Breeds of Dogs

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Different breeds of dogs : 

Different breeds of dogs Abby 6A

Working Dogs : 

Working Dogs Serve man as herders ,guards ,sled dogs , and other useful ways. The working group has the largest number of breeds. It includes Dovermen ,Pinchers , and German Shepherds.

Sporting Dogs : 

Sporting Dogs Hunt chiefly by smelling the air to locate game birds toward them. Includes 24 breeds of Settlers, Retrievers, and Spaniels.

Non-Sporting Dogs : 

Non-Sporting Dogs Includes breeds kept chiefly as pets. Non-Sporting breeds past duties like hunting , circus pets, and they chase birds. Includes Boston Terriers, Chows, and Poodles.

Toy Dogs : 

Toy Dogs 14 small breeds that are kept as pets. They are initially owned by the wealthy. Includes Pugs, Minachere Pincher, Poodles, and Dovermen.

Terrier Dogs : 

Terrier Dogs Terrier dogs hunt rats, mice and other vermein animals like foxes. They include Minachere Schnauzer, Scottish terrier, and Boll terrier.

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