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At Lotus containers, we bring to you a decade of expertise in managing & servicing the client requests for every type of Shipping Container requirements. Shipping containers are one the extensively used type of containers, which are majorly used for freight shipping&Cargo shipping requirements. One can find its most common usage in the intermodal transport


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HOW TO LEASE SHIPPING CONTAINERS | LOTUS Containers Lease Shipping Containers estimated that about 95 of the world’s cargo moves by sea and the reason behind it is the modern shipping containers. Portable storage containers are being converted into offices storage spaces homes workshops kitchens and more with very little modifications. They are changing the misinterpretations that people have regarding them. Considering the plenty of uses and needs for a shipping container does not necessarily mean that you have to buy one. You can lease a shipping container which makes more economic sense than buying a container. Modern shipping containers reduce loading and off-loading times improve the security of goods from thieving and weather damage and maximize space usage on cargo ships. This has reduced shipping costs and increased efficiency in the shipping industry. Since their invention shipping containers have been generally used for the obvious purpose shipping but with so many being manufactured each year the containers are stepping out of their comfort zone and acquiring new functions out of their usual realm. The reason a significant number of people outside the shipping industry are leasing these “wonder boxes” is their durability wide availability and affordability. Therefore container leasing is a profitable way to make income on a regular basis.

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Leasing a container means increased flexibility between the leasing company and the investor. The main benefits of leasing are financial as leasing does not require a large initial investment or force you to use valuable credit. There are many businesses that appreciate the easy budgeting offered by leasing so you can set monthly payments depending on your lease terms. They are versatile in nature to store a variety of items and equipment and have plenty of storage potential depending on how you pack them. The containers are safe secure weather-resistant and close proximity to the business. For many businesses and individuals container leasing is an important option as their timing needs are often in flux. You can rent storage containers in Miami repeatedly on short-term leases to fill in only when it becomes necessary. Before you decide to lease shipping containers for your small business there are a few factors must be considered. 1. The first step is to determine how large a shipping container your company will need. Leasing one container that can hold everything you need to send is more economical than using several smaller containers. The only exception is if you have several shipments going to different areas of the country then you need to have a properly sized container for each destination. 2. Secondly you must know how long you will need to rent the shipping container. If you will need the container for just one shipment you will need to calculate the transit time and the time to bring the container back to the

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rental business. For a long-term lease you will need to decide how long you plan to keep the container before giving it back. Keep in mind that some businesses may offer larger discounts for long-term rentals. 3. It makes sense that you list the rates of several different companies before leasing a container. Do not just go for the first company you find. Take time to compare to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible. 4. You will need to fill out a lease paper for the leasing company. This will include the basic information about your business and what you will be stored in the container. In addition they may also require a deposit that will be returned to you once the shipping container is returned. Some companies may also ask you to sign a legal waiver to ensure that they will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur to your shipment. 5. Calculate the total costs for delivering the shipping container to your warehouse location. If your company is far from a dock or a shipping station you will need to have the container shipped to you. This will increase your overall cost and will need to be added to your expenses. 6. Pre-plan where your shipping container will be stored until it is time to ship your merchandise. In case you don’t have enough room at your warehouse location you will need to rent a lot to store the container. You can always ask the shipping company if you can use their facility to store the container. This will help if you need to save money or you cannot store the container at your location. Factors like size condition modifications and whether youre leasing or renting determine your container leasing cost. You should also consider additional factors like maintenance and moving costs as well as the cost of

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reversing any modifications before you return the lease or rental. The more options you add like security features shelving and other extras the more your unit will cost. A container leasing company may charge extra if the leased container is returned dirty altered or with things inside. It may even cost extra if the items in your unit push it over a limitation of weight. To avoid this extra fee always remove items from your unit and clean it before returning your container. Ask permission before drilling holes or making other alterations. Contact us LOTUS Containers Inc. 1000 Brickell Ave Suite 640 Miami FL 33131 USA Phone: +1 7865901056

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