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Golgi Apparatus Sorts and packages materials in a cell; cellular "post office" Mitochondrion Responsible for aerobic respiration; cristae increase surface area so more glucose can be broken down to make ATP Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum Extension of the nuclear envelope; important in the cellular maintenance of lipids Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum "Rough" because of the ribosomes attached to the membrane; aids in protein production Nucleolus Manufactures ribosomes; a dense region located in the nucleus Ribosome Manufactures proteins; small round organelles located on the rough ER and throughout the cytoplasm DNA Genetic material responsible for each cell's specialization; ultimately dictates all features of the organism as a whole Chromosomes Tightly packed coils of DNA and proteins that form during cell division (mitosis); humans have 46 Cells have membrane-bound organelles “ little organs ” to help them carry out functions needed for life. Use the following information to fill in the chart on page 13. Cilia/Flagella External cell organelles that aid in movement; flagella are long and whip-like and cillia are short and hair-like Cell Wall Located around the cell membrane in plant cells (NOT in animal cells); rigid carbohydrate (cellulose) provides structure and support Cytoplasm The gel-like substance throughout the cell that holds the organelles in place Cytoskeleton (throughout cell) Made of microtubules and microfilaments that provide structure and shape for the cell Nucleus The control center of the cell that houses genetic information Centrioles Important in cell division; sends out spindle fibers to attach to chromatids Chloroplast Responsible for photosynthesis; thylakoid membranes absorb light energy to produce glucose Cell Membrane Located around ALL cells; made of lipids and proteins and is semi-permeable (certain materials can enter and exit) Vacuole Stores mostly water in cells; much larger in plant cells in order to absorb excess water Lysosomes Enzyme-filled organelles that digest unnecessary materials; the "cleanup crew" Page 13


vacuole lysosome mitochondrion golgi apparatus centriole ribosome cell membrane rough ER nucleus DNA nucleolus smooth ER peroxisome


vacuole chloroplast golgi apparatus ribosome cell membrane cell wall rough ER nucleus nucleolus DNA smooth ER peroxisome mitochondrion

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