advantages & disadvantages of computer

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Advantages & disadvantages of computer:

Advantages & disadvantages of computer

Introduction to Computer:

Introduction to Computer A computer is an electronic device that stores & process data, according to list of instruction. It allows a user a manipulate data easily. The speed of performance of a computer in incomparable.

Basic advantages of Computer:

Basic advantages of Computer A computer a central processing unit for carrying out airthematic & logical operation. Used for education & training purpose It has speed ,reliability,consistency, communication. It help you solve problem faster than an human being can do. It help you organized your data & information in better way. Result display in 100% correct. It may help your work to lot of easier. Storage capacity.

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Maintaining Record: The main use of computer in today's business world is maintenance of data, record in smaller space. The computer also use in the company by sales, expenses, production about employee. Banking: most of the bank are fully computerized. All the banking transition made by computer.

Use of computer:

Use of computer A computer also useful for research & development. Laboletery Medical Space research. Military purposes. Cinema etc. communication

Disadvantages of computer:

Disadvantages of computer It destroy your social life & interaction with humans, if you do not maintain the balance. It may damage your studies & life.

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