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Buy Kratom Click Here To Visit Quality Kratom Vendors:

Buy Kratom Click Here To Visit Quality Kratom Vendors Click Here To Buy Quality Kratom From Trusted Vendors Online Learn who to stay away from, what to look for from trusted kratom vendors online and the main types of kratom strains sold today.

Vendors To Look For & Vendors To Stay Away From:

Vendors To Look For & Vendors To Stay Away From Trusted and Reliable Vendors – Good quality and honest vendors, will usually have a simple website with not many flashy designs and a medium sized list of various kratom strains offered. They usually have a 30 day money back guarantee and very good customer service as well as free shipping on certain orders. Vendors To Stay Away From – These vendors will usually have a very flashy website and products. They offer outrageous products like a 30x or 60x kratom extract which is impossible to make because the human body can only absorb 20x or 20:1 Ratio, meaning 20g to make 1g of kratom extract. They have ridiculous names like Dragon Kratom or Super Kratom Surprise .

3 Veins of Kratom Leaf:

3 Veins of Kratom Leaf 1) Green Vein – Green veins are more uplifting and energetic. They also tend to be higher in analgesic properties. 2) Red Vein – Red veins tend to be more mellow and sedative. They still have all the same alkaloids and effects of other strains but are higher in the sedative side. 3) White Vein – White veins are more rare and produce a mixture of the two Green and Red strains causing a very interesting effect.

Maeng Da Kratom:

Maeng Da Kratom Maeng Da Strain – Maeng Da is know to be one of the most popular and strongest strains of kratom around. T he word actually translates into “Pimp Grade” in Indonesia and Malaysia. Effects – The effects reported from Maeng Da Kratom are very strong and long lasting, they are very popular among reducing opiate withdrawal symptoms and also more euphoric.

Green Malay :

Green Malay Green Malay Strain – Green Malay is a green vein leaf which comes from Malaysia. This strain is as equally powerful IMO as Maeng Da but is less expensive. Effects - The effects of Green Malay are very uplifting and energizing. They are also calming and have strong analgesic properties.

Bali Kratom:

Bali Kratom Bali – Bali kratom is not a particular strain it is a mixture of various strains and got its name from the Island of Bali. Effects – The effects of Bali kratom is very analgesic and also slightly euphoric. You will also get a variety of other effects since it is usually mixtures of various strains.

Red Thai:

Red Thai Red Thai Strain – The Red Thai is obviously from Thailand and is a red vein strain. It is very popular among many and known for being potent. Effects – The Red Thai strain will produce a very relaxed and sedative effect and is also highly euphoric.

White Vein Borneo:

White Vein Borneo White Borneo Strain – The White Borneo strain comes from the Island of Borneo and was named after the locals discovered this rare strain while unloading supplies on t he Island. Effects – The effects are very analgesic and euphoric, it has also been reported to help with anxiety and depression.

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