150W LED UFO High Bay / 5700K / Warehouse Lighting 20,098 Lumens


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You can install 150W LED UFO High Bay Light at the Industrial Places for better brightness. You can get 120° Beam Angle from it. For More Info: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/high-bay-led-150w-4000k


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150W LED UFO HIGH BAY www.ledmyplace.com


Install 150W LED UFO high bay Light at the Industrial Places Majority of the warehouses, factories or other industrial units are required to work day and night to achieve their business goals and require those superior form of lights that don’t get heated up easily and for the same you can use LED high bay lights that can work with 100% efficiency. Among many LED high bay lights, use a 150w LED UFO high bay that can provide maximum quality of illumination even if installed at a ceiling of 15 feet as well. www.ledmyplace.com


Benefits of using 150w LED UFO high bay are as follows The hi-tech quality LED chips provide maximum lighting result. The lumen output of a 150w LED UFO high bay is 20098 lumens with Color Temperature of 5700K. With this color temperature, you can use them inside big and large commercial places. Wider beam angle of 90 degree of this 150w LED UFO high bay can remove the dark spots. These lights are UL and DLC certified lights giving you rebates and incentives as well. Enjoy 5 years of warranty from the manufacture’s end on purchasing these lights. Contain no mercury and halogen. Replace a 400w MH light with this 150w high bay light to save more energy. www.ledmyplace.com


So make the indoor places at the warehouses more productive by installing 150w LED UFO high bay that can make workers feel more safe and happy while working at your place. Also no harmful substances such as mercury and halogen make these lights more beneficial as well. www.ledmyplace.com


THANK YOU www.ledmyplace.com

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