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Candy Bars : 

Candy Bars Tara 6B

Hershey Bar : 

Hershey Bar Invented by Milton Hershey It was only available to the rich Released in the 1900’S They started with milk chocolate Each normal bar has 43 grams

Milky Way : 

Milky Way Invented in 1923 The idea was to put malted milk in a Candy Bar It only sold for 5 cents in 1929 In 1936 they changed it to A “Forever Yours” Bar In 2005 Americans ate more than 200 Million Milky way.

Butterfingers : 

Butterfingers Invented by Curtiss Candy Company Invented in 1923 Peanut Butter inside coated in Chocolate The workers forgot how to make them But they made a new recipe

Twix : 

Twix Invented in 1979 Is known as the “Leader Bar” in France They changed the name back to Twix in 1991 Twix has a cookie center That’s topped with caramel

Three Musketeers : 

Three Musketeers Made in 1932 Only came in packages Of 3 One Chocolate, one Vanilla, one strawberry When the price rose they got rid of vanilla And then the strawberry

Snickers : 

Snickers Made by Frank C. Marsin in 1930 It’s the most popular candy bar in the world Originally known as the “Marathon Bar” Snickers has annual sales over 200 Billion It has caramel, peanuts, and chocolate.

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