Five Things to Know about Wrinkles

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Five Things to Know about Wrinkles:

Five Things to Know about Wrinkles Causes of Wrinkles and the Different Treatments for Them

Lauren Amico, PA-C, MMS:

Lauren Amico , PA-C, MMS Although everyone associates wrinkles with aging, that’s not necessarily their primary cause. Knowing more about why wrinkles form can help you reduce the incidence and lessen the appearance of wrinkles . Board Certified Aesthetic Physician Assistant

1. Two Types of Wrinkles:

1. Two Types of Wrinkles There are two types of wrinkles caused by different factors. Dynamic or active wrinkles are those that are created from muscular movements, such as frowning or furrowing the brow. Static wrinkles are seen when the face is at rest and are caused by aging, environmental exposure, or lifestyle factors; dynamic wrinkles become static wrinkles over time. These wrinkles form when collagen is lost and the skin’s elastin structure is compromised. Furrowed Brow

2. Sun damage:

2. Sun damage Sun damage is the main catalyst for premature aging of the skin and is an easily preventable cause of wrinkles. Sun damage can be avoided simply by using an effective sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. Sun damage also causes changes in the pigmentation of the skin and can lead to skin cancer.

3. Smoking:

3. Smoking Smoking is another cause of wrinkles and skin damage . Nicotine deprives the dermis of oxygen, causing it to deteriorate. Cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals that also damage elastin and collagen, the proteins that make the skin elastic and strong. The act of smoking also creates dynamic wrinkles. Quitting smoking will prevent further damage, and topical skin products containing antioxidants, retinol, or vitamin C and E can help repair the skin.

4. Poor Diet:

4. Poor Diet Poor diet is another factor that contributes to the appearance of wrinkles. Excessive sugar contributes to glycation , a process that causes protein fibers (including collagen and elastin ) to become stiff. This contributes to wrinkle formation. Avoiding sugary foods and adding foods high in vitamin C, vitamin E, and antioxidants will improve skin texture.

5. Stress:

5. Stress Stress is another contributing factor in the formation of wrinkles. Prolonged stress can lead to dynamic wrinkles formed by repeated facial expressions such as scowling, frowning, or grimacing. These wrinkles can transform into static wrinkles through repetition. Stress reduction techniques can help prevent this transformation.

Reducing the Appearance of Wrinkles Nonsurgically:

Reducing the Appearance of Wrinkles Nonsurgically Static Wrinkles Dermal Fillers reduce appearance of static wrinkles JUVEDERM Perlane Restylane Dynamic Wrinkles Neurotoxins immobilize/weaken muscles that create dynamic wrinkles BOTOX Dysport

PowerPoint Presentation:

Botox BOTOX ® ( Botulinum toxin) is a neurotoxin drug that acts by temporarily blocking nerve pulses in facial muscles. It tends to be most effective in muscles related to expression lines around the eyes, forehead, and mouth. It is often effective in areas where fillers may not be. BOTOX® is a very safe and effective injectable and therefore very popular among patients. Dysport Dysport ™ relaxes facial muscles. It is made with the same ingredient as BOTOX®— botulinum toxin type A—but in a different formulation. Like BOTOX®, it tends to be most effective in treating wrinkles caused by muscles related to expression lines around the eyes, forehead, and mouth.

Dermal Fillers:

Dermal Fillers JUVEDERM This product is a dermal filler that is based on hyaluronic acid and works together with the body’s own hyaluronic acid to create volume. Allergan officially released the product in January 2007, and LJCSC was a testing site. Studies show that results last up to 6–12 months. Juvéderm ® is effective for the nasolabial folds, under the eyes, between the eyebrows, and for lip plumping. Perlane This dermal filler is the newest member of the Restylane ® family. The difference in Perlane ® is the gel particle size. Perlane ® gel particles are larger and designed for deeper injection than Restylane ®. It works well for severe facial wrinkles and folds.

Extensive, Deep Wrinkles:

Extensive, Deep Wrinkles Surgical procedure might be necessary to meet goals Facelift Neck Lift Brow Lift Visit with a board certified plastic surgeon when considering surgical options

La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre:

La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre (LJCSC) is one of the premier cosmetic surgery practices in the country, with over two decades of experience in a variety of cosmetic procedures, including Breast Augmentation, Liposuction, Injectables , and more. With multiple doctors, we have qualified specialists in many areas of cosmetic surgery, allowing each patient to receive excellent care to suit his or her individual needs. Our state-of-the art surgical suite is certified with the highest level of accreditation by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc. (AAAASF), and is conveniently located on the Scripps Memorial Hospital campus in La Jolla, central to the San Diego area. Conveniently located in the XIMED building on the Scripps Memorial Hospital campus in La Jolla.  Our office is centrally located in the San Diego area, just minutes from the I-5 and I-805 freeways. La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre 9850 Genesee Avenue Suite 130 La Jolla, California 92037 (858) 452-1981 (858) 452-9910 – fax

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