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UFO LED HigH Bay Ceiling Light

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UFO LED High Bay Ceiling Light UFO LED High Bay Light is a high ceiling lighting fxture which has been mounted on 15ft ceiling surface area or above. With the longer operational lifespan the fxture will have your back for 5 to 6 years at low maintenance cost. This lighting fxture is suitable for indoor applications such as basketball courts warehouses and workshop areas. Built with quality Epistar LED cob chips the UFO is guaranteed to provide a long-lasting solution for any high ceiling locations. What is in the product Ideal Color Temperature: The CCT of the fxture defnes the color of lighting output. 4000K Neutral White Light and 5700K Day White Light these two color temperature is an ideal for high ceiling area. Color Rendering Index: CRI should be high to increase the quality output lighting. It should be more than 80. It helps in the viewing of objects with the clarity and true color. Motion Sensor: It is an accessory which helps the user to aware of the intruder when he/she is away.

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Housing: The aluminum heat sink housing helps the fxture to keep cool and it increases the durability. Not only aluminum helps but also the fngs helps to keep cool. Why this product ◆ High on energy savings ◆ Dimmable from 10V - 1V ◆ 50000 working hours with low maintenance cost ◆ 120° beam angle ◆ Non-toxic lighting output ◆ Aluminum housing ◆ Replace high wattage MH fxture ◆ Easy to install ◆ 5 yeas warranty This fxture operates on low energy and provides the quality light from high ceiling areas. This fxture is easy to install Require an expert to install the fxture for perfect installation. The best place to pre-order this fxture is LEDMyplace we provide 5 years warranty and experts to install the fxture.

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