you always hear the buzz from the alarm and automatically jump into action. Until you realize it was a false alarm.

The End!! : 

The End!! Remember Firemen will always be there!!!

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