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Order 150W LED UFO High Bay Lights Online in USA. 20,098 Lumens - IP65 - 5 Years Warranty - Enjoy free shipping. For More Info: https://www.ledmyplace.com/products/high-bay-ufo-led-150w-4000k


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UFO LED HIGH BAY Lights For Industrial Areas www.ledmyplace.com


UFO LED High Bay Lights for Industrial Areas Mounting a UFO LED High Bay Light for the industrial sector would be the best choice for these areas. This lighting solution provides the best distribution of light from the ceiling. This fixture has been famous for its super energy saving feature. It also gives you the freedom to control the lighting distribution from 10V to 1V. You can mount the fixture on the high ceiling from 15ft or above What Makes It Better From Others MH Fixture ? The CRI (Color Rendering Index) of the fixture higher is 80 which shows the true color of an object. Other MH fixtures get heat-up quickly whereas this high ceiling light doesn’t get heat up after the usage of 12 hours. The aluminum fings housing and thermal heat dissipation keeps the fixture cool . www.ledmyplace.com


This fixture has two CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) 4000K ( Natural White Light) and 5700K (Day White Light) which is perfect for indoor high ceiling areas. The low wattage ufo high bay light can replace the high wattage MH fixture. The light output of this fixture doesn’t include mercury, UV, IR rays whereas MH fixture does. The fixture can easily tackle the challenging weather conditions from -4° F to +113° F . Why LED High Bay Light is Better? Energy savings Reduce energy consumptions High lumen lighting output www.ledmyplace.com


Long operation lifespan Saves 75% money on lighting bills Aluminum housing to keep to fixture cool Requires low maintenance cost Rebate eligible Where to Buy ? www.ledmyplace.com www.ledmyplace.com


THANK YOU [email protected] 888-972-6211 www.ledmyplace.com

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