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Sports : 

Sports Tony Grade 6A

Basketball : 

Basketball A sport played dribbling a medium sized, round, bouncy ball and shooting that ball into a hoop.

Football : 

Football A game played with a ball, helmet, and pads. You have to catch, throw, and kick to score points.

Baseball : 

Baseball Game played by hitting a small, round ball with a bat using hand-eye coordination.

Soccer : 

Soccer Played with a ball and feet. The object of the game is to kick the ball into a goal.

Hockey : 

Hockey Played with a puck and stick to shoot past a goalie into a net.

Tennis : 

Tennis Played on a lined court and uses a small ball and racket to hit a ball back and fourth.

Volleyball : 

Volleyball A game played to hit a ball with your hands and hit it over a net. There are penalties in this sport.

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