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What is Persuasion? :

What is Persuasion? Persuasion is the process to guide people for adopting one idea, or an action through racional and simbolical meaning (but not always logicals).

For Who?:

For Who? Persuasions skills are for those people who want that others model and accept their way of thinking. It’s dificult if you don’t know how to do an effective persuasive communication.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Everybody at some point in their lives has tried to use persuasion techniques to get what they want, but mostly the majority of us have failed.

First Thing to Do:

First Thing to Do Persuasion it’s not about explaining and expose your points in a logical and reasonable way. Most important to do first it’s to hear and know the mental obstacles that stop your prospect to think like you do.

Persuasion it’s About:

Persuasion it’s About Persuasion it’s about knowing people by hearing them to build rapport so they can trust you, and then come back with an effective strategy to persuade relentlessly and make your prospect agree with you.


Conclusion So what we have learned today it’s that persuasion means buiding trust by hearing the people and then have right persuasive strategy to comeback and make people surrender (in the good way) to you.

Persuasion Start When You Build Trust. :

Persuasion Start When You Build Trust.

Learn More!!:

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