Searching for Hearts in the Fairy Garden

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February is a month when we have thoughts about affection towards others in our lives - whether that means love of a partner, love of a child, or love of a friend.


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Searching for Hearts in the Fairy Garden Lauren Kyes Writer at miniature gardening , writes on miniature houses and fairy houses,


February is a month when we have thoughts about affection towards others in our lives - whether that means love of a partner, love of a child, or love of a friend. These different kinds of love kept popping into my head as I planned my newest fairy garden to celebrate my first Valentine's Day with a child of my own. I think we all look for special ways to have a good time and decorate our homes for the upcoming holiday of love. I know my sweet daughter has already received Valentine’s Day gifts from her grandma, and we used her adorable footprints to make a Valentine for her daddy. However, I could not stop thinking about how, when I was younger, my mother found one-of-a-kind ways to slip hearts, holiday colors, and symbols of love into her decorations around our house.


This memory started fueling my search into miniature accessories that subtly held a symbol of this time of year and would be an easy addition to an already existing or possibly a brand new garden. I did not want to plop a garden fairy or accessory into one of my gardens without considering my existing miniature plants, themes, fairy houses, and tiny collections in my miniscapes. Every item had to be thoughtfully examined to make sure it matched with the other fairies in the garden. For example, I have a small garden in my powder room that has a water feature made out of blue stones and a small boat with two fairies fishing, Fairy Charlie and Tilly. I wanted to add an item that would celebrate Valentine’s Day but still stick to the simple fishing theme that I have come to love.


I found a crane resting on a small plot of beige sand, with a red heart resting against its neck and it was called, Crane with a Heart. I was excited to find this miniature accessory because it fit perfectly into a container garden that I was already very proud of designing. A classic option is to place an accessory near a fairy house, or within a small garden. One idea would be the Blooming Heart Picks, which shows three hearts growing up out of the ground like flowers in the colors of orange, pink, and red. I sometimes forget that there are people who like to keep their gardens simple and are not big fans of over-the-top holiday décor. There are great options for you as well, such as Fairy Lindsey, which is a figurine. This sweet female fairy, with long hair, a simple short dress, and a straw hat, is holding her hands in the shape of a heart.


I have had people ask me about ideas that use larger statement pieces, which add a pop of color and accent a particular hue in their green fairy garden space. My answer is usually a fun and festive fairy door that can be added along a hill, against a tree, or propped by a boulder to give the impression that our fairy friends are living within an organic home. My favorite piece is the red Helena Fairy Door that holds a heart-shaped cutout in the middle of the fairy house entrance. Valentine's Day is a fun time of year for our families and friends, and a sentimental occasion to celebrate the unique kinds of fondness that we have in our lives. I am anxious to find a way to dress up my home and my miniature gardens to honor that love!


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